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Starfield – How to Increase Crew Size


Enhancing the number of crew members in Starfield is the best method to guarantee that your Ship and Outposts function well when you’re away. Although a crew is unnecessary for operating a ship and traveling through space, having one on board offers your ship several benefits. Every ship has a maximum crew size, which is often determined by the ship’s total dimensions. You can learn how to expand the crew size in Starfield by reading this article:

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How to Increase Crew Size

Looking at the ship’s data in your ship menu will show you how many crew members a ship can accommodate. This number is adjacent to the rank of the reactor. This is merely a starting point; other methods exist to raise it. Those who want to improve and have many credits can just purchase a larger ship with more crew members.

Add a Habitat Module if you want to change your current ship while keeping the majority of it the same. You can gain extra slots by upgrading your reactor, which will also grant you access to better parts, allowing you to add even more slots to your improvements.

Starfield - How to Increase Crew Size

Additionally, you can change your ship’s cockpit to one that can accommodate more people. You can have more crew members thanks to each of these, though occasionally you’ll need to add more to have a whole additional crew member. Upgrade the Ship Command skill if you already have the ideal ship and don’t want to make any modifications.

You won’t need to change the ship to increase the crew capacity when you use this talent and every rank. Destroy or board enemy ships when your ship carries many crew members to enhance this talent even further. You’ll soon max out this skill if you pack your ship with as many crew members as possible when you level up each tier.

How to Upgrade Your Ship Modules

Shipbuilders customize their modules according to specific requirements; some will have fewer crew spaces for battle, while others will have more crew spaces and crew stations for exploration and research. It’s worthwhile to compare prices and decide which modules will increase your total capacity.

Starfield - How to Increase Crew Size

A little box will come up on the left side of the screen when you are shopping for a module at a ship technician. This box will contain information on the module, such as how many crew stations or how many crew members it can support. As long as you have improved your “Ship Command” ability, you can fit more crew members onto your ship by combining modules with greater crew capacities.

Where to Get Crew Members

Many of the characters in Constellation are free crew members who you can acquire early in the game. They are all incredibly valuable in capacities other than that of crew members, as they possess a variety of talents. Since your friends will always be close by aboard your ship, having numerous companions as crew members will also allow you to swap out your partner on any planet.

Starfield - How to Increase Crew Size

Another option is to go to the neighborhood bar and get experts to assemble your team. Specialists contribute to your rank enhancement, but they come at a higher cost for those who are still in the early hours and their bonuses are not quite as large as those of your companions.


What is the largest crew capacity in Starfield?

Your ship’s maximum crew size and your level of expertise determine this. Up to eight crew members can be present at once on the largest ship with the maximum skill set. I believe you can start with about 4 crew members if your ship is capable of it, by default, without any skills.

How do you get more than 8 crew members in Starfield?

You must upgrade various parts of your ship with modules that raise your maximum crew capacity in order to improve your ship’s crew capacity in Starfield. You should also raise the rank of your “Ship Command” talent to the highest level.

Are there only 4 cities in Starfield?

All Cities in Starfield Listed. The Key, Akila, Neon, and New Atlantis are the four main cities of Starfield. The Key, the final one, is actually a space station that houses the faction’s headquarters and is governed by the Crimson Fleet.

Can you sell ships in Starfield?

Speak with the Ship Services Technician vendor at any of the main towns or spaceports to sell a ship.

Is there anything on Earth in Starfield?

In Starfield, the Earth is primarily a desolate desert, yet there are ten distinct landmarks spread out over the landscape. These iconic sites showcase noteworthy architectural designs from around the globe, showcasing buildings and constructions that are instantly recognizable to all.