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Escape from Tarkov: Custom Map Guide 2021 [Updated]


Escape from Tarkov

Battlestate Games’ Escape from Tarkov (EFT) is rapidly getting perhaps the most famous titles in the FPS scene. Commended for its advanced contort on endurance RPGs, the game is dazzling new gamers around the planet every day. Set in the demolished city of Tarkov, players should attempt to explore right out of various guides with the most plunder conceivable. Notwithstanding, there are up to 11 other genuine players and various NPCs hoping to take your plunder. As EFT fills in notoriety, an ever increasing number of individuals are taking a stab at the game. Here, we’ll assist you with downloading and begin playing the game.

In the last seven day stretch of 2019, an almost 3-year-old computer game called Escape from Tarkov soared to the highest point of Twitch Chat Logs. It plunged past names like League of Legends, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, and even Fortnite to turn into the most-saw title on the world’s most mainstream game streaming stage. So what’s this game about? Why has it taken such a long time to get on? Also, why has the group of designers behind it, a Russian-based gathering called Battle state Games, become so dubious?

“We took in a lot from our encounters at AbsolutSoft. In addition to the fact that we gained basic information and comprehension of first-individual shooters, however we likewise built up a profound comprehension of Unity and its frameworks,” says COO and undertaking lead Nikita Buyanov. “This permitted us to start trailer park workers shack with a stunning establishment of both plan and innovation, and we’re lucky to will zero in on making precisely the no-nonsense games that we love to such an extent.”

Where to download Escape from Tarkov

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Getaway from Tarkov isn’t accessible on any significant site or application like Steam or the Epic Games Store. All things considered, Battlestate Games has its own site and launcher for the title, comparatively to how Fortnite does it. As of the present moment, Escape from Tarkov is just accessible for PC. Additionally, remember EFT is at present in open beta, so anticipate a few bugs and glitches.

In case you’re hoping to download EFT, head over to Escape from The actual site has been somewhat cart actually with such countless individuals endeavoring to buy the game, as a notice. When you’re on the site, search for the symbol that says “Pre-Order” and snap on it.

Then, you can examine which version of the game you might want to purchase. The Standard Edition is $44 and accompanies some fundamental supplies for the game. Over that, the Left Behind Edition is $74, the Ready for Escape from Tarkov Edition is $99, and the Edge of Darkness Edition is $139. The higher the release, the more reserve space you procure and the better beginning plunder you get.

After you pick which rendition to purchase, follow the installment steps the site spreads out for you. In case you’re good to go and paid, advance toward your Profile page and hit the introduce button, which downloads the Battlestate Games Launcher.

Every Customs Extract/Exit

No Special Conditions

Crossroads                           Railroad to Port                            Trailer Park                            Trailer Park Worker’s Shack

Sniper Roadblock               Warehouse 17                                Factory Shacks                      Road to Military Base

Passage Between Rocks       Military Base CP                         SCAV Checkpoint                 Admin Gate

ZB-1011                                  Factory Far Corner                       Warehouse 4                        Railroad to Tarkov

Has Special Conditions

Smuggler’s Boat                           The campfire needs to be lit.

Old Gas Station                           Only open if a green flare is lit. Lots of green smoke will be visible.

Dorms V-EX                                Requires 7,000 Roubles and only four PMC players can use it.

ZB-1012                                        Only open if a light is on inside.

ZB-013                                          Requires activating a lever in Warehouse 4 and a Factory key.

RUAF Roadblock                        Only open if a floodlight is on.

If you want a busier map with more information, I stumbled across this one on the EFT forums as well. Credit to Monkimonk and Glory4lyfe on the map below.


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Departure From Tarkov (EFT for short) was acquainted with the world through Twitch stream in late May 2016. At its center, the game is an in-your-face strategic first-individual shooter. The engineers highly esteem the game’s ballistics, displaying things like ricochets and slug entrance. Harm is area explicit, so wounds to the leg will back you off and getting hit in the arm will affect your point. Taking rounds in an appendage is a most ideal situation, however, on the grounds that all around, hits to your head or focus mass will demonstrate lethal.

That is the place where EFT’s detailed stuff framework goes to the front. Throughout play you’ll happen upon a wide range of present day military unit, from load-bearing vests and plate transporters to full-confront impenetrable caps. Picking what you wear into a meeting changes your strategies extensively, particularly when you’re collaborated with different players. That intricacy is reflected in the game’s weapon customization framework, which remembers highlights for trading out practically every segment for a firearm, directly down to the trigger activity itself.

WHERE DOES Escape from Tarkov GO FROM HERE?

Escape from Tarkov Customs

Outside of its different self-delivered advertising wounds, the greatest hindrance for EFT is its impressive speed of improvement. Fans have been asking for improved worker strength for quite a long time, and the measure of consideration being given to the game is just adding to their dissatisfaction. Stand by times to enter the game spiked a week ago during the Twitch advancement. It’s dependent upon Battlestate to exploit this abrupt consideration, and empty cash and time once again into the item to improve the exhibition.

Beside that, the truth will surface eventually if the huge names in Twitch streaming will remain with the game. However, the large showcasing push is by all accounts working for the time being. At the hour of distribution, Escape from Tarkov sits as the fourth most-watched game on that stage, simply behind the character driven Just Chatting channel.

Escape from Tarkov Customs map exits

Exit, or extraction, focuses are the spots where you can leave with all your plunder. Customs’ numerous extraction focuses line its outside and consistently expect you to traverse the guide before you can leave. As such, on the off chance that you generate on the west side of the guide, your extraction focuses will be on the east, and the other way around.

Just certain extraction focuses are dynamic during a strike and they haphazardly pivot each time you produce: Double tap ‘O’ to check which focuses are open. Focuses named with a ‘?’ expect you to play out an extra activity prior to separating like tracking down a key or paying a few roubles.

You have a lot of time to arrive at your objective, so don’t surge straight towards an extraction point. Put some time in becoming more acquainted with a couple of the guide’s focal points prior to bouncing into a game, for example, some convenient courses as a primary concern for catching plunder. Trailer Park and Crossroads are the typical extraction focuses in the event that you bring forth in the east of the guide, while Factory Far Corner and Admin Gate your objections in the event that you generated in the west. None of these focuses require extra activities to work with your extraction, yet you may discover them more occupied accordingly.

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