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Football Manager 24 – How to Sell Players


Football Manager 24’s transfer market is a dynamic and ever-changing landscape where clubs buy and sell players to strengthen their squads and achieve success on the pitch. As a manager, your ability to navigate this market and negotiate deals can significantly impact your team’s fortunes. This guide will explore the strategies and techniques for successfully selling players in Football Manager 24, empowering you to maximize your club’s transfer revenue and build a competitive squad.

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Understanding Player Valuation

Before listing players for sale, it’s essential to understand their true market value. Player valuation in Football Manager 24 is influenced by various factors, including age, ability, potential, and contract status. By carefully assessing each player’s attributes and performance, you can determine their worth and set realistic asking prices to maximize your returns in the transfer market.

How to Identifying Transfer Targets

To effectively sell players, it’s crucial to identify potential buyers who have an interest in acquiring your assets. This requires a thorough understanding of the transfer market, including the needs and budgets of other clubs. By scouting potential buyers, monitoring their transfer activity, and engaging in dialogue with their managers, you can identify opportunities to offload players and generate revenue for your club.

How to Transfer List the Player

The player can also be listed on the transfer market, where you can set a price and wait for a buyer to come along. Although it is the least effective strategy, a player will be moved if you rank them as being considerably undervalued.

Football Manager 24 - How to Sell Players

The only problem with this is that you might irritate the board if you don’t receive enough money from the transfer, but in either case, you’ll need to transfer list the player if you want to move them.

How to Hire an Intermediary to Sell the Player

Hiring a middleman to sell a player on your behalf is the newest way to assist in player sales in FM24. You won’t have to worry too much about the administration of the sale because they will take a percentage of the player’s sale. You should move them as long as there is interest.

Football Manager 24 - How to Sell Players

Your only choice is to negotiate your way out of a situation if you attempt to sell a player and they become irate. Usually, you can work things out, but you might have to keep them in the club. It is best to keep the gamer around if they are influential because if they go, you might have a revolt on your hands.


How do I determine the appropriate asking price for my players?

Player valuation in Football Manager 24 is influenced by various factors, including age, ability, contract status, and market demand. It’s essential to assess each player’s attributes and performance and research similar players’ transfer fees to set realistic asking prices.

What should I do if I receive multiple offers for the same player?

When multiple clubs express interest in a player, carefully evaluate each offer based on factors such as transfer fee, contract terms, and the reputation of the buying club. Consider negotiating with multiple clubs simultaneously to maximize your club’s bargaining power and secure the best possible deal.

How can I increase the likelihood of receiving offers for my players?

To attract interest from other clubs, ensure that your players are actively playing matches, performing well, and showcasing their abilities on the pitch. Additionally, consider listing players on the transfer market, scouting potential buyers, and engaging in networking with other managers to increase visibility and exposure for your players.

What should I do if a player refuses to leave the club despite receiving transfer offers?

If a player is unwilling to leave the club despite receiving transfer offers, consider alternative options such as loaning out the player to another club, offering incentives such as increased playing time or bonuses, or negotiating with the player to mutually terminate their contract. Communication and diplomacy are key to resolving such situations amicably.

Is it possible to negotiate sell-on clauses or future bonuses as part of player sales?

Yes, it’s common practice to negotiate additional terms such as sell-on clauses, future bonuses, or performance-related incentives as part of player sales. These clauses can provide your club with additional financial benefits in the event that the player is later transferred again or achieves certain milestones with their new club.


In conclusion, selling players in Football Manager 24 requires careful planning, strategic thinking, and effective negotiation skills. By understanding player valuation, identifying transfer targets, creating a selling strategy, and leveraging transfer windows, you can maximize your club’s transfer revenue and build a competitive squad capable of achieving success on the pitch.