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Final Fantasy XVI – White Wyrm Bone Location


Players will find a variety of resources in Final Fantasy 16 that they can utilize to enhance existing items and craft new weapons. Through the Blacksmith, players can craft a wide range of swords and accessories, each with unique strengths and weaknesses that can be strengthened through reinforcement. White Wyrm Bone, one of these necessary components, is utilized to make the incredible Diamond Sword, an indispensable weapon for defeating formidable foes such as the S-Rank Notorious Marks. The location of the White Wyrm bone in Final Fantasy XVI will be explained in this article:

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Where to Find White Wyrm Bone

The White Dragon Main Story Quest Boss is the only source of the later-game item White Wyrm Bone. The 38th Main Story Quest, Fire in the Sky, is where you can find the White Dragon. Although there are other boss fights in the mini-storyline, players will encounter the formidable creature quite early in the quest.

Final Fantasy XVI - White Wyrm Bone Location

Regretfully, this implies that players will need to gather several Eikons and wait a considerable amount of time to gain the White Wyrm Bone in order to obtain the material and create stronger gear. After taking down the White Dragon, players ought to obtain three White Wyrm Bone.

How to Get White Wyrm Bone

You have to advance the story to the Fire in the Sky questline in order to obtain White Wyrm Bone. The necessary materials are available while you’re on this continuous journey. White Wyrm Bone will drop as a prize from the White Dragon boss adversary once you’ve defeated it. Throughout the battle, the White Dragon is a cunning foe who flies and launches cold projectiles at you.

Final Fantasy XVI - White Wyrm Bone Location

You will obtain three White Wyrm Bones as well as other important goods like twenty Sharp Fangs and twenty Bloody Hides once you fight the White Dragon.

How to Use White Wyrm Bone

White Wyrm Bone from Final Fantasy 16 has multiple uses. The most effective ways to use it are generally:

Final Fantasy XVI - White Wyrm Bone Location

  • The Diamond Sword, which has a base attack stat of 245 and a stagger stat of 245, can be crafted using this material. If you would rather not use the White Wyrm Bone in this manner, Goetz, a merchant, is willing to sell you the blade for 3000 Gils.
  • White Wyrm Bone can also be used to strengthen this weapon. In addition, Bloody Hides, Meteorite, Imperial Links, and of course, the Diamond Sword itself are required for its improvement.


What is the strongest weapon in FF16?

The Omega Weapon you earn with this DLC will be the strongest weapon in the game, unless you were able to get the best reward in Final Fantasy mode.

Where do I get the bone necklace in FF16?

In Final Fantasy 16, bone necklaces are rare materials that are need to boost the Enhancer weapon’s level two stats. The Gigas are a large bruiser-type monster that frequently appears alongside goblins and can be defeated to obtain Bone Necklaces.

Should I craft Excalibur FF16?

One of the strongest weapons in Final Fantasy 16 is the Excalibur. It’s the most effective way to defeat strong opponents because of its high offensive numbers until you can swap it out for the Eikonic weapon Brightburn.

What level should I be to fight Ultima FF16?

At roughly level 75, players can take on Ultima, albeit it will be challenging. Players should enter the battle with Ultima at a level in the nineties to make things easier. Level 91 is a comfortable level that doesn’t require the best gear.

What is the strongest equipment in FF16?

The most powerful weapon in Final Fantasy 16 is Ultima. It can only be made when playing Final Fantasy, which is essentially New Game +. You can access that mode once you’ve finished the main story. In essence, the Ultima Weapon is New Game +’s Gotterdammerung.

What is the best weapon in Final Fantasy 16?

Omega Weapon, made possible by the ‘Echoes of the Fallen’ DLC, is now the strongest sword in Final Fantasy 16’s regular mode and ties Ultima Weapon for the title when played in Final Fantasy Mode.