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Everything related to game gold – security, transfer methods and sellers


It is difficult to find a more versatile and correct tool for interaction and increasing the level of comfort in online games than gold.

This is a key currency that allows players to communicate with other players and NPCs, get themselves equipment and weapons of good quality with matching levels

Gold can be obtained by playing through quests, a system of grinding and clearing locations, completing secondary tasks and extracting resources to sell them to artisans and producing items useful for the server for sale. Of course, you can also buy WoW gold if you turn to other players or professional services.

The pros and cons of each of the parties and, most importantly, security and delivery methods will be considered in this article.

Gold from player-sellers on the server

Whatever online project you come to – there are always gamers who have earned enough gold to try to sell it.

You can try to buy such gold, but you should consider the following risks:

  • Deception
  • Poor quality gold
  • Attention from the gaming administration


Everything is simple here – you pay for an order that is simply not fulfilled by the contractor, and transactions for the purchase of gold are always carried out on an advance payment from the side of the buyer.

Poor quality gold

Any game currency that is obtained dishonestly – by hacking another account, or by using programs for automation and farming and simulating the player’s actions (this should not be confused with macros, which simply loop primitive actions).

Of course, not all players sell bad and low-quality gold, but whether such a purchase is worth the risk of getting a ban, or the withdrawal of gold is up to you.

Attention from the gaming administration

You should be aware that buying and selling anything in online games, including gold for real money, is a prohibited activity and is punishable by a temporary or permanent character ban.

Of course, professional services provide masking measures and give guarantees for the buyer in case of emergency, then ordinary players often stop responding immediately after the transaction is completed, even despite its success or failure.

Buying game gold through a professional service

Services like Skycoach operate in a different, more stable, proven and safer way, because they do not need to sell you a product, but make you a regular customer to buy gold, order boosting and coaching services, raiders and or buy out individual lots of valuable equipment.

Therefore, there is a whole system for the selection of high-quality gold and professional grinders, a well-functioning and correct use of anonymity at all stages and of course guarantees, because no one can guarantee 100% security, but compensate and make up for all losses as if they did not concern you, even potentially – this is the correct approach of a service like Skycoach.

The downside of a professional service is a higher market value, but if you compare the risks and the likelihood of a transaction going through in a safe way, then the price is justified. In addition, I would like to note that, according to statistics, people are more likely to be afraid in principle to buy game gold because of potential sanctions than they do not trust the services.

I repeat – no one will give you 100% guarantees, and you act at your own peril and risk, but Skycoach will give you guarantees of a refund and assistance in case of disputes.

Buying gold and how to transfer it to a client

If you decide to buy game gold, then you need to go to the official Skycoach website, specify your game and server, select the amount and pay for the order, or leave feedback with the manager and discuss all the details before concluding the deal. Average employee response time is 3 minutes during business hours.

Transfer from hand to hand

The easiest, fastest and safest way to transfer gold, but it is extremely important to arrange everything as a normal transaction between players, or the purchase of goods.

The project administration does not interfere in the price policy and the quality of the transaction, even if you are being deceived with the price of the administration, it is only important to follow the general rules in the agreement policy when entering the game, which means that the transaction should simply not be free of charge.

Creating a lot in a trading shop

Most MMO RPGs have a personal trading system, but not all have direct permissions to trade anywhere other than special zones, but this is not very important.

A player who buys game gold from the Skycoach service simply places a lot and puts the specified amount in the price, and when the service employee buys it out, the agreement will be closed, and you will receive a new influx of gold with a minimal chance of interference from the game administration.

Putting goods up for auction, or through the system of commission trading

This is a mechanism that is implemented in WoW, Lineage 2 and a number of other projects and is needed so that instead of thousands of personal shops, players simply place goods in one place and can buy them through special NPCs, paying only the system commission for placement and % of sales.

In this way, you can also conduct transactions with the transfer of game currency, simply placing a lot, but taking into account the commission.

The game administration will not interfere in such a deal because of the high probability that the deal was carried out honestly, and it’s just a player playing with prices, and banning everyone indiscriminately means ensuring a massive outflow of players to the project.

Sending via in-game mail

For the convenience of exchanging equipment between your heroes and other players, as well as the remote sale of goods in many MMO RPGs, a mail system has been implemented.

You simply send the item for free, or for a fee, and the player can accept it, or pay a specified cost to pick it up.

For transferring purchased gold, this is a great and fast way to deliver gold to a client.

The player simply sends a low-value item for the specified amount to the previously agreed character, and after the redemption of the shipment, the client receives all his paid gold with a minimal chance of interference from the game administration.

Skycoach guarantees

You can be sure that the Skycoach service provides all the necessary guarantees and measures to keep your participation in the transaction process secret, and even in the event of unforeseen situations, compensates for all damage and helps resolve the issue with the game administration.

The chance of getting in-game sanctions is minimal, because pure gold is used, not involved in sanctions and scams, supplies are made and recommended through the most proven schemes and mechanics.