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Forspoken – How to Customize Magic Abilities


Enhancing Frey’s magic can result in new spells, an expansion of attack combinations, and possibly even a boost to your character’s general stats in Forspoken. You may view Frey’s spells in the Magic area of the menu. There is a skill web, or Magic Tree, where you can hold down a button to either increase or degrade your magic. Numerous magic spells exist, and the majority can be enhanced to deal more harm or give Frey more advantages. You will learn how to alter magic powers in Forspoken by reading this article:

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How to Customize Magic Abilities

As you advance in the game, you can develop various builds because you have the freedom to distribute the Mana of Frey’s spells beyond her original set. Do you want to increase the power of a certain spell to level 3 (maximum)? To ensure you have adequate Mana, consider unlearning your least favorite Attack Magic spell or a Support Magic spell.

Perhaps you would like to use Spellcraft Challenges to make Frey and a spell stronger? You can always degenerate your spells to fulfill the Spellcraft Challenge’s usage criteria more quickly and accurately. These level adjustments to the spells you learn or unlearn are transient, and your continued progress is preserved even if you end a Spellcraft Challenge.

Forspoken - How to Customize Magic Abilities

To accept the challenge once more, all you have to do is head back to a Spellcraft bookshelf in a Pilgrim’s Refuge or Guild. You can gain character stat boosts and unique spell effects by completing Spellcraft Challenges. Spreading Mana to all of your available spells in the Magic Tree or strengthening them to their maximum potential can be the goal of upgrading your magic.

Still, you can also use the ability to customize learning spells back and forth to customize your arsenal to suit your current circumstances. With this freedom comes the ability to better prepare oneself for certain adversaries, bosses, grinding, and even creating necessary goods.

Increasing Magical Abilities

In Forspoken, Frey uses a gateway in New York to enter the realm of Athia. Her discovery of Cuff—or Vambrace, as they want to be called—sets off this. She also owes The Cuff her newly discovered magical talents. Although Cuff can instantly block a significant amount of harm that is aimed at Frey, they also provide her with a spellbook.

Forspoken - How to Customize Magic Abilities

Leveling up and earning Mana, which is found all across Athia, are the two ways that Frey can upgrade spells. In Forspoken, spells may be upgraded by going to the magic menu and using earned Mana to purchase upgrades. By doing the same, new spells can also be learned. Through Founts of Blessing, Frey can acquire additional traversal spells that will enhance her parkour skills.

How to Earn Mana

The simplest method to obtain Mana in Forspoken is to hand gather the Mana pillars that are scattered across Athia’s open environment. Locate Mana nearby with Cuff-Scan; it will have a tiny gold diamond logo over it. You can quickly find locations to gain mana by exploring uncharted territory on the globe.

Forspoken - How to Customize Magic Abilities

Increasing your character’s level is another way to get Mana. A pop-up window will appear on your screen to let you know when you have enough Mana to learn or improve Magic. In addition to raising your character’s attributes, grinding for experience points will also provide you mana.


What does upgrading purple magic do in Forspoken?

All of your Purple Magic spells will have greater power and damage as a result of the Purple Magic stat. You must apply specific upgrades and acquire Gear in order to raise your Purple Magic stat.

Is there lightning magic in Forspoken?

When an enemy is marked, the Pulse Dart will shoot lightning that arcs through the air to attack them. This assault is incredibly long-range and fast. When the trigger is pulled, Storm Dart covers a large area with devastating pulses before startling it with a powerful strike.

How do you unlock powers in Forspoken?

With nearly 100 spells to mix, Frospoken is expected to be a formidable opponent. Once you have enough Mana, you can use these spells. Leveling up, finishing Flashbacks, unlocking Locked Labyrinths, and approaching luminous Mana Pools throughout Athia are all ways to gain Mana.

Is there a max level in Forspoken?

By exploring Athia, eliminating enemies, and advancing through the main plot, you can level up Frey’s stats until you hit the level cap at 99. We discuss how to level up in Forspoken swiftly on this page.

What is the invisible spell in Forspoken?

Until you move, the enemy cannot see Frey because of the support spell Suppression. Since it resembles one of Senseless Savant’s skills, it is only available after the end of Chapter 11 and is thus a component of Olas’s Magic.