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How to Stream March Madness (2023) on Paramount Plus


The streaming service known as Paramount+ provides users with live access to CBS in addition to on-demand access to the complete back catalogue of CBS series, which includes exclusives such as Star Trek Discovery. In addition, Paramount+ provides a wealth of original content, as well as movies produced by Paramount, streaming series from networks such as Nickelodeon and BET, and much more. If you are unable to watch CBS through any of the available online streaming providers because of where you are located, then your only alternative is to subscribe to Paramount+. The steps necessary to stream March Madness on Paramount+ are outlined in this post for your convenience. So let’s get started:

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How to Stream March Madness (2023) on Paramount Plus

This service is offered for a one-time price followed by a recurring fee, but Paramount+ does provide a risk-free trial period of thirty days. Be mindful of this fact in the event that there is a particular game that you really must play but you do not wish to purchase a subscription to the service.

The following is the procedure to follow in order to stream March Madness on Paramount+:

1. Visit the Paramount+ website, and then select the Try It FREE option once you’re there.

How to Stream March Madness (2023) on Paramount Plus

2. You will be presented with details regarding the streaming service. Make sure to pick Continue.

How to Stream March Madness (2023) on Paramount Plus

3. Choose a plan, then click the Proceed button. (You can pick between a monthly plan with advertising that costs $5.99 and a plan with minimal commercials that costs $9.99.)

How to Stream March Madness (2023) on Paramount Plus

4. Information regarding the establishment of accounts will be displayed by Paramount+. Don’t stop here; continue.

How to Stream March Madness (2023) on Paramount Plus

5. After entering your personal information and coming up with a password, pick the Proceed button.

How to Stream March Madness (2023) on Paramount Plus

6. You will then be taken to a website that provides additional information regarding payments. Choose Continue.

How to Stream March Madness (2023) on Paramount Plus

7. After inputting your billing information and selecting “Start Paramount+,” you will be prompted to enter any coupon codes or special offers.

How to Stream March Madness (2023) on Paramount Plus

8. You will get the opportunity to watch a March Madness game if you return to Paramount+ whenever CBS is broadcasting a live game of the tournament.


Will Paramount Plus carry March Madness?

Just the March Madness games that are broadcast on CBS are available to stream on Paramount Plus. If the March Madness game you wish to watch is broadcast on TBS, TNT, or TruTV, then you will not be able to watch it on Paramount Plus.

Is the NCAA Championship game on Paramount Plus?

On Paramount+, users will be able to watch live streams of all college basketball games that are televised on the CBS Television Network.

What streaming TV service is best for March Madness?

Streaming available on Hulu in addition to live coverage on TV

A subscription to Hulu with Live TV is a wonderful alternative if you want to ensure that you have access to all of the March Madness games, regardless of where they are broadcast. TBS, TNT, truTV, and all of the ESPN channels are available, in addition to the local CBS and ABC stations in your area.

Why can’t I find March Madness on Paramount Plus?

Paramount+ You will only be able to see a portion of March Madness if you subscribe to Paramount+. This streaming service is limited to only providing access to CBS’s games. The service now known as Paramount+ was once known as CBS All Access.

Can you watch March Madness for free?

The NCAA’s March Madness Live website and mobile app do, in fact, allow users to live stream all of the tournaments. Nevertheless, if you do not have a TV provider (either through cable or through a streaming provider), you will only receive a preview of the show for a period of three hours.