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Resident Evil 4 Remake – Crystal Marble Puzzle Solution


Resident Evil 4 Remake’s crystal ball problem is similar to the game’s original orb puzzle. The padlock problem, a novel addition, is linked with the crystal ball puzzle in the remake. The Village Chief’s manor is only one of the game’s most famous locations that Capcom reimagined for their Resident Evil 4 remake. The Crystal Marble puzzle in the Resident Evil 4 remake can be solved by following the steps in this article:

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How to Find the Crystal Marble

The Village Chief’s manor has a door on the second floor, and one of the essential items is the crystal marble. To do it, you must first obtain the crystal marble. It’s located in a locked wardrobe on the first floor, in typical Resident Evil manner. Anyone who has played Capcom’s remakes of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 would recognize the lock because it employs symbols rather than numbers or letters. If you’re looking for a clue to the answer, have a look at this excerpt from a nearby book.

Resident Evil 4 Remake - Crystal Marble Puzzle Solution

The sequence of symbols that must align on the wardrobe lock in order for it to open is spelled out in the book. To get to the answer quickly, it’s Crop – Pig – Baby. The picture below shows it as well.

Resident Evil 4 Remake - Crystal Marble Puzzle Solution

How to Solve the Crystal Marble Puzzle

After obtaining the crystal marble, go upstairs and down the corridor until you encounter a locked door. To start the crystal marble puzzle, insert the marble. Rotating the stone is what you want to do to get the bubbles to hug the Las Plagas logo. Though you’ll need to twist and bend them before you can get it out, the bubbles themselves form the same shape.

Turn the marble until the bubbles create the emblem, standing on its point and right side up. Next, ensure that the bubbles embrace the backdrop symbol.

Resident Evil 4 Remake - Crystal Marble Puzzle Solution

When everything is properly positioned, the door will unlock and the marble will click into place. To get a general idea of how to solve the puzzle, look at the pictures below.

Resident Evil 4 Remake - Crystal Marble Puzzle Solution


How do you solve the light puzzle in Resident Evil 4?

In order to create a full image, rotate the three hues of stained glass. White light shouldn’t be visible through. My suggestion would be to match the shards in the center of the Las Plagas emblem, concentrating on one hue at a time.

How to do rgb puzzle Resident Evil 4?

Press the switch to the left of the altar to begin the church puzzle, then place the Blue Dial next to the newly appearing red and green dials. Now that you have chosen the appropriate dial, you can turn each color of the Las Plagas image.

What is the clock puzzle in Resident Evil 4?

Turn right to locate another Grandfather Clock (the large hand is just before the I, and the small hand is near the XI). Spin the clock hands until you reach 11:04. Change it to 7:00 if it’s on Hardcore or a higher difficulty level. This will provide access to the basement level of the library once again.

What is the infinite weapon in Resident Evil 4?

The Chicago Sweeper is the best SMG in the game and is a bonus weapon, much as the Handcannon. It can only be unlocked by beating the game in less than seven hours on Professional difficulty at an A Rank.

Can you find the Killer 7 in RE4 Remake?

In Chapter 7, players will have the opportunity to purchase the Broken Butterfly from the Merchant and interact with him to obtain access to a magnum. But players will have to keep going through the main story until they get to Chapter 13 if they want to get the Killer7 magnum.