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Forspoken – How to Get Red Magic


In Forspoken, there are four different kinds of magic spells. Red magic, or Sila’s magic, is the type that combines a large area of impact with tremendous damage. Red magic spells, sometimes known as fire-based magic, provide you with offensive and defensive capabilities to aid in combat. As you are aware, magic plays a significant part in Forspoken, which is why Red Magic spells are useful. You will learn how to obtain red magic in Forspoken from this article:

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Best Red Magic Spells

It can be difficult to choose one of the more than 15 red magic spells to use. These are a few that are able to get attention.

Arc Slice

During the early game, Frey’s main offensive weapon will be Arc Slice. Using this power, Frey conjures forth a blazing sword that she throws around. The nicest thing about its first-unlocked ability is that it’s a 360-degree assault that can cause a lot of damage. Players can even cast it in midair to deflect foes backward.


Crucible is a fantastic choice if you want to eliminate your opponents gradually. It produces a massive ring of fire that damages any foes caught in it. The finest aspect is that when the player is inside, their attack strength is also increased. As a result, it’s a fantastic spell to use before your primary DPS spells.


One of the spells with the highest damage output is Firetrap. It calls forth an AoE geyser beneath the opponent that continuously does damage. Although enemies may eventually escape the geyser’s vicinity before suffering all of the damage, this skill works incredibly well when combined with an immobilizing effect like Bind from the Purple Magic Trick.


We can’t discuss the greatest fire magic abilities without including the most potent one, Conflagration. This is Frey’s Surge Magic ability, which leaves the surrounding opponents severely damaged and sends flames shooting through the earth.

How to Get Red Magic

Red magic is the first sort of magic that players can acquire out of the four types accessible in the game. In particular, red magic—also known as Sila’s magic—is accessible only after you’ve vanquished Tanta Sila, the tale boss.

Forspoken - How to Get Red Magic

Players can access the fire magic tree, which primarily consists of melee-focused fire attacks, after taking down this boss. After that, gather mana and utilize it to advance and unlock spells in this tree until you have everything you desire.


How do you get Sila’s magic in Forspoken?

The Magic of Sila. You will obtain Sila’s Magic upon completing Chapter 5. This spell set has a fire theme and is heavily focused on offensive tactics. It’s helpful to understand how to use Sila’s hyper-offensive playstyle immediately because many foes are vulnerable to its magic.

What is the best magic tree in Forspoken?

Arguably the greatest skill tree all around, the Green Magic skill tree is a fantastic combination of Attack and Support magic. With its mind-bending support moves and lock-on projectiles for attack, Green Magic is a formidable mid-to-long range weapon that may help Frey escape difficult circumstances.

What are the colors of Forspoken magic?

Magic types that are spoken. Not only does Forspoken have a variety of spell types, but it’s also important to note that you can alternate between four main magic colors: Forspoken Purple Magic, Red Magic, Blue Magic, and Green Magic.

What is the most powerful cloak in Forspoken?

Like the Pereline cloak, the Unbroken cloak has three distinct buffs: critical strikes and cuff counters speed up the rate at which Surge magic recharges, while critical hits also heal Frey’s health.

Who is the strongest Tanta in Forspoken?

The greatest and most powerful Tanta in Athia, Tanta Sila, previously led Athian soldiers in defense of the region against foreign invaders. The people held her in high regard for her valiant actions on the front lines, where she shown unmatched strength in combat.

What is the best upgrade in Forspoken?

“To Thine Own Self Be True” is one of the best gear upgrades in Forspoken since it lengthens the duration of the boosts Frey applies to herself. This is a fantastic improvement that ought to be placed on one of Frey’s gear pieces at all times, given the abundance of support spells that are accessible during the game.