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Fire Emblem Engage – How to Change Class


In Fire Emblem Engage, each unit belongs to a class that grants them access to particular abilities, weapons, and, occasionally, mounts. Before a character can move to a new class, there are prerequisites for each class that must be fulfilled, along with a list of prerequisite items. You can turn any character into the ideal fit with just one trip to the Somniel, your headquarters if your army lacks a key component. You may learn how to switch classes in Fire Emblem Engage by reading this article:

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Class Change Prerequisites

Players must fulfill both a level requirement and a weapon proficiency requirement in order to switch classes. Although there is no level requirement for Base Classes, they still need to meet the weapon proficiency criterion. Players must master one or more of the class’s weapons and reach level 10 in a certain base class in order to be eligible for Advanced Classes.

Fire Emblem Engage - How to Change Class

The players will need to spend link Fragments to strengthen their link with specific Emblems in order to acquire proficiencies in new weapons. To find out which weapon proficiencies each Emblem grants, consult the Ring Reference.

Change Class Menu

Only in Somniel, during fight preparation, and while in the overworld is the menu for class switching accessible. Just click on a character after navigating to the inventory section to access it. The option to Change Class appears at the bottom of the list.

Fire Emblem Engage - How to Change Class

The selected unit can move into that class if the class name appears on the right in white rather than gray. Base units must reach level 10 in order to progress to an advanced class. If the player has a Second Seal, advanced units can switch to any other class they are skilled in at any level. The proficiencies of each character are displayed in the lower left corner.

Best Time to Change Classes

Although it is preferable to wait until a basic unit reaches its maximum level before enhancing them for maximum stat gain, upgrading them right away is not harmful. The level number will turn green when the maximum level is attained. A character’s best class is usually the advanced class they have access to first, however an advanced unit can switch to any other class that a character has access to at any point.

Fire Emblem Engage - How to Change Class

It is feasible to return an advanced class to level 1 once it has reached its maximum level. It’s not detrimental in any manner because this goes over to all stats. Actually, it has a lot of advantages. As long as the player maintains accumulating Second Seals, the unit can level up repeatedly in the same class.


Where do I Reclass in Fire Emblem Engage?

Just select the Class Change option from the main menu to accomplish this. Once you click into your inventory screen, you will see the official tab. Once here, players can switch between a variety of both new and classic classes.

How do you change Anna’s class in Fire Emblem Engage?

She gains the weapon proficiency required to transition to a magical class from Celica and Micaiah. To swiftly level up Anna and switch to a preferred magical class, use Micaiah. Additionally, if you give Micaiah’s seal to an Elfire tome beforehand, Anna can turn into a dodge machine that can fight alone in skirmishes to grind money.

What is the best class for Jean in Fire Emblem Engage?

As of right now in Fire Emblem Engage, there are four classes that are particularly noteworthy as choices for Jean. These are the Martial Master, High Priest, Sage, and Mage Knight; all four are respectable options. Selecting High Priest will give you the greatest potential form of this character in Fire Emblem.

What is Byleth’s gender in Fire Emblem Engage?

Players can select a male or female version of the character in each game. Alongside other Fire Emblem protagonists, the male version of the character also makes an appearance in Fire Emblem Engage (2023) as an Emblem.

Why is there no romance in Fire Emblem Engage?

In a Fire Emblem game, you must establish your Support with a character of your choosing before you can romance any troop. You can become friends with any character up to an A-level, but you can only have an S-Support relationship with one.