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How to get Free COD Points in Call of Duty Warzone – 2021 Guide


Free COD Points

Do you realize that your number one game on PC and control center is presently accessible on iPhone and Android gadgets? Present day Warfare and Warzone Free COD Points is an in-game money that is utilized for buying the Battle Pass or things in the Store. However they are an exceptional money and the essential strategy for opening them is through buying them with cash, there is a technique for getting free COD Points through ongoing interaction.

Is it true that you are a fanatic of Call of Duty? Indeed, you heard it right! Honorable obligation Mobile is presently the most recent frenzy among portable gamers all throughout the planet. After a fruitful shut beta test in the earlier months, the game is currently accessible for all to encounter and appreciate. It’s presently an ideal opportunity to get you some FREE COD Points and Credits.

You’ve gone to the perfect spot. This post gets the situation taken care of. COD Points are the in-game cash utilized in Zombies Shadows of Evil Easter Egg War to acquire new substance, including the Battle Pass. To get Free COD Points, visit the Store menu in the game, then, at that point select Franchise Store. You can likewise buy COD Points from your first-party stage store.

How to get COD Points in Modern Warfare and Warzone

There are two essential techniques for getting COD Points in Modern Warfare and Warzone:

  • Buying from the Store with certifiable cash
  • Step up the Battle Pass (some accessible for free)

Going through genuine cash is the essential and most practical method of getting COD. However you can acquire – see underneath regarding how – assuming you needed to get the Battle Pass, it’s basically impossible to get it without going through genuine cash first.

It merits realizing the Battle Pass – which costs 1000 Free COD Points – will offer you 1300 COD Points as a trade off on the off chance that you level it up to Tier 98, financing the following Battle Pass and afterward some when it’s free.

This implies, in principle, you just need to pay for a Battle Pass with genuine cash simply the once, as given you put the hours in and save those Points until the following season, you can procure the following one through play.

How to get free COD points in Warzone

The Season 2 Battle Pass for Warzone offers 1300 COD points, spread across various levels as remunerations, with 300 of these COD points being joined to ‘Free’ levels.

The COD points reward levels are as per the following:

  • 100 COD points – Tier 12 (Premium)
  • 100 COD points – Tier 17 (Premium)
  • 100 COD points – Tier 23 (Premium)
  • 100 COD points – Tier 32 (Premium)
  • 100 COD points – Tier 41 (Premium)
  • 100 COD points – Tier 56 (Premium)
  • 100 COD points – Tier 66 (Premium)
  • 100 COD points – Tier 74 (Premium)
  • 100 COD points – Tier 82 (Premium)
  • 100 COD points – Tier 91 (Premium)

Free COD Points

Tier 98, which implies that, assuming you’re anticipating playing. Warzone long haul, the Battle Pass is a commendable venture.

As referenced above, buying the Battle Pass offers you the chance to acquire Rebirth of the franchise you’ve spent.

How to get free COD Points in Modern Warfare

Each Battle Pass will offer a determination of things for free without buying it. This incorporates Season 1’s Battle Pass, which incorporates 300 of the 1300 COD Points compensated by evening out it up.

They are as per the following:

  • 100 COD Points – Tier 12 (Premium)
  • 100 COD Points – Tier 17 (Premium)
  • 100 COD Points – Tier 23 (Premium)
  • 100 COD Points – Tier 32 (Premium)
  • 100 COD Points – Tier 41 (Premium)
  • 100 COD Points – Tier 48 (Free)
  • 100 COD Points – Tier 66 (Premium)
  • 100 COD Points – Tier 74 (Premium)
  • 100 COD Points – Tier 82 (Premium)
  • 100 COD Points – Tier 91 (Premium)

It’s difficult to get Free COD Points – particularly as you need to get to Tier 98 to get each of the 300 – however you can procure 100 from arriving at Tier 6, which ought to be effectively sensible.