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Final Fantasy XVI – How to Change Clive’s Appearance


Many people were upset with Final Fantasy 16 since it didn’t follow some of the well-worn clichés from the venerable series. Players’ primary grievance was the absence of a more conventional role-playing game party system. In previous episodes, we have witnessed some amazing character looks and ensembles. You will learn how to alter Clive’s appearance in Final Fantasy XV by reading this article:

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How to Change Clive’s Appearance

In the initial stages of the Final Fantasy 16 campaign, Clive appears as a pre-made, younger combatant. You will follow Clive at various points in his life as the game goes on, and his looks will naturally develop from that of a youngster to that of an adult warrior and the second Dominant of Fire.

Final Fantasy XVI - How to Change Clive's Appearance

Sadly, Final Fantasy 16 does not allow you to customize Clive’s appearance to your preference. His features will be shaped by time and the violent, horrific, and terrible events that transpire during Valisthea; brandings will appear during the game.

How to Change Outfits

To begin customizing the appearance of characters in the game, you must be present in Cid’s Hideaway. Furthermore, you also have to be at a specific place. You won’t have any options if you’re just starting out or if you’ve only seen the initial timeskip. You aren’t using the main game until after the second timeskip and a software update to the most recent version. This is because the feature was implemented with the 1.10 patch.

You’re ready to play if your game has been updated. Proceed to the secret hub. Proceed to the Arete Stone, which is close to Clive’s lodging and across from Charon’s Toll. The last item on this list, “Appearance,” is what you should choose.

Final Fantasy XVI - How to Change Clive's Appearance

It is located directly beneath “Final Chronolith Trials.” There are then two sections with options to select from. You can swap out the armor for Ambrosia, Torgal, Joshua, Jill, and Clive in one. The other allows you to customize Clive’s weapon’s glitz. (If your level is too high to justify equipping the Onion or Buster swords, I’ve found that this is an excellent way to “use” them.)


Is Clive a dominant character in ff16?

He is ultimately shown to be a Dominant himself after being initially disregarded by the Phoenix Eikon. While his brother Joshua is the Phoenix Dominant, the first Eikon of Fire, Clive carries the fire of Ifrit, making him the second Eikon of Fire.

What is the strongest weapon in FF16?

The Omega Weapon you earn with this DLC will be the strongest weapon in the game, unless you were able to get the best reward in Final Fantasy mode.

Is Excalibur good in FF16?

In Final Fantasy 16, Excalibur is an amazing weapon that can quickly dispatch a great deal of enemies in Valisthea thanks to its powerful 268 Attack and 268 Stagger combo.

What level should I be to fight Ultima FF16?

At roughly level 75, players can take on Ultima, albeit it will be challenging. Players should enter the battle with Ultima at a level in the nineties to make things easier. Level 91 is a comfortable level that doesn’t require the best gear.

How old is Barnabas FF16?

Despite appearing to be only 42 years old, Barnabas Tharmr is supposedly 70 years old after the time skip. Regretfully, we still don’t sure how old Sleipnir is, and Edda and Mid, two minor characters, are 16 and 17, respectively.

What is the max level in FF16?

The standard game’s maximum level is set at 50, but players can access the Final Fantasy mode until level 100, which unlocks new challenges and enhances character powers.