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Expeditions: A Mudrunner Game – How to Unlock Specialist


In the rugged terrain of Expeditions: A Mudrunner Game, unlocking specialists can significantly enhance your gameplay experience and offer valuable advantages during challenging expeditions. These specialists bring unique skills and abilities to your team, ranging from expert mechanics to seasoned navigators. This comprehensive guide delves into the intricacies of unlocking specialists in Expeditions, providing players with valuable insights and strategies to recruit these invaluable allies.

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Understanding the Importance of Specialists

Specialists serve as indispensable assets in Expeditions, contributing unique skills and expertise that can greatly benefit your team’s success. These individuals possess specialized knowledge in various fields, such as vehicle maintenance, navigation, and logistics, making them invaluable allies during challenging expeditions. For example, a skilled mechanic specialist can perform on-the-fly repairs to damaged vehicles, keeping your convoy operational and preventing costly delays. Similarly, a navigation specialist can chart the safest and most efficient routes through treacherous terrain, minimizing the risk of getting stuck or stranded.

Furthermore, specialists often possess unique abilities or tools that can provide strategic advantages in specific scenarios. For instance, a scout specialist may have access to reconnaissance drones or advanced mapping equipment, allowing them to scout ahead and identify optimal routes or potential hazards. Likewise, a communications specialist may be proficient in establishing and maintaining radio contact with other team members or support personnel, facilitating coordination and collaboration during missions.

Unlocking Specialist Contracts

Unlocking specialists in Expeditions typically involves progressing through the game’s campaign mode and completing specific objectives or challenges. As you advance through the campaign, you’ll encounter various missions and expeditions that introduce you to different aspects of the game world and its mechanics. Along the way, you’ll also unlock specialist contracts that become available for recruitment.

These contracts may be awarded upon reaching certain milestones, completing key objectives, or achieving specific criteria within a mission or expedition. For example, you may earn a specialist contract by successfully delivering a critical cargo shipment to a remote outpost, rescuing stranded vehicles from hazardous terrain, or completing a series of challenging tasks within a specified time frame.

Once a specialist contract is unlocked, you’ll have the opportunity to recruit the specialist and add them to your team for future expeditions. It’s important to carefully consider the unique skills and abilities of each specialist and how they complement your team composition and objectives. By strategically recruiting specialists that align with your goals and play style, you can enhance your team’s capabilities and increase your chances of success in Expeditions.

Completing Special Tasks and Challenges

Certain specialists in Expeditions may require players to complete special tasks or challenges before they agree to join the team. These tasks are often designed to test the player’s skills, resourcefulness, and ability to overcome obstacles in the game world.

For example, a mechanic specialist may request that players locate and retrieve specific vehicle parts scattered throughout the map, which can then be used to repair a broken-down vehicle and demonstrate the player’s proficiency in vehicle maintenance. Alternatively, a navigation specialist may challenge players to navigate through a series of difficult terrain obstacles or find their way to a remote destination using only a map and compass.

By successfully completing these special tasks and challenges, players can earn the trust and respect of specialists and convince them to join their team. These tasks may vary in difficulty and complexity, requiring players to utilize their problem-solving skills and strategic thinking to overcome obstacles and achieve their objectives.

How to Unlock Specialist

At the outset of the game, a handful of Specialists are readily accessible, yet numerous others remain inaccessible, tucked behind a series of quests. Players must await the culmination of their expeditions in Little Colorado before progressing to the Arizona map, where the gateway to unlocking these elusive Specialists begins.

To enlist the services of a Specialist, players navigate to the Expedition Setup within the Headquarters section, charting their course for the impending expedition. Within the setup interface, the cursor glides to Team Composition, beckoning players to fill vacant slots and embark on their recruitment odyssey.

Expeditions: A Mudrunner Game - How to Unlock Specialist

Here, amidst the roster of Specialists, neatly categorized by their respective classes, players peruse profiles detailing the myriad bonuses and skills each Specialist brings to the table. Every Specialist bears a unique asking price, a testament to their individual merit, though some entries remain shrouded in shadow, denoting their locked status. Curious players may scrutinize the quest prerequisites tethered to these enigmatic characters, plotting their course toward unlocking their services.


Where can I find the specialists in Expeditions?

Specialists can be found and recruited from the Expedition Setup menu within the Headquarters section of the game. Players can navigate to the Team Composition screen and select available slots to access the Team Recruitment interface, where specialists are listed.

What are the requirements to hire a specialist?

Hiring a specialist typically requires meeting certain quest prerequisites or completing specific objectives within the game. Players must fulfill these requirements to unlock the specialist and add them to their team for expeditions.

Are specialists categorized by classes in Expeditions?

Yes, specialists in Expeditions are categorized by classes based on their skills and abilities. Players can view profiles of available specialists within their respective classes and assess the bonuses and skills they offer before hiring them.

How do I know if a specialist is locked?

Locked specialists are shaded or displayed differently within the Team Recruitment interface, indicating that they are currently unavailable for hire. Players can view the quest requirements associated with locked specialists to understand what needs to be accomplished to unlock them.


In conclusion, unlocking specialists in Expeditions: A Mudrunner Game adds depth and complexity to the gameplay experience, offering players access to invaluable skills and abilities that can tip the scales in their favor. By understanding the importance of specialists, progressing through the campaign, exploring the map, completing special tasks and challenges, building relationships with NPCs, and investing in research and development, players can master the art of specialist recruitment and assemble a formidable team capable of conquering the most daunting of expeditions. With strategic planning, perseverance, and a keen eye for talent, players can unlock the full potential of specialists and achieve success in the rugged wilderness of Expeditions.