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Final Fantasy XVI – How to Beat Bahamut


In the previous main scenario quest of Final Fantasy 16, after a little delay, Clive, Jill, and Goetz succeeded in breaking past the barrier that stood in their way of reaching their goal. The player is just required to comprehend the advantages and disadvantages of the Eikon, which they must utilize entirely. The most extreme illustration of that is found in Bahamut’s trials. You can learn how to defeat Bahamut in Final Fantasy 16 by reading this article:

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Location Of Bahamut Chronolith

Simply go directly to Northreach and exit the city through the northern gate to find Bahamut’s trial. After leaving Northreach, proceed to the map’s eastern corner. Proceed eastward as you enter the Cape Orsiere. The Hand of Mimas is located in close proximity to the cliff.

Final Fantasy XVI - How to Beat Bahamut

General Trial Tips

Although the Megaflare dodge functions differently than a regular precision dodge, it is nevertheless eligible for the “Precision Dodge” bonus. Rather than timing the assault and avoiding just in time to avoid contact, the secret to a perfect Megaflare dodge is to dodge into it. At any point throughout the Megaflare dodge’s motion, if you come into touch with a strike, you will start the flawless dodge. Thus, utilize the Megaflare dash to its full potential in order to obtain the “Megacharge” and “Multiflare” bonuses.

Final Fantasy XVI - How to Beat Bahamut

There are a few exceptions to the rule that you cannot execute most operations when in the fly state. You will be able to use the Satellite ability if it is activated before to entering the state. In order to receive the Satellite benefit while in the fly state, make sure you have the Satellite ability active when dodging. It’s also important to remember that you can utilize the taunt ability to assist lure out those strikes more quickly while you’re in this flying position.

How to Beat Bahamut

The opening moves of this boss fight are a sequence of cinematic strikes and evasions. After they’re done, an arena appears, allowing players to engage in actual combat with Bahamut. Avoid Bahamut’s blows and batter him. Around the 80% mark, a cutscene featuring the Phoenix appears, and players are introduced to the Spitflare ability. Ifrit unleashes a beam of fire in what is effectively a breath strike.

Final Fantasy XVI - How to Beat Bahamut

Bahamut will cast Gigaflare when he is 60% healthy. Since this ability is a component of a cutscene, it cannot be avoided. At this time, gamers will take command of Phoenix and carry on Bahamut’s battle. While avoiding Bahamut’s blows, concentrate on firing at him. Destroy the ring of spheres that Bahamut summons using the projectile assault. Additionally, Bahamut will unleash Megaflare, a spell that is challenging to fully avoid.

Look for flashing missiles with health bars as Bahamut hits 50%. Take out these as soon as you can, then go back to battling Bahamut. As the battle goes on, Bahamut will start casting Gigaflare once more. The countdown to this skill is lengthy. In order to stop the attack from happening at this period, players must destroy all five of the spheres surrounding Bahamut.

Final Fantasy XVI - How to Beat Bahamut

Players eventually reclaim control of Ifrit when the battle returns to the arena. Beware of Bahamut’s attacks and launch an onslaught during his spells. Enter the semi-sphere shield that the Phoenix summons to protect yourself from Teraflare’s devastating blows. The battle then resumes when a Cinematic Clash is sparked by this. Players will win two Cinematic Clashes and Bahamut will go down to less than 10% health.

Players might believe that. Following a short cutscene, players take control of a hybrid of Ifrit and Phoenix in a new battle against Bahamut in space. While Bahamut will use some of his earlier abilities, his beam strike, which comes with little warning, is the most dangerous thing to beware of. A Cinematic Evasion will take place as soon as Bahamut’s health drops to 50%.

Final Fantasy XVI - How to Beat Bahamut

Deplete the purple gauge to halt the attack when Bahamut starts to cast Teraflare. Continue to attack, and when Bahamut drops below 10% once more, a Cinematic Clash will take place, with players coming out on top this time. A sequence of cutscenes will conclude the current major scenario quest after the combat.


How strong is Bahamut FF16?

With the several powers that Clive is able to use, this Eikon—who embodies the element of Light—can dispatch large swaths of adversaries with ease. As they navigate the game’s numerous battles, players will like commanding Bahamut because of his immense power in every aspect.

How do you avoid Gigaflare in FF16?

This is probably the greatest time to utilize “Brimstone” because the “Gigaflare” assault manifests as an enormous beam that is launched in your direction. It will also follow your location and last for a number of seconds. However, it can also be avoided by moving constantly and using dodges well.

Who is Odin in ff16?

Riding atop a phantom steed, Odin is an Eikon shaped like an armored knight who uses the legendary black blade to sever enemies. Using his immense strength, Odin’s Dominant, King Barnabus Tharmr, is a lethal foe in Final Fantasy XVI who is driven by chaos and a desire for combat.

Who is Ultima in Final Fantasy 16?

Ultima is the primary enemy in Final Fantasy 16 and Valisthea’s real true deity. Ultima has lived on Valisthea throughout human history, working behind the scenes to advance his ultimate goal of building a new world.

Who is the main character in Final Fantasy 16?

The main character of the game is Clive Rosfield, the firstborn son of the royal dynasty of Rosaria, who is denied the position of heir when his younger brother Joshua ascends to the position of Dominant of Phoenix. Despite not being a Dominant, Clive is able to obtain and utilize the power of several Eikons.