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Escape From Tarkov: Reserve Extraction Points


Escape From Tarkov

Escape From Tarkov is a game that was released in April of 2018. Escape from Tarkov has been getting lots of attention lately because it’s so realistic and players can feel like they are living the life of an Escapee. Escape From Tarkov: Reserve Extraction Points is one part of the game where you’ll find yourself fighting for survival against other players to win valuable prizes.


This article will help you learn more about Escape From Tarkov, specifically Escape From Tarkov: Reserve Extraction Points. You’ll also get some tips on how to dominate this intense multiplayer game as well as links to all the resources you need to play! Escape From Tarkov is an online multiplayer first-person shooter video game set in a post apocalypse Russia. Escape from Tarkov: Reserve Extraction Points is one of the many multiplayer modes that players can access and play.

Escape from Tarkov was created by Russian based studio, Battlestate Games for Windows PC powered with DirectX 11. Escape from Tarkov: Reserve Extraction Points is one of the many multiplayer modes that players can access and play

– Escape From Tarkov: Reserve Extraction Points

– Escape From Tarkov resource list, Escape From Tarkov tips and tricks, etc

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Escape from Tarkov: Custom Map Guide

What is the EFT Reserve Map?

Escape From Tarkov

The Federal State Reserve Agency is short for the Fed, and it houses Novinsky-2, an airspace control focus. In game legend says that there are metropolitan legends guaranteeing this spot has enough supplies to endure a full scale nuclear war – including meds, food and other vital resources that would last them quite some time.

The extraction points on the map are important to remember when exiting a building. If you have more than 10 Reserve Exits, try and be at your closest point as soon as possible so that you can escape quickly out of combat with ease while still managing an exit strategy for other players in proximity. This will make it easier to win rounds by being able to extract yourself from danger fast enough.

What kinds of loot and enemies await me at the Reserve?

What makes the Reserve worth running? The plunder, obviously! Contingent upon what keys you convey (more on that later), you can get to territories that contain high-esteem things. There are weapon racks, ammunition boxes and free assets in addition to other things. Additionally bolted rooms containing a PC block as well as a safe.

In this guide, you’ll find out everything about the Customary Scavs and their weaponry. You can be sure to come across both Raiders who are looking for PMCs as well as groups of Raiders chasing other Raider teams– but don’t worry: there’s a weapon with your name on it! The developers have announced that they will also include fixed mortars and RPGs (SPG-9) in the game soon which should make things much more interesting.

Glukhar is quite a tough target to take down. His supporters and he both have decent weaponry, so it’s better not to get too close without cover when going after him. The best way to deal with Glukhar would be headshots as they are the most effective method of taking out his health quickly but care should still be taken while approaching because there will always exist risks involved in any activity that one might undertake such as this where anyone could easily get seriously hurt or even worse killed if certain precautions aren’t considered beforehand.

What should I take note of about Keys?

You can find 29 different types of keys scattered throughout the game. Some are more common than others, but you might be able to get a specific one from any Scav or drawer in-game. If this is too difficult for you, visit your local swap meet to see if anyone has what you’re looking for! Remember that keyless entry cards will work on all doors and grid locks (excepting those requiring an electronic interface).

In the interesting part, you will learn how to extract from Reserve Extraction Points. There are various ways in which exfiltration can be performed, but not all of them are available for everyone. Furthermore, there might be conditions that must first be met.

Where are the Extraction Points on the EFT Reserve Map?

We should begin with areas that are accessible for both PMCs and Scavs.

The train is the first thing on that rundown. It’s found near a warehouse where people fix and upkeep trains so they can be ready for use in an attack, but it isn’t accessible to us now because of its single-use quality. The only time we see this during our attacks is when there are 25-35 minutes left before the end of them though! When it shows up you’ll hear two blares from inside followed by one more outside right before it leaves again with 7 minutes remaining until ours ends as well.

There is an airtight door, which can be used near the capacity distribution centers and close to the military watchman garisson huts. The fortification entryway tends to only be utilized on various occasions but if you want it open for a certain time players need act quick because after four minutes has passed there will no longer be access into that area until they have returned back with another switch in order to make this entrance accessible again.

The sewer vent by the PTOR is an exfil point that anyone can utilize. It’s open and requires no supplies, but has one caveat: you cannot have a knapsack prepared while using it as an exit route.

Players can also exit through Scavs lands. The essential for exfil here is quite fun, as Escape From Tarkov players need at least one cordial scav to remove while it takes at least one well disposed PMC all things considered.

Escape from Tarkov Reserve map extraction points

Escape From Tarkov

Underneath you’ll discover a guide showing all the Reserve Extraction Points map extraction focuses in Escape from Tarkov. PMC separates are set apart in blue, while Scav extricates are set apart in red. There is just a single PMC-just exit on Reserve, however there’s multiple ways out for both teams–check them to help you locate the correct spots! We would prefer to offer credit to gamepedia for their plain yet interpreted and helpful guide.

Armored Train

Accessible to both PMCs and Scavs, the Armored Train Reserve Extraction Points is one of the more abnormal choice to be added up until now. This extraction point shows up in the focal point of your guide at generally thirty minutes into an attack then stays for 7 minutes. It’ll blare before takeoff, after that produce two sounds as it quiets down shop and leaves beginning a couple moments later on.

Bunker Hermetic Door

Requires: Lever in stamped shack should be enacted inside 4 minutes.

Getting the bunker door open can be a little tricky. You’ll have to find this lever shack out on the edge of nowhere and pull it before you get an opportunity for extraction, or else face being left behind with no way back home. The shelter doors are all arranged in rows right? Well go east from where we found our helicopter, then make your first turn south into what looks like a small lobby area leading up to another set of double-doors flanked by lights above them (one will lead us inside). These ones should take us straight into that bunker.

Cliff Descent

Requires: Paracord, Red Rebel Ice Pick, no prepared covering vest.

The Cliff Descent extraction point is an unusual one, requiring players to have both the Paracord and Red Rebel Ice Pick in their inventory. To access it at first glance seems like a daunting task but after destroying all of the surrounding cover on your way up you will see that there are metal stairs leading up to this entrance! Once inside you’ll be able to find refuge behind a lone tree before leaving through some fenced corner that leads directly back into Mountain Stash map area where another instance of extractions take place.

Scav Lands

Prerequisites: Must have well disposed PMC and Scav present.

How do you get into Scav Lands? You need a PMC and a Scav. Either collaborate with your squad or make some unusual alliances during the match to try and extract here. It’s in this inaccessible nook, surrounded by blockades on all sides. Your best bet is usually waiting for them at their protected vehicle towards southwest of the compound where it awaits extraction.

Additional Scav extracts

  • CP Fence
  • Warehouse Hermetic Door
  • Opening In The Fence By The Mountains
  • The Heating Pipe

Experienced difficulty following the portrayals above? Look at the supportive video beneath by samosh which strolls you through them all.

What is Escape From Tarkov Reserve Map?

The Reserve represents the Federal State’s establishment, in short for the game. It houses a center of airspace observing named Novinsky-2.

The break from the tarkov military installation is by and large provided with a submerged dugout. This has an army installation on it, which contains significant amounts of stuff in this area. Indeed, players can enter the water at one point to explore more closely – something that’s not possible for player scavs or PMCs because they don’t have diving suits.

Stuff to be explored in Escape From Tarkov Reserve map

Reserve Extraction Points

The guide incorporates many plunder regions and relying upon the quantity of keys you hold, you can discover sufficient riches. You will find scavs, two fixed weapons, and so on-in addition to a number of land types! When we talk about the scavs in tarkov’s map for plunderers (scavengers), they are generated into the latest update. However when it comes to plunders such as PMCs or “private military contractors” who try their luck at finding loot among these scavenger territories-they have persistence but not much protection against other players with guns like them.

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