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Expeditions: A Mudrunner Game – How to Turn On Headlights


In the vast and rugged terrains of Expeditions: A Mudrunner Game, navigating through darkness is a common challenge faced by intrepid drivers. Whether traversing dense forests, winding mountain roads, or treacherous swamps, visibility is often limited, making the proper use of headlights essential for safe and successful expeditions. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricacies of turning on headlights in Mudrunner, equipping adventurers with the knowledge and skills needed to illuminate their path and conquer the wilderness after sundown.

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Importance of Headlights in Mudrunner

Headlights in Mudrunner serve as a lifeline for drivers venturing into the darkness, providing crucial visibility and enhancing safety during nighttime expeditions. Proper illumination not only allows drivers to navigate hazardous terrain with confidence but also ensures they can identify obstacles, hazards, and landmarks along their route. Understanding the significance of headlights is the first step towards mastering their usage and maximizing their effectiveness in challenging environments.

How to Turn On Headlights

Expeditions: A Mudrunner Game - How to Turn On Headlights

The method for activating headlights varies depending on the platform you’re using to experience the expedition. If you’re on PC, simply press the L key to toggle the headlights on and off. This key conveniently controls all the lights on the vehicle, eliminating the need to search for additional controls.

For PlayStation and Xbox users, as well as PC players utilizing a controller, activating the headlights is achieved by pressing the right analog stick by default. However, players using wheels to play will need to locate the equivalent control to the right analog stick to operate the headlights seamlessly.

Strategies for Safe Driving

Despite the benefits of headlights, navigating in low-visibility conditions presents unique challenges for drivers in Mudrunner. To mitigate these challenges, drivers must adopt proactive driving strategies aimed at enhancing safety and minimizing risks. This includes reducing speed, maintaining a safe following distance, and scanning the terrain for potential hazards using headlights and other visual cues. By exercising caution and situational awareness, drivers can navigate through the darkness with confidence, ensuring a safe and successful journey to their destination.

Enhancing Visibility

In addition to standard headlights, Mudrunner offers drivers the option to equip their vehicles with auxiliary lighting, such as roof-mounted light bars or bumper-mounted spotlights. These additional light sources play a crucial role in enhancing visibility, casting a broader and brighter beam of light to illuminate the surrounding terrain. By strategically positioning auxiliary lighting, drivers can further augment their visibility, particularly in challenging off-road environments where traditional headlights may fall short. This supplementary illumination provides drivers with an invaluable tool for navigating through the darkness and overcoming obstacles with ease.

Embracing the Challenge

Navigating through the darkness in Mudrunner is a test of skill, perseverance, and adaptability. By mastering the usage of headlights and adopting proactive driving strategies, drivers can conquer even the most unforgiving terrains and emerge victorious in their expeditions. With proper preparation, strategy, and courage, drivers can illuminate their path, overcome obstacles, and write their own tales of triumph in the vast and untamed wilderness. By embracing the challenge of nighttime navigation, drivers can elevate their skills, broaden their horizons, and embark on thrilling adventures that push the boundaries of exploration and discovery.


Are there additional lighting options available besides headlights in Mudrunner?

Yes, Mudrunner offers players the option to equip their vehicles with auxiliary lighting, such as roof-mounted light bars or bumper-mounted spotlights, to enhance visibility in low-light conditions.

Do headlights consume fuel in Mudrunner?

No, headlights do not consume fuel in Mudrunner. They operate independently of the vehicle’s fuel consumption and can be used as needed without impacting fuel levels.

Can I use headlights during the day in Mudrunner?

While it is possible to activate headlights during the day in Mudrunner, it is generally unnecessary as visibility is typically adequate without them. However, players may choose to use headlights during adverse weather conditions or in dark, enclosed areas for enhanced visibility.

Do headlights affect vehicle performance in Mudrunner?

No, headlights do not directly affect vehicle performance in Mudrunner. They are primarily a safety feature designed to improve visibility for the driver during nighttime expeditions.

Can I customize the appearance of my headlights in Mudrunner?

No, Mudrunner does not currently offer options for customizing the appearance of headlights. However, players can adjust the settings and positioning of headlights for optimal visibility and performance.


In conclusion, mastering the usage of headlights in Expeditions: A Mudrunner Game is essential for safe and successful nighttime navigation. By understanding their importance, familiarizing themselves with headlight controls, and adopting proactive driving strategies, drivers can navigate through the darkness with confidence and clarity. With proper maintenance, strategic planning, and a spirit of adventure, drivers can illuminate their path, conquer the wilderness, and emerge triumphant in their expeditions. So, activate those headlights, embrace the darkness, and let the adventure begin!