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Scarlet and violet versions of the Avatar outfits for Pokemon GO have been released


A little bit of Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet have made their way into Pokemon GO in the form of new garments for the player’s avatar. These new clothes were inspired by Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet. People who log in for the first time will now have the chance to give their trainers the appearance of the most important characters from the most recent games. All of these individual parts of the whole ensemble can be taken without charge. Some of them can also be mixed and matched with other items that you already have in your collection to produce brand-new ensembles.

To receive the new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet avatar outfits, navigate to the Shop in Pokemon GO and click the “New Items Available” symbol. Alternatively, you can click the “Style” option on your profile. Once you have arrived at the destination, select the Featured category by touching it. This area grants access to all of the newly introduced personalization options at no further charge beyond what is already incurred. (You may also locate each component in the section of the standard that is dedicated to it.) The following is a comprehensive list of all of the Pokemon GO avatar apparel options with a Scarlet and Violet theme: