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Final Fantasy 16: Ending Explained


Are you a fan of Final Fantasy 16 and left wondering about its ending? Look no further! This article will provide you with a comprehensive explanation of the Final Fantasy 16 ending. As you delve into the rich lore and storyline, you’ll uncover the grand plans of the gods, the creation of a new world, and the emergence of Clive Rosfield as the pivotal figure in the battle against Ultima. Buckle up and prepare to dive into the captivating world of Final Fantasy 16!

The Ending of Final Fantasy 16 Explained

You can gain a deeper understanding of the complex mythology and plot twists in Final Fantasy 16 by exploring the detailed explanation of the game’s ending. The ending of Final Fantasy 16 reveals the ancient plans of the gods and their desire to create a new world free from the all-consuming Blight.

The gods sacrificed their physical forms to create Mothercrystals, which harvested aether from the lands of Valisthea. Humanity was created as a vessel known as Mythos, who’d be controlled by the antagonist Ultima to cast the spell and create the new world.

However, as time passed, humanity gained free will and forgot about the gods, leading to struggles for power and the spread of the Blight. The protagonist, Clive, eventually confronts Ultima and fights to save Valisthea and humanity from destruction.

Creating a New World

As you delve into the ending of Final Fantasy 16, you’ll discover the ancient plans of the gods to create a new world, linked together by the subordinating conjunction ‘as.’ In ancient times, the gods created magic and thrived but faced the threat of the all-consuming Blight. To escape, 16 survivors went to Valisthea, but the Blight followed.

The gods then created the Mothercrystals to amass magic and humanity as a vessel to wield it. However, the gods went into hibernation, and humanity developed free will, forgetting the gods’ existence. Eventually, the antagonist, Ultima, awakens and corrupts powerful beings, leading to a clash with Clive, who becomes the foretold Mythos. With the players’ help, Clive ends Ultima’s plans and saves Valisthea from the Blight, paving the way for a new and better world.

The Passage of Time

While the gods were in hibernation, humanity developed free will and control over their lives, ultimately forgetting these gods’ existence as time passed. Without divine guidance, people became lost and independent, shaping their destinies.

Final Fantasy 16 Ending Explained

The discovery of magic led to constant struggles for power and dominance, causing the Blight to increase its hold on Valisthea. Meanwhile, Clive Rosfield and his allies destroy the Mothercrystals, awakening the antagonist Ultima and setting the gods’ plan in motion.

Ultima corrupted key figures, including Clive, to absorb their powers and become the fabled Mythos. However, Clive, with the help of his friends and family, ultimately confronts Ultima, weakened by humanity’s newfound control. The final battle takes place in Twinside, with Ultima draining the lands of Aether and spreading the Blight. Clive and Joshua, sacrificing themselves, put an end to Ultima’s reign and save Valisthea from destruction.

The Arrival of Mythos

When the Arrival of Mythos occurs, the fate of Valisthea hangs in the balance. As the protagonist, you’re thrust into a world where the gods’ grand plans are set into motion. The gods created magic and the Mothercrystals, but the all-consuming Blight threatens to destroy everything.

To create a new world, a vessel known as Mythos must be born, and you’re that vessel. Ultima, the antagonist, corrupts those with the powers you need to become Mythos. Your journey is filled with battles and revelations as you gain the powers of the Eikons and discover the truth behind your purpose. With the guidance of your friends and family, you confront Ultima in a desperate siege to save Valisthea from destruction. The outcome of this epic clash will determine the fate of the world.

The Siege of Origin

You must gather your allies and prepare for the siege, for the fate of Valisthea hangs in the balance during the epic clash at the heart of Origin. As Ultima takes Origin into the sky, draining the lands of aether and causing the Blight to spread, the danger for the people of Valisthea increases.

Final Fantasy 16 Ending Explained

Joined by Dion, Clive and Joshua go on the offensive, entering the protective crystal encasing Origin. Inside, they launch a futile attack on Ultima, resulting in Dion’s death and Clive being grievously wounded. However, Joshua uses the power of the Phoenix to heal his brother, weakening himself in the process.

Carrying Joshua to the Core of Origin, Clive witnesses Ultima merging with all the freed gods. The stage is set for the final showdown, where you must fight alongside your allies to save Valisthea from destruction.

Ultima’s End

In the epic clash at Ultima’s End, you must join forces with your allies to defeat the merged form of Ultima and the freed gods, and save Valisthea from destruction. As the battle rages on, the stakes couldn’t be higher. The fate of the world hangs in the balance, and it’s up to you to ensure its survival. Utilize your skills, strategy, and the power of your companions to overcome the formidable enemies standing in your way.

The merged form of Ultima and the freed gods will test your strength and determination, but you can overcome any obstacle with unwavering resolve. Unleash your ultimate abilities, coordinate with your allies, and fight with everything you have. The destiny of Valisthea rests in your hands. Will you rise to the challenge and emerge victorious? The time has come to prove your worth and save the world.

Does Final Fantasy 16 Have Multiple Endings

Final Fantasy 16 presents an engaging narrative with a single ending, leaving players to wonder if there are multiple endings to uncover. As you progress through the game, you may find yourself invested in the story and the fate of the characters.

However, it’s important to note that Final Fantasy 16 only has one ending. There are no hidden or secret endings beyond the post-credits scene. This scene will play no matter what actions you take throughout the game. While there’s only one ending to the main story, you can still experience closure for the side characters by completing specific side quests near the end of the game.

The Post Credits Scene

Don’t miss the post-credits scene, as it reveals a glimpse into the future where the world has been transformed after Clive’s decision. In this scene, you see a group of boys living in a world where magic is just a fairy tale. It’s been many generations since the game’s events, and the mother no longer believes in the story.

Final Fantasy 16 Ending Explained

Looking outside, you notice that the earth is flourishing without the constant drain of Aether. The flora around the boys’ house is brighter and more lush than anything seen before, showing that Clive’s decision saved the world and made it even better than before. It’s a hopeful and beautiful vision of the future, showcasing the positive impact of Clive’s choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Endings Does Final Fantasy 16 Have?

Final Fantasy 16 has only one ending. No secret endings beyond the post-credits scene. However, players can experience follow-up stories through specific side quests near the end of the game, providing closure for side characters.

What Happens in the Post-Credits Scene of Final Fantasy 16?

In the post-credits scene of Final Fantasy 16, you see a world where magic is just a fairy tale. It’s generations later, and Clive’s decision saved the world, making it even better than before.

Is There a Secret Ending in Final Fantasy 16?

No, there is no secret ending in Final Fantasy 16. The game only has one ending, which is revealed in the post-credits scene. The main story concludes with this ending, but there are follow-up stories for side characters.

Do Player Actions Throughout the Game Affect the Ending of Final Fantasy 16?

Player actions throughout the game do not affect the ending of Final Fantasy 16. The game only has one ending, which is the same regardless of the player’s choices or actions.

Are There Any Bonus Content or Side Stories Related to the Ending of Final Fantasy 16?

Yes, there are bonus content and side stories related to the ending of Final Fantasy 16. By completing specific side quests near the end of the game, players can experience follow-up stories that give closure to the side characters Clive meets throughout his journey.


In conclusion, the ending of Final Fantasy 16 takes players on a thrilling journey filled with gods, a new world, and a battle against the antagonist, Ultima. The complexities of the ending are unraveled, leaving no stone unturned as Clive Rosfield emerges as the pivotal figure in this epic showdown. With its captivating storyline and action-packed moments, Final Fantasy 16 delivers a satisfying conclusion that will leave fans eager for more adventures in this captivating world.