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Forspoken – How to Find the Hungry Sheep


Forspoken is the latest fantasy adventure to be published by Square Enix. This game has an open world with tons of material for players to find, just like the other titles they’ve created and released. Athia is a large fantasy open-world. Fortunately, Frey may employ magical parkour to dash and fly over the vast landscape by utilizing special traversal mechanics. You will learn how to locate the hungry sheep in spoken language by reading this article:

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How to Find the Hungry Sheep

The sheep that are starving are scattered among the (supposedly) famished ones near the graves. It makes them difficult to identify. The sheep in Forspoken can be found here:

The first ravenous sheep is located in the middle graveyard, close to the map marker, adjacent to the stairs.

Forspoken - How to Find the Hungry Sheep

The map below shows the location of the sheep.

Forspoken - How to Find the Hungry Sheep

The route leading to the lower part of the graveyard is adjacent to the next ravenous woolly companion.

Forspoken - How to Find the Hungry Sheep

The sheep is located on the right side of the walkway, as shown on the map.

Forspoken - How to Find the Hungry Sheep

The last hungry sheep, the third, is not too dissimilar from the first. Just sprint back up the trail and round, or climb the neighboring rocks.

Forspoken - How to Find the Hungry Sheep

Here’s a map of it. That’s all; you now know the location of the sheep in Forspoken.


Is Forspoken a souls like game?

No, it’s nothing like a soul’s like. Although the game looks much easier in the trailers, which is a negative in my opinion as a player, I do hope it contains similar challenges.

Is Forspoken offline?

By using the “Console Sharing and Offline Play” feature on the primary PS5 console connected to your account, you can download and play this material on that console as well as any other PS5 consoles you log in to using the same account.

Does Forspoken have romance?

Frey begins to soften a bit, but Forspoken lacks romance. Romance enthusiasts, the answer is no. The game has absolutely no romance. It’s not going to happen, even though you might be shipping Frey with Auden, whom she originally writes off as a peasant girl.

Can you play after the story in Forspoken?

After the credits have rolled, players can continue to explore the expansive open world of Forspoken and use their spells and talents to complete any side content they may have missed prior to defeating the game.

What is the longest chapter in Forspoken?

Forspoken’s title chapter is the longest by far—it even doubles some of the longest chapters you’ve finished. Frey is sent to the Visorian realm after shattering Tanta Olas’ delusional reality.

What is the most powerful cloak in Forspoken?

The Unbroken Cloak Is Forspoken’s Best Cloak. The Unbroken cloak has three distinct buffs: like the Pereline cloak, critical hits also heal Frey’s health. Cuff counters and critical hits both accelerate the rate at which Surge magic recharges.