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What are the best places to see in Ukraine?


Ukraine is one of the well-known countries in Europe. By area, it is the second-largest country in Europe, after Russia being the first one. The famous vineyards, historical parks, churches, and beautiful castles are the popularities of Ukraine. Many tourists attractions make Ukraine worth visiting as a travel lover. Ukraine welcomes around 10 million tourists every year. This content provides information about the best places to see in Ukraine. Before that, we have to get an idea about the country and its general information. Let’s move on!

Best Places to See in Ukraine:

Following are the best places to see in Ukraine and give the idea to travelers about their tour to the lovely country:

  • Kyiv

This city of Ukraine is located in the center of the country. It is home to around 3 million people. It is now in the list of one of the populous cities in Europe. In the past, it was famous as the trade link between the old Constantinople and Scandinavia. It is one of the best places to see in Ukraine.

This city shows its ultimate beauty in the summer seasons, with greenery all around.

Kyiv’s Monastery of Caves is the best tourists attraction in the city. In 1051, it was a cave but then it became an active monastery. Currently, it has about 100 monks that live there. Now, it is included in the seven wonders of Ukraine.

The Motherland Monuments is situated near to the Monastery of Caves. It is a monument with a height of about 203 feet. This statue is made of stainless steel. It is such a unique statue that you can recognize it from a long distance.

  • Chernobyl

The city of Chernobyl is located near Belarus and about 90 km far from Kyiv. It is of historic importance because of the tragic nuclear incident that took place in 1986. The radioactive material was released into the air and caused some harmful effects on the health of the people of Chernobyl. This incident is included in the worst nuclear accident in the whole world.

In 2011, this place got available for tourists and now people visit to know about the tragic event. The town near Chernobyl called Pripyat gives an image of the region affected by a nuclear accident years ago. The town is all deserted and damaged. The place is lovely but the accident made it a place not likely to live.

The site of Chernobyl is safe enough for people to visit it. The authorities have regarded it as open and safe for people to come to this place. The Chernobyl site is considered a cultural venue by the government of Ukraine. About more than 7000 people started living in the city. Small villages and towns have been made in this place.

  • The Carpathian Mountains

These mountains are located in the western region of Ukraine. The mountains are massive and pass through many countries around Ukraine. These mountains are having a 1500 km long range that passes through the countries in Central and Eastern Europe. Many national parks have been built over these mountains that entertain travelers. The diverse natural landscapes and extensive rivers networks make the mountains range very attractive. The many countries that consist of these beautiful mountains get a lot of tourists yearly all because of the extra plus points it got.

Adventures such as hiking and skiing (in winters) are popular activities in the Carpathian Mountains. These make your trips very enjoyable in every aspect. It is one of the best places to see in Ukraine.

The mountains are filled with a huge diversity of animals and plants that make them even more attractive for visitors. The tourists have fun while being in this place. Included in this, you can also come up with a different kind of rock in the mountains. These mountains contain a lot of different rocks, used for many purposes.

  • Palanok Castle

Built over a volcanic hill, this is one of the beautiful castles in Ukraine. It is located near Lviv. This castle is completely named Mukachevo Castle of Palanok. This fortress is situated on a volcanic mountain. It is one of the beautiful and powerful castles in the entire country. It has such a magnificent image and resides over a city. This thousand-year-old castle is one of the wonders of Ukraine. The walls of these castles tell stories of the sacrifices of prisoners and show the history of the country. The rich culture of Ukraine is represented by every single part of this castle.

This castle covers an area of about 14000 m2 and is comprised of the Upper Castle and Lower Castle. It gets its name from the oak fence that surrounds the whole castle. Many weddings have been celebrated in this enormous castle. The monuments are present in a huge number inside the castle.

The view from the outer side of the castle is breathtaking. The local musicians are so delightful that the music makes you feel so excited. There are a couple of cafes and restaurants made near the castle that can make you feel cozy.

  • Pochayiv Lavra Monastery

It is present near Lviv city. Furthermore, it is the second-largest monastery after the one in Kyiv. It was constructed in the 1500s and today it is one of the largest religious places in Western Ukraine. It is such a fascinating place with the large golden domes and green roofs of the buildings. This monastery sits on the dazzling mountains of Kremenets. Decorated with clean white walls and sparkling golden domes. This monastery has some of the historic relics that are there for a very long time. The healing water is of great importance for Christians as they have a belief in it.

Pochayiv Lavra Monastery was designed by the popular architect Jan Gottfried Hoffman. He made it so skillfully that still after hundreds of years it is well-known among the visitors. The church gives the best image of art to the country. It shows that people in the past were quite talented in the field of art and architecture. The paintings of these churches are of such popularity that duplicates have been made but they are not the same as the original ones. This monastery also has 13 bells of which 2 are clock bells. It is one of the best places to see in Ukraine.

  • Ivano-Frankivsk

This city is located at the foothills of the Carpathians Mountains. It is situated on the western side of the country. In the 17th century, this city was considered a fortress of the Polish people. The city consists of a beautiful lake in its center which is a popular tourists attraction of all time. This city has many names such as; Stanislav and Franek. It has a Galician origin which makes it distinguished from the other cities of Ukraine. It got its name in 1962. 

 Another popular tourists destination the Central Square in the city of Ivano-Frankivsk. It is very prettily designed with an important central position in the city.

The City Hall is located in the center of the city. It acts as a Garrison nowadays and has extreme importance. The place is famous as a museum as now people visit it for seeing the antiques. The Potocki Castle is also the major attraction of the city. It has a magnificent building and preserves the memory of the Potocki. The castle features a lot of greenery around it which makes it even more. The castle is a three-story building with corridors and majestic rooms with thrones made by the ancient kings.

The Armenian Church and Greek Catholic Cathedrals are two other famous spots for tourists. The Armenian Church is one of the oldest buildings in the history of Ukraine. Both the places were constructed in the 17th century. The churches represent the history of religion and atheism. The churches also showcase principles of Christianity.

Besides all of these, the city also has beautiful streets, amazing fountains, lakes with parks, palaces, huge town halls. These all factors make this city one of the best places to see in Ukraine.

  • Chernivtsi

The major educational and architectural center of Ukraine. It is located in western Ukraine. The famous National University is in Chernivtsi. This university is one of the huge and prominent universities in the entire country.

This region was first inhabited by the Neolithic people in their era, a long time ago. This city is also famous as the “Little Vienna” as it looks the same as this city of Austria. It is known as the cultural hub of Ukraine. It is one of the best places to see in Ukraine.

The pedestrian streets of the city are worth mentioning. The hotels arranged for tourists are incredible with all the facilities needed by the travelers. The Pastel buildings are filled with decorative masterpieces and cultural aspects. The city is decorated with lots of flowers and beautiful cafes.

The National University of Chernivtsi is as impressive as the whole city. It is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List of the world. This complicated structure of the university was made by the famous architect, Joseph Hlavka. It was founded in 1875. For such a long time, it is standing tall with all the fame and popularity. The university and its surrounding area are so breathtaking that wedding photoshoots are carried out in the area. This charming university attracts visitors towards itself and is a landmark of Chernivtsi.

Other things to do:

A single-day visit is not enough to check out the whole city, but you would need about 3 days to check the city out. Walking around on the streets is a pleasurable act by having a view of the entire city. Another famous thing is the Theater Square in Chernivtsi, which is the most beautiful place in the city. The structure of the building is made according to the old Renaissance style.

The Central Square with the town hall is the main part of the city. In the summer seasons, the city shows its eternal beauty with lush greenery all around. The multicultural city of Chernivtsi welcomes people of all origins inside its borders. Multicultural in a sense that besides its inhabitant different people live their peacefully. They include Jews, Christians, Ukrainians, and Romanians.

  • Bakota

This village is one of the beautiful places in Ukraine, with a half-submerged area in the sea. The Rus Kingdom was the ex-rulers of this lovely village. The village was once the capital of the ancient kingdom. Travelers from around the world find peace in the natural beauty of this region. It is located in the South region of Ukraine. The waters of the River Dniester have added more beauty to this place. This bay with the river is the best destination for local and foreign tourists.

Bakota was famous in the 13th century and played an important role in the history of Ukraine. The oldest monastery changed to visitors’ favorite place. Currently, the Podoolia region has the oldest cave monastery and this cave is made of soft sandstone. This antique monastery is one of the wonders in the history of Ukraine. 

This cave is located in the White Mountain. These caves are so skillfully made that they astonish the modern age.

Bakota has a fantastic view with a few beaches and several caves. A lot of monks live there in these religious places. The beaches have cold water that comes from the three springs situated in the mountains. The water has an awesome taste and crystal clear color.

There is a famous healing spring, the natives consider the water as healing for people with different diseases. There is a car ride from Lviv to Bakota, this can be an easy way to get to this place.

  • Saint Sophia’s Cathedral

The favorite place of visitors in Ukraine is St. Sophia’s Cathedral. Since the 1980s, this place is famous as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It shows the old Baroque style, both the interior and exterior. This place has 13 domes and jaw-dropping furniture. The cathedral has mosaics and murals that are extremely pretty with giving a reflection of Ukrainian history.

It was constructed in 1037 and it makes the other historic places underestimated as compared to this one. If you are in Ukraine, then visiting this cathedral is a must.

This cathedral is named Hagia Sophia and it’s a historic landmark of the country. This famous cathedral has a bell tower that makes it a very attractive place for visitors around the world.

  • Mezhyhirya: Presidential Palace in Kiev

This palace is situated on the banks of River Dnieper. It was home to the ex-president, Viktor Yanukovych. It is a very interesting place with a lot to experience. This extravagant place has a lot of fun things to do. The palace has a tennis court, equestrian club, helicopter pad, farms, and golf course. There is also a museum inside the palace that consists of all the things used by the president himself. The expensive cars and heated pools of the ex-president are things worth mentioning because of their uniqueness.  

  • Odessa Opera

The Odessa Opera and Ballet is in the town of Odessa. It is famous as the oldest theater in Odessa that was available to the public in the year 1810. Swan Lake is a famous show of this theater. The architecture and masterpieces in this opera are worthy enough to visit. The construction of the building I such that it makes the music and singing audible to the people in the hall. Odessa has the best vacation spot in summer with amazing beaches. The nightlife of this city is also worth mentioning. This vibrant city is a hub for enjoying yourself when you are on a tour.

  • Bukovel

The biggest skiing destination of Ukraine and not even that but also in entire Eastern Europe. This area is in the valley of three mountains. Bukovel is located high in the mountains with 50 km of long playgrounds. The perfect time is from December to April and point to remember that January has the deepest snow falling. You can even take classes to get ready for skiing and learn the simple tricks of skiing. The slopes are quite steep and awesome for skiing in Bukovel. Tourists visit this region for having an adventure.

Where is Ukraine located?

The developing country of Ukraine is located in Eastern Europe. It shares its borders with Russia, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, and Moldova. The Black Sea and the Sea of Azov are also in Ukraine. The coasts with the seas are beautiful beaches. Ukraine is the 8th most populous country in Europe.

Languages and Religion in Ukraine:

The languages of Ukraine include; Bulgarian, Belarusian, Hebrew, Polish, Russian, Slovak, and many more. Different languages are common in the country due to the residence of people of different origins. The country has people following different religions. Christianity and Irreligion are the popular and most followed sectors of Ukraine.  

History of Ukraine:

Since 32000 BC, Ukraine is the home by people of different origins. Colonies of ancient Greek civilization, the Roman Empire, and the Byzantine Empire are part of this country. Many historic civilizations play a vital role in the history of Ukraine.

What is Ukraine famous for?

This country is home to some beautiful landscapes to medieval churches. People taking interest in in fishing, hiking, and hunting visit Ukraine. The Orthodox and Catholic churches are also well-known factors for tourism in Ukraine. The old towns and boulevards are also some worth mentioning spots for visitors around the world. Following are the things that you can do while in Ukraine.

Outdoor markets:

The markets of Ukraine are best to see. The famous Russian dolls are attractions of these markets. You can also come across lots of handicrafts in these markets, embroidered blouses and shirts are also here. Textiles and designs are popularities of these outdoor markets as well.

Try Eating Borscht:

If you get hungry on your trip, try eating the traditional dish called Borscht. It is available as cold and hot and served to people. Moreover, it is in all the restaurants in Ukraine. It also comes with some famous ingredients.

Have a Trip to Sunflower Field:

Ukraine’s popular export material is sunflower oil and due to this the country has many beautiful fields all around. If you get a chance to visit this country, then must visit a sunflower field. These fields are enormous and full of sunflower goods.  The soil and climate are best for the sunflower growth in Ukraine. The captivating image of these fields is a must-capture and you can try different poses in these pretty fields!

Eat Tasty Dumplings:

Dumplings are the favorite food of the Ukrainian people. These are made with flour and stuffing inside of them. Stuffing can vary from meat to vegetarian stuff. You can even take some cooking classes and learn different dishes that are famous in Ukraine. These dishes include fresh vegetables like cabbage, potatoes, and even include red cherries and grilled meat. The cuisine of Ukraine includes some mouth-watering dishes that tourists just can’t resist. You should try these if you visit Ukraine.


So, this was the guide about the best places to see in Ukraine, now it’s up to the tourists which places they would love to visit. The natural beauty of Ukraine is captivating and attracts a lot of people towards it. This content includes the best attractions you can get while having a magical tour of your favorite place. Whenever, you have the chance to go to Ukraine, don’t miss these amazing places in the beautiful country.