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Final Fantasy XVI – Hoaw to Get Electrum


As you battle your way through The Twins, eliminating enemies of all sizes and kinds, you’ll gather a variety of goods and crafting supplies. While obtaining some of these goods is simple, you might only be able to obtain one or two of the rarer ones during your gameplay. The crafting ingredient known as electrum may be acquired during the ‘Blacksmith’s Blues’ side quest in Final Fantasy 16 and is utilized to build a Drakeslayer’s Belt. This post will walk you through obtaining electrum in Final Fantasy XVI.

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Electrum Location

In Final Fantasy 16, during the Severian Hunt, Electrum can be found. As part of the rewards for taking down the B Rank monster, you receive Electrum in addition to:

  • 70 Ability Points
  • 20 Renown
  • 800 XP
  • 8,500 Gil

Final Fantasy XVI - Hoaw to Get Electrum

Severian is located in the Rosaria region, just north of Sorrowise, and west of Martha’s Rest. It is not possible to obtain Electrum immediately after obtaining the Drakeslayer’s Belt blueprint since you need to finish “Fire and Ice” before Severian appears on the map. Nevertheless, this is still an excellent time to equip the belt!

Severian’s precise location can be seen on the following map:

Final Fantasy XVI - Hoaw to Get Electrum

You can view the Severian Hunt on your Hunt Board starting with “After the Storm,” as it becomes available following the completion of the “Fire and Ice” main quest.

Final Fantasy XVI - Hoaw to Get Electrum

How to Beat Severian

Since Severian is a Level 31, B Rank Notorious Mark, you’ll want to employ evading a lot because its projectile and lunging strikes can deplete more than half of Clive’s health bar! It’s a wonderful idea to equip the Berserker Ring you receive from Renown rewards throughout the fight, as it temporarily increases Clive’s attack after he executes a Precision Dodge.

It also greatly helps to have a full pouch of Potions and High Potions as well as a full Limit Break bar. One useful tip for obtaining free health potions is to intentionally start the fight and be slain by Severian right away. After that, Clive will reappear nearby with his potion pouches filled.

We suggest lowering Severian’s stagger bar using the Garuda abilities Wind Blast and Gouge. Both the Phoenix’s Fire Blast and Ramuh’s Thunderstorm are excellent tools for dealing damage to Severian and bringing down its stagger bar. Use Clive’s Limit Break once Severian is defeated to use all of your strongest skills to deal as much damage as you can. Recall that you can also give Torgal orders to heal Clive or attack Severian throughout the fight.

How to Use Electrum

We are now approaching the juicy stuff. One of the most crucial items you’ll encounter in the game is electrum, which you’ll need to make the Drakeslayer’s Belt, one of the best belts in the entire game. With this belt, you get an incredible 74 defense and 23 life, which is almost definitely a significant improvement over whatever belt you are presently wearing.

Final Fantasy XVI - Hoaw to Get Electrum

You will also require one Dragon Talon, twenty Briar Clam Shells, and one Scarletite in addition to Electrum. Since briar clam shells are so prevalent, you likely already have an abundance of them. You can obtain a Dragon Talon by taking down any of the Wyverns found in most of the game’s locations. It’s difficult to pass through the Scarletite. Next, we’ll show you how to obtain some Scarletite so that you can finally make this renowned belt.


Where do I get materials for Gotterdammerung FF16?

To build the Gotterdammerung, a total of three Orichalcum are required. Rarely, Orichalcum can also be obtained as a prize for completing Side Quests. Usually, it can be discovered by beating Notorious Marks from the Hunt Board.

How do you unlock more hunts in FF16?

To find out which hunts are accessible to you, interact with Nektar the moogle. More bounties to find at the Hunt Board will become available as you advance through the main tale. Additionally, make careful to finish any side missions that have the plus sign, as some of them will award you with additional bounties.

What is the S-rank level in FF16?

The most demanding hunts in Final Fantasy 16 are the S-rank Notorious Marks, which provide players with distinct attack patterns and few opportunities to fight. In Final Fantasy 16, the most challenging S-rank hunts are Atlas, Pandemonium, Gorgimera, Svarog, and Behemoth King, all of which need for unique tactics to overcome.

Should I craft Excalibur FF16?

One of the strongest weapons in Final Fantasy 16 is the Excalibur. It’s the most effective way to defeat strong opponents because of its high offensive numbers until you can swap it out for the Eikonic weapon Brightburn.

Is there an Ultima Weapon in FF16?

In Final Fantasy 16, the strongest weapon available to you is the Ultima Weapon. We will lead you through every stage of crafting the Ultima Weapon, the most epic weapon in the game, in this guide.