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FIFA Mobile 23 April Fool’s Guide: All Matches and Rewards


april fool match guide fifa 23

As the most recent FIFA 23 update has added some fun new features to the game. The corner, cross, volley, and heading systems have all been improved and the opponents’ AI is now more realistic and natural. Deflection has also been improved, increasing the player’s enjoyment of the game.

Now, let’s take a look at what the April Fool’s events have for you.

Introduction: Discover Hidden April Fools’ Events in FIFA Mobile 23

FIFA Mobile players, get ready for an exciting update this April Fools’ Day! The developers have hidden some secret events in the new promo, featuring some top players. However, be warned that there will be spoilers ahead.

Find and Complete Challenges to Unlock Worthwhile Rewards

Players must explore the game and complete specific tasks in order to find these hidden events. Make sure to check out these challenges because the benefits are worthwhile the effort.

UCL Players Added to the Roster: Exciting Addition for Sports Fans

The game has also added UCL (UEFA Champions League) players to the roster in addition to the April Fools’ promo. These players are signed on the first day of UCL and the reward path is advanced. The addition of UCL players to their team will be welcomed by sports fans and it ups the ante in terms of excitement.

Building the Best Team: Tips on Picking Top Players

Players must pick the best cards to build their teams if they want to win the game. Messi and Mbappe of PSG or Holland and KDB of Man City are a couple of the best players to take into account. Players can dominate the game and win by using the right cards and strategy.

Dominate the Game: Using the Right Cards and Strategy

The burst hack mode is one of the game’s most difficult features. This mode moves quickly and calls for quick thinking and quick reflexes. Up until the last few seconds of the game, the scoring can be back and forth, making for an exciting game.

Burst Hack Mode: Fast-Paced and Exciting Feature

The other team may still score even after the game has ended, so players must be careful not to let their guard down. It’s crucial to maintain concentration and play through to the very end.


UCL players update and April Fools’ promo make the FIFA Mobile game more exciting. Players are given a challenge by the rewards and hidden events, and the UCL players in the squad add a new layer of strategy. Players who want to win in burst hack mode or regular matches must make wise card choices and maintain concentration.