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How to Milk Cows in Stardew Valley


If you take good care of your cows and allow them to mature, they will produce milk. Dairy products such as milk are used in recipes and bundling, and they may also be sold for a profit. This guide will show you how to milk your cows in Stardew Valley.

How to Milk Cows in Stardew Valley

Manually Milk Your Cows

Once you’ve completed the construction of a barn on your property, you may acquire a cow from Marnie for 1,500G. It takes five days for a cow to reach maturity, at which point she may begin producing milk. A newborn cow is unable to make milk.

When your cow is able to produce milk, you will need to milk it with the use of a Milk Pail. Marnie will sell you a Milk Pail for 1,000G if you want one.

To milk your cow, walk up to it with your Milk Pail and push the Confirm button on your remote control. Cows can only be milked once a day, at the most.

Once a cow has been milked, your relationship with that cow will grow by five points for each milking.

Automatically Milk Your Cows

When you have multiple cows (or any other farm animals, for that matter), it becomes quite time-consuming to have to milk them all in the morning every morning. After your farming level reaches 10, Marnie will send you a letter in the mail informing you that she now has the Auto-Grabber in stock—however, because it is a luxury item, you will have to pay 25,000G to get it.

Whenever the Auto-Grabber is used, it harvests all of the items generated by the animals in the barn or coop where it is installed. In other words, if you put it in a barn with cows, it will collect the milk from those cows on a daily basis. It is important to note that an Auto-Grabber must be installed in each individual barn or coop that housing animals. The goods from animals in different buildings will not be collected by a single Auto-Grabber.

Unlike other chests in Stardew Valley, the Auto-Grabber has no effect on the game’s gameplay. You must walk up to the Auto-Grabber and push the confirm button in order to receive the milk (or other animal products) it has stored for you. Subsequently, pick each item you wish to remove from the Auto-Grabber from the drop-down menu that appears. If there are any things in the Auto-Grabber, the front of the Auto-Grabber will be white.

It is highly suggested that you get an Auto-Grabber as soon as it becomes available since it will dramatically boost your productivity. While utilizing an Auto-Grabber has its advantages, it also has its disadvantages. For example, you won’t receive the friendship points from the cows that you would receive if you milked them by hand.



How often do you milk cows Stardew Valley?

each and every day
Every day, a mature and well-fed cow produces milk. In contrast to eggs, milk does not vary in colour based on the colour of the cow. Once they have achieved a sufficient level of friendship and happiness, they will begin to produce Large Milk. A Milk Pail can be used to gather milk from cows.

How do cows work Stardew Valley?

In addition, letting the cows to graze on the farm’s grass throughout the day can provide additional nutrition. The animals will exit the barn if the barn door is open. A fence may be constructed to keep the cows in one area, yet the cows’ presence amid the crops will have no negative impact on the crops.