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Everything you need to Know about Xbox live gift cards


Video games have been rise higher over the year. The first consoles at that time were incredible because no one imagined how they could do things that were so entertaining.

At that time, the controller had two buttons, and you could play three games. Now the things have changed at great extent. Now the consoles have very advanced technology; you can play with your friends at home connected online.

Xbox Live cards contain a code that when redeemed, you receive money directly to your Xbox balance to be able to spend it on the games that you like the most. You can buy games with a credit card directly from the console. Moreover, it allows you to buy the game and play it a few minutes after the purchase and download it without moving from home.

The creators of the Xbox console saw that this was not entirely feasible since most video game players are around the age of 12 to 16, children do not usually have a credit card, and most of their parents do not trust putting your credit card.

Then the Xbox Live cards were invented, and the cards for each console were also designed, such as those for the PlayStation Store, Google Play, and even Amazon. The name they gave to these redeemable codes is digital gift cards Xbox.

What is an Xbox Live card?

An Xbox Live card is a 12-character code of letters and numbers. That code is on the back of the card. You must scratch the card where they indicate it, and your code will be there. The redeemable code is used to buy games on your Xbox; any console model works; it is also used to purchase cosmetics for fun inside your Xbox.

Each card has a different value, ranging from $10 to $100. You can buy these cards at a physical video game store or online. The usefulness of these cards is so that you do not have to use your credit card when buying games on the Xbox from the Xbox Store. Now you will know how to redeem an Xbox Live code to use it,

How is the code redeemed?

The Xbox Live card pull redemption code is redeemed directly from the console or with the Xbox app on your phone. The first thing you should do on your Xbox is going to the “Xbox Store”, and once there, you should go down until you find a button called “redeem code”.

Once inside, you can enter your 12-digit code and then press activate. If everything is done correctly and you have not made a mistake when writing the code, you will already have your salary for the value of that Xbox card, and you will be able to spend it on what you like the most.

You can buy your code in many places and many ways. Many companies offer you many free codes for your Xbox without having to pay anything.

What is an Xbox game pass?

The firm’s service helps you access numerous games in just one month’s subscription. The significant difference between the Xbox game pass and game pass ultimate is that the Xbox game pass offers access to 300 games to play and download on your Xbox series X/S or Xbox one.

On the other hand, if you upgrade your account to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you will get the services of Xbox one Live Gold, EA play and PC game pass for the same prices.

Where can I buy Xbox Gift cards?

The card can be purchased in this way, in a store or online. If you buy it online, it will be a little cheaper, but since its primary use is so that people do not use their card on the Xbox, it is not very common to buy a code online. You can already buy your game directly on the Xbox with your credit card.

Final Words:

If you have an Xbox game pass or Xbox Live Gold subscription, nothing can stop you from enjoying the games on your wish list. The Xbox Live Gold also help you to get subscribers with exclusive discounts on numerous games through the Xbox Online store.