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How To Change Nickname on Pubg Mobile


The PC version of one of the most popular games in the Battle Royale genre has made a great transition to the mobile platform, and avid gamers are jumping on board with PUBG Mobile for Android.
The game is fantastic, however it is not without flaws. Consider my experience in creating my PUBG Mobile account, as well as my name and appearance in the game. As soon as I created an account and logged in using Facebook, the name of my gaming account changed to reflect my Facebook username, which is TristanRayner. Ouch.

Who uses their real name when they’re playing games? Nobody is the answer, that’s who. And what was I thinking when I didn’t even bother to customise the way I looked?

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be interested in learning how to alter not just your appearance but also your name in PUBG Mobile. Here are the steps:

How to reset your appearance

You’ll be happy to know that you can effortlessly reset your appearance whenever you want to. Tencent Games is aware that you will want to alter your appearance during the game in order to keep things interesting. The caveat is that before you can do anything, you need to first acquire at least 3,000 BP, which is one of the different in-game currencies or loot.

If you are in a position to do so, please follow these instructions:

How To Change Nickname on Pubg Mobile

  • Launch the application and go to the home screen (main menu).
  • Choose Inventory from the drop-down option at the bottom of the screen.
  • To change your character’s appearance, select the “Appearance” button that displays directly next to your avatar.
  • Tap the OK button once you have finished making the necessary adjustments to your character.
  • To confirm that you want to make the adjustment that requires spending BP, tap the Purchase button. The precise amount relies on the modifications that you want made.

How to change your name

To get back to the beginning of my issue, I was wondering how, once you’ve chosen a name, you can modify it in PUBG Mobile.

You were unable to do so for a very long time. After giving your name, there was no way to alter it within the game itself once it had been saved. Thankfully, following a number of updates, they created a feature that allows you to alter your name once per day: Rename Cards. The following is how they function:

  • Launch the application and go to the home screen (main menu).
  • Choose Inventory from the drop-down option at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap the crate icon located on the right side of the screen.
  • Tap the Use button after tapping the Rename Card, if you have any of those.
  • Tap the OK button after entering your new name. Only one time each day is it possible to change your name.

How to get Rename Cards

The question now is, how precisely can you acquire Rename Cards? You most likely already have some, though, right? You can earn them as rewards for reaching higher levels, and you may have already received some of them for free when the function first went live.

A single Rename Card can be purchased at the shop for a total cost of 180 UC if you aren’t as fortunate as some of the other customers. Depending on where you are in the world, that comes out to approximately five bucks. You can also accumulate a tiny amount of UC at the end of each season by climbing higher in the Royale Pass rankings.

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How can I rename my character in PUBG Mobile?

The [Rename Card] is available for purchase in the Shop. – You can find these items by going to [SHOP] and selecting [Treasures]. Rename Card can be found in the list. After using the “Rename Card,” you can only change your username one time each day.

There’s a rename card available where?

The Rename Card can be used to change the name of a character. An Elixir bet and victory over the Cactuar at Dragon’s Neck Coliseum earns you a reward at Dragon’s Neck Coliseum.

It depends on how many days it takes for the renamed cards to arrive.

For at least a few weeks, you must refrain from playing the game. Once you’ve signed in, you’ll notice a new set of quests for returning players. You can get a free rename card after completing 400 activity points of these missions, which aren’t too difficult. In June 2020