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Forspoken – How to Enable Subtitles


Virtually all games require subtitles, and Forspoken is no exception. Subtitles are a good idea because they let players comprehend more of the plot of any game. Some games will typically activate the subtitles automatically, while others require players to navigate to the main menu and look for the subtitle options manually. You can enable subtitles in forspoken by following the instructions in this article:

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How to Enable Subtitles

Players must access Settings by hitting the Options button on the PS5 controller or the Esc key on the PC keyboard to enable subtitles in Forspoken. Setting up the device will present you with eight categories to select from:

Forspoken - How to Enable Subtitles

  • Gameplay Balance
  • Controls
  • Display Settings
  • Graphics Settings
  • Sound Settings
  • Controller Settings
  • Keyboard Settings
  • Accessibility Settings

In Forspoken, the subtitles option is located in the Subtitles Settings section of the Accessibility Settings category. Navigate to the Subtitles option and turn it ON after it is now off.

Forspoken - How to Enable Subtitles

Subtitles should show up every time a character speaks in Forspoken after leaving the main menu. The size of the subtitle, the background, the speaker name display, and the units of measurement can all be altered.

  • Subtitles Size: The size should be rather obvious. Small, Medium, and Large are the sizes that are offered.
  • Subtitle Background:  The background indicates to players whether they want to keep the text behind the subtitles transparent (OFF) or blur it. Additionally, there are choices like Semi-Transparent and Opaque.
  • The Speaker Name Display: Players can identify which character is speaking by turning on the speaker name display, which causes their name to appear next to the subtitles.
  • The Units of Measurement: This option governs the game’s units, which include weights, distance, and other things. Metric and Imperial are the two alternatives that are offered.

Simply access the Forspoken options menu to turn subtitles ON or OFF at any time during the game. Contrary to what many players might think, there is no need to end the game in order to enable subtitles from the main menu.

Forspoken - How to Enable Subtitles

The most common language is English, however you can select a different Text Language from the Display Settings category to alter the language of the subtitles. The following languages are available for the subtitle:

  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • German
  • Spanish – Spain
  • Spanish – Latin America
  • Arabic
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Portuguese – Brazil
  • Russian
  • Thai
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Traditional Chinese

English, French, German, and Japanese are the only four supported languages in the audio portion, despite the fact that Forspoken supports over ten text languages.


What is the story of the Forspoken?

The main character, a young lady named Alfre “Frey” Holland (Ella Balinska / Umeka Shōji), is taken from New York City to the fantastical realm of Athia. She travels through it using magical abilities in order to live and find her way home.

How many main missions are there in Forspoken?

This Forspoken Walkthrough will lead you through each of the game’s twelve main chapters and may contain pertinent details that you’ll need to locate the beginning points of side missions and collectibles—like Lost Lullabies, Treasured Memories, and Old Coins—found throughout the main adventure.

How many spells are in Forspoken?

With nearly 100 spells to mix, Frospoken is expected to be a formidable opponent. Once you have enough Mana, you can use these spells.

How many capes are in Forspoken?

In Forspoken, there are twenty-five cloaks, each with special powers. Here’s where to find them all and which ones will help Frey the most in battle.

What is the invisibility spell in Forspoken?

Until you move, the enemy cannot see Frey because of the support spell Suppression. Since it resembles one of Senseless Savant’s skills, it is only available after the end of Chapter 11 and is thus a component of Olas’s Magic.