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Forspoken – How to Get Tall Aster


The time for forspoken has arrived! Additionally, players can explore a sizable open world teeming with magic and wonder with this launch. The area contains a variety of elements that players must locate in order to construct, improve, and unlock new powers. One of the components that players must gather for Forspoken is tall asters. You will learn how to become taller in speech in this article:

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What is Tall Asters?

When it comes to helping gamers explore the Athlia, the Tall Aster flower is a great resource. It is mostly utilized as crafting material and is required for some equipment upgrades, magic upgrades, and recipe upgrades. The four types of magic upgrades are Blue, Green, Purple, and Red. They all improve the character or object’s equipment and grant unique powers in line with it.

Additionally, the Tall Aster can use unique abilities such as Defense Boosted When Enemy Defeated, Precision Counters Expend Less Stamina, and Cuff Counters Expend Less Stamina. Additionally, you will need three Tall Asters and a crafting pot to make Junoon’s Mantle, while 10 Tall Asters are needed to craft a Wild Maks.

Where to Get Tall Asters

Tall Asters is perhaps one of Forspoken’s most valuable assets. Around the world, these flowering plants are utilized as an antidote to numerous poisons and as a means of repelling insects. However, they have gained magical strength since the Corruption overtook the regions, making them useful for crafting to enhance equipment as a whole.

Forspoken - How to Get Tall Aster

Your best bet will be to head to the Visorian Plains if you’re seeking for some Tall Asters. The Tall Asters are only indigenous to that area. Due to their spread, you should especially look on the ground for them. They are primarily green, with a little white blossom at the tip of some of their stems. Tall Asters are found in two locations in the Visoria region: Shepherd’s Meadow and Inner Visoria.

  • Inner Visoria: If you are in Rank 3, you can obtain up to five Tall Asters in this location; if you are in Rank 4, you will obtain approximately six. Up to eight Tall Asters can be acquired by players in Rank 8.
  • Shepherd’s Meadow: If you are in Rank 3, you will receive 3 Tall Asters, while players in Rank 4 can obtain 4 Tall Asters from this area. Players at rank five can also gather five Tall Asters.

There are also other methods to obtain these, but they are less frequent; you can discover them in chests scattered across the Visorian Plains, in any of the main locations, including towers or buildings, or even from defeated opponents. Even if you aren’t actively gathering Tall Asters, it’s still advisable to keep a look out for them when on the Visorian Plains because they are essential for crafting. You never know when you might need them.


Where can I farm crag grass in Forspoken?

Grows in the arid regions of Praenost, such as Pioneer’s Plain, The Citadel, Home of Heroes, Brass Hollow, Middle Praenost, Mustering Ground, etc.

Where can I buy Anglestone Forspoken?

The most common place to find this bluish rock is in Avoalet, an area heavily influenced by Tanta Prav’s magic. It is a useful crafting material because of the cubic crystals that have developed on its surface after prolonged exposure to the Break. These crystals have some of the same qualities as Breakshards.

What is the best skill tree in Forspoken?

Arguably the greatest skill tree all around, the Green Magic skill tree is a fantastic combination of Attack and Support magic. With its mind-bending support moves and lock-on projectiles for attack, Green Magic is a formidable mid-to-long range weapon that may help Frey escape difficult circumstances.

What is the best cloak in Forspoken?

The Pelerine cloak is one of the strongest and greatest cloaks to gain, especially in the early game for Forspoken.

Where is the secret shop in Forspoken?

This merchant is situated in the region known as Inner Visoria, which is in the southern portion of the Visoria domain. The simplest route is to go to the Inner Visoria Belfry, which is indicated below. From there, head west to the shop by scanning the location to make the vendor’s icon appear on the map.