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Famous Personalities Playing in Online Casinos


It is not a rare case when people’s associations with superstars and wagering are limited to movies only. Without a doubt, such creations as “The Card Counter”, “Croupier”, and “California Split” are definitely worth watching, but they don’t reflect how famous personalities refer Gambling activities are accessible and affordable for any punter, regardless of how famous they are. However, finding out about what celebrities love free slots no download pokies and other games lets you see their personalities from a new perspective. You will be surprised at how many remarkable men and women adore gambling online.

What Games Do Gamblers Prefer?

One of the crucial benefits of online gambling establishments over land-based venues is their divergence. It is hard to imagine a casino in Las Vegas with thousands of one-armed bandits, unlike premium deals with free slots games online no download from reputable providers. The range of interests is usually predetermined by how intuitive the gameplay is and what prizes are expected. In the table below, there is a collection of the most sought-after free and real money gaming solutions.


Slot machines The simplicity of rules comes hand in hand with unique interfaces and remarkable rewards. It is possible to achieve gorgeous prizes, and such providers as NetEnt, Blueprint Gaming, Wizard Gaming, Microgaming, Playtech, and others will show you why spinning and checking the signs on three- or five-reel grids is so exciting. 
Card games It won’t be an exaggeration to consider Blackjack and Baccarat the most popular varietals from this perspective. Their titles originate from the most experienced designers, including Microgaming, iSoftBet, and Evolution Gaming. As free online slots no download, they can be easily accessed at your favorite virtual venue. Depending on the provider, of course, these games are usually compatible with Android and iOS platforms as well.
Poker Probably, it is one of the most intense and thrilling games on the market, especially when it comes to land-based competitions. There are several fans of the World Series of Poker tournament, where players compete to receive golden medals and marvelous prizes — the pool is absolutely worth it. The analogous situation is in the online industry as well, where people constantly look for exclusive poker deals.
Roulettes Betting on red/black or odd/even is familiar for roulette fans. It is another gaming option with a long history, which remains a must-have option for both offline and online mediums. Depending on the version you try (American or European one, for example), the wagering rules and wheel design as a whole will differ.
Live dealer games This special category of games can be presented by any of the aforementioned entertainment options. The key thing why it is so believed is that it caters to the best of both worlds. Streaming from real halls gives an authentic casino experience even if you are at home in front of your computer screen.

Among the presented varietals, there are also certain favorite solutions, which are distinguished as the leading samples. When it comes to offline gaming, the Megabucks slots are the most famous machines in Las Vegas casinos — they have presented dozens of multimillionaires and still hold the rating of the highest payout of all times. In the online gambling industry, customers are interested in applications with exclusive terms and conditions. For instance, the Invaders from the Planet Moolah slot is a worthy attraction thanks to its beneficial wagering limits, an RTP of 95%, twenty-five paylines, and great backup from WMS.

Top Celebrities at Online Gambling Tables

It is easy to state that free and real gaming activities, including the best free online bonus slots with no download, have significantly infiltrated people’s lives. Your occupation, features of character, age, and gender don’t matter — internet-based solutions cater to the interests and requirements of any group of punters. The basic reason for celebrities to engage in gambling isn’t any different from the ground of a regular shopper at your local store. This market is captivating and promises a lot of fun. Taking into account that the bankroll of famous personalities allows for both wins and losses, it is strikingly clear that the temptation will be too sweet.

Las Vegas and other huge casino centers have been always known for uniting low and high rollers of different statuses in their establishments. In the online medium, tracking who and when visits this or that venue is way more complicated and challenging. Only in Australia, the percentage of the residents who have tried gambling at least once is over eighty percent. So coming across famous personas who are secret fans of online casinos isn’t just a coincidence.

` Playing online games provides these individuals with anonymity and rapid access to their favorite hobbies. Celebrities can participate in a variety of live dealer games, online tournaments, and other solutions that would seem gorgeous to any professional gambler, including free online slot machines that pay real money as well.

Here is a short list of gambling fans, whose names won’t seem unknown and random:

  • Jamie Foxx is a successful actor and comedian with multiple awards. If you would like to verify his professionalism, such movies as “Django Unchained”, “Annie”, “ Robin Hood”, and “Ray” will be exclusive choices to start with. He was involved in a pretty unpleasant incident during visiting a casino in New Orleans. His passion for such a money-making hobby has turned out to be lasting.
  • Another celebrity, who is an active supporter of gambling, is Bruce Willis. One of the games he likes and respects is Baccarat. Although the man isn’t a professional gambler, luck is frequently on his side. Once Bruce achieved five hundred million US dollars for his wagering session.
  • Your expectations to see more experienced and talented gamblers on the list won’t be wrong, and Ben Affleck is a stunning sample in this case. He is famous for his professionalism in poker, but that isn’t the only sphere of gambling he is skilled in. The actor prefers online gaming for real money largely thanks to its privacy, security, and confidentiality, according to several interviews he has given so far.
  • Co-starring in Oceans 11 and other movies isn’t the only factor that unites Brad Pitt and George Clooney. They are also among celebrities who enjoy spending their leisure time gambling. Although it has never been built, Las Ramblas Report was a huge casino idea of George Clooney, which only reflects how much he estimates this industry.
  • Pamela Anderson found something more in gambling than other people on the list — she was even married to a professional poker gamer. Although they divorced long ago, this sample is just a nice illustration that women love gambling no less than men.

Wrap It Up

When Baccarat first entered the American market, it was commonly oriented toward the nobility. Over years, online gambling has made beloved solutions of millions accessible for you anywhere and anytime. There is no reason for celebrities, who would like to test their skills and just have fun, to become one of the punters and place stakes on a regular basis.