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Against The Storm – How to Get Parts


In Against the Storm, players are besieged by relentless storms and harsh weather conditions. As leaders of a struggling civilization, their task is to build, survive, and thrive amidst the elements. A crucial aspect of this endeavor involves gathering essential parts to construct and upgrade buildings, fortify defenses, and advance the prosperity of their settlement. This comprehensive guide will explore the strategies and techniques for acquiring parts in Against the Storm, enabling players to weather the storm and emerge victorious.

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Understanding the Importance of Parts 

Parts serve as the lifeblood of any settlement in Against the Storm. These valuable resources are used in various construction projects, from basic shelters to advanced structures. Without an ample supply of parts, progress and expansion become hindered, leaving settlements vulnerable to the ravages of the elements.

How to Get Parts

In the game, parts are uncommon and extremely significant resources. They can be used for many different things, such constructing buildings and camps. Players must work very hard to locate these parts because they are difficult to obtain. Because of their scarcity, several parts in the game are hard to come by.

Against The Storm - How to Get Parts

Since these Parts cannot be gathered, gamers must use them carefully. These things can be used to construct significant structures. Players can get pieces in the following ways:

Trade for more

Every time the players go to a new glade, they can find traders. The dealers will likely have components in stock, which is a fantastic time to do some business. Exchange some of the unsold inventory for components.

The Rainpunk Foundry

You can find Rainpunk Foundry by going to a forbidden glade. If a player finds one, they might fix the building to receive it as a reward. Parts for players are made in the foundry. Players will have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity from this.

In addition, the Foundry produces Wildfire Essence, which players can exchange for better goods or hold onto for potential future use. Players will need two reasonably common components to build pieces, but three ingredients are needed to make the Wildfire Essence.

Completing Glade Events

Glade Events typically appear when players venture into hazardous glades. Players will receive pieces as a prize from these glades. During the event, these parts can be found in the supply boxes or these banned glades.


Are parts the only resource needed for construction in Against the Storm?

No, while parts are essential for construction and upgrading buildings, players also require other resources such as timber, stone, and food to support their civilization’s growth and development.

What is the most efficient way to obtain parts in the early stages of the game?

In the early stages, scavenging for parts in nearby ruins and wreckage is a common strategy. Players can also focus on establishing basic harvesting structures for timber and stone to supplement their part acquisition efforts.

How can players increase their production of parts as their settlement grows?

Players can increase their production of parts by investing in research and development to unlock advanced technologies, optimizing their production chains for efficiency, and establishing trade routes with neighboring settlements to acquire additional resources.

Are there any dangers or risks associated with scavenging for parts in ruins and wreckage?

Yes, scavenging expeditions carry inherent risks, including encounters with hostile wildlife, environmental hazards, and rival factions. Players must carefully assess the risks and rewards before embarking on expeditions and ensure that their units are adequately prepared for any challenges they may encounter.

Can players trade parts with other settlements and factions?

Yes, players can establish trade routes with neighboring settlements and factions to exchange surplus resources, including parts, for other goods and services. Diplomacy and negotiation play a crucial role in establishing mutually beneficial trade agreements.


In conclusion, acquiring parts in Against the Storm is a multifaceted endeavor that requires strategy, resourcefulness, and resilience. Players can obtain the parts needed to build, expand, and fortify their settlements against the elements by scavenging, harvesting, researching, trading, crafting, and exploring.