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Everspace 2 – Best Secondary Weapons


From the creators of the original Everspace game, Rockfish Games, comes the dazzling, action-packed space shooter Everspace 2. They altered the recipe for the follow-up, removing the rogue-like aspects in favor of a concentrated narrative set across numerous star systems. There are numerous weapons available, and each has advantages and disadvantages of its own. The best secondary weapons in Everspace 2 are explained in this article:

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Cruise Missiles

In Everspace 2, cruise missiles are the most powerful weapon. When the conditions are correct, they can do more than 100,000 damage. They inflict devastating amounts of energy and kinetic harm. The largest bosses and specific heavy ships are the only ones that can withstand multiple blasts from a Cruise Missile.

Everspace 2 - Best Secondary Weapons

They do, however, travel slowly and require time to latch on. Use a destabilizer missile to hit the target first to maximize their effect. When firing, aim near enough to ensure a hit, but then launch yourself as fast as you can out of the way. There is a great blast radius.

Destabilizer Missiles

Destabilizer missiles are an excellent tool for destroying an adversary’s defenses. They are quite good at locating their target and latch on fast. Destabilizer missiles, however, don’t produce any harm on their own. Rather, they inflict a debuff that amplifies the target’s damage.

Everspace 2 - Best Secondary Weapons

Homing Missiles

Everspace 2 - Best Secondary Weapons

Homing Missiles are a solid standard, and most builds will benefit from saving a secondary weapon slot for them. When shot, they lock on fast and move quickly. Homing Missiles deal tremendous Kinetic Damage. Upgrade your homing missiles to “Marksman” for longer range or “High-Capacity” for more ammunition to get the most out of them.


What is the best gun in Everspace 2?

The Flak cannon is the greatest medium-range weapon in Everspace 2. It fires a single, focused burst that damages everything in its immediate vicinity when it bursts upon hit. The Flak weapon has amazing kinetic damage as well as respectable energy damage.

Is the gunship good in Everspace 2?

Gunship: Double damage (and energy cost) due to double the hardpoints. Very slow, but makes up for it with a superb hull and shield. Uses primary weapon fire to absolutely melt everything; any enemy smaller than a carrier or destroyer perishes in less than half a second.

Can you mine in Everspace 2?

Mining is simple and primarily required for certain upgrades and crafting. Although you can also purchase the necessary materials, mining the locations you find while on missions or exploration happens quickly. Use your regular weaponry instead of the mining laser.

How many star systems are in Everspace 2?

Players with keen eyes will notice that eight star systems are visible in Early Access on the map. A large number of you have already been to Drake, Ceto, Union, Zharkov, and Khaït Nebula. Our sixth and last star system, Khione, will open at launch to carry on our narrative.

How do you make money on Everspace 2?

Purchase goods in low-demand systems and then sell them in high-demand systems, as the proverb goes. For instance, you can make a lot of money selling solar panels or cybernetic implants that you purchase in Ceto to people in Zharkov and Khione.