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How to Beat Becki the Bride in Dead Island 2


In Dead Island 2, Becki the Bride is the very first boss that players will face. She serves to familiarize players with some of the most challenging foes found in Zompedia. Players in Dead Island 2’s Becki the Bride get to ‘dance with the bride’ on a wedding party dance floor before taking on the terrifying and horrific monster of the level. This comedic take on the Bridezilla attitude is a highlight of the game.

In addition, killing Becki the Bride marks the beginning of players’ fights against crushers in Dead Island 2, which are tank zombies equipped with devastating attacks that have the potential to throw off some gamers. In the Halperin Hotel’s ‘Room Service for Major Booker’ story mission, Becki appears toward the end of the quest. In Dead Island 2, beating Becki the Bride is essential to completing the game. This guide will teach you how to do so. So let’s get started:

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How to Beat Becki the Bride in Dead Island 2

Beating Becki the Bride is a challenge that requires a lot of effort. Nevertheless, there are a few essential strategies and methods for defeating Becki in the shortest amount of time possible:

Learn To Block:

It is crucial to block at just the right moment if you want to emerge victorious from a battle. Blocking helps prevent players from losing their health too soon. Players can temporarily stun Becki if they timing their blocks so that they come just as she hits. When using this technique, the players have a brief window of opportunity to hit Becki with a powerful melee weapon and deliver critical damage.

How to Beat Becki the Bride in Dead Island 2

Repeating this tactic causes Becki to fall to her knees, which weakens her stability and allows players to approach closer to her when she is vulnerable so that they may deal more damage to her. This information is provided through the user interface (UI). As the game develops, other crushers will become available for you to fight, and this strategy will come in handy.

Use Nearby Healing Supplies:

It’s also a good idea for players to make a mental note of where the healing goods for Dead Island 2 are located throughout the space, such as first aid kits, protein bars, and energy drinks. Plenty may be found at the edges of the dance floor and on top of the letters spelling out “Mrs” on the stage. Get these before starting combat by activating the radio, or at least be aware of where to look if your health is dangerously low.

How to Beat Becki the Bride in Dead Island 2

Avoid Becki’s Ground Pound:

Becki’s attacks include kicking and slashing, jumping and striking the ground in a stomp that can knock the opponent down if positioned within the area of effect for the attack. If Becki is nearby, there is a chance that jumping to avoid the hit will be successful; nonetheless, it is advisable to back up whenever feasible in order to avoid Becki’s ground pound.

How to Beat Becki the Bride in Dead Island 2Try Environmental Kills Or Powerful Weapon Mods:

In an ideal scenario, players should select a weapon that is both powerful and does not deplete their stamina to an excessive degree, particularly when additional zombies join the team. However, melee weapons that have been modded with Dead Island 2’s electrocutor mod, like the machete, have the potential to be quite effective in inflicting additional electricity damage. Players gain access to the War Cry talents card once they have defeated Becki.

How to Beat Becki the Bride in Dead Island 2

Players who wish to make the party more exciting can try to cause electrical damage with the overhanging electricity cord by attracting Becki, or they can try to cause electricity damage by using the surrounding water Jerry cans to construct an electric puddle trap, or they can try to form a similar fiery death trap using the fuel cans. The overhanging lights can also be turned into falling electric projectiles by the players by throwing weapons at them.


Does Dead Island 2 have multiple endings?

In Dead Island 2, you have the option to play as any one of the game’s six different players, and each of these slayers has a unique ending that focuses on their particular journey through the game. On the other hand, this does not imply that the story of the game itself has more than one conclusion to provide.

Who is the best character in Dead Island 2?

Jacob. Because of his formidable Health and Stamina, he is able to engage in direct conflict with his foes. His special attacks provide him with a huge boost to his damaging qualities, making them capable of killing any foe they are used against. Jacob is without a doubt the most compelling protagonist in Dead Island 2, as he possesses the ideal balance of offensive and defensive capabilities.

Who is the villain in Dead Island 2?

It would appear that Konradt’s ultimate objective is to take control of the Numen once humanity has perished and begin reconstructing society in her own image. Her experience with these skills, together with the fact that she is able to interact telepathically with other Numen, positions Konradt to become the primary antagonist of the Dead Island franchise.

Can you save Tisha in Dead Island 2?

Reed appears in Dead Island 2, and by the time the main plot is over, players learn that she is the real secret to developing a treatment for the Autophage virus. Unfortunately, right before the boss fight against the altered version of Reed, Tisha manages to flee the battle and is never seen again, which sets the stage for an exciting rescue mission in a downloadable content pack.

Can you play Dead Island 2 after beating the game?

After completing the game’s primary storyline, players will find a wealth of additional content in Dead Island 2. There are a ton of optional objectives and activities that are connected to collecting collectibles in Dead Island 2, and some of the game’s post-game content is locked away until the player has completed all 24 of the game’s major story tasks.