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Free Perm Fruit Codes


Free Perm Fruit Codes

Today we embark on an exciting journey to unlock all the exciting extras in preparation for the upcoming Update 20. But before we get into the codes, get ready for an extra treat: game passes and a permanent supply of dog food for your loved ones. Gaming adventure!

Exclusive treat for Leopard Through players

For those who play through Leopard, we have something special for you. Just comment if you are interested and all the details are yours without the need for a channel subscription.

Cracking the Code: A Step-by-Step Guide

Now let’s get down to business and unlock the coveted items with the working block suit codes.

1. Staff combat code: S-T-A-F-F-B-A-T-T-L-E

Start your code redemption journey with the Staff Battle code. It’s as easy as typing S-T-A-F-F-B-A-T-T-L-E in all caps. Also, remove spaces or dash when you are going to redeem this code.

2. Dragon Abuse Code: Restrain

After the staff fight, enter “backholding” for the “DRAGONABUSE” code. These codes lay the foundation for a series of exciting rewards. Also, Try UPD20 code this one is really good.

3. Devs Cooking: Unlock more goodies

Unlock more extras now with the code “DevsCooking”. Enter it after “Withhold” and prepare for the surprises that follow.

4. PVK Gaming Code: Even more excitement awaits you

Keep the momentum going by redeeming the “PvKGaming” code after “DevsCooking”. There is always more to discover in Block Route.

5. Sub2captainmaui Code: Exclusive items are waiting for you

For some exclusive items, enter “sub2captainmaui”. Each code adds a unique touch to your Block Route experience.

6. Underscore is Underscore Pro Code: A bit of a challenge

Challenge yourself to type “Underscore is Underscore Pro” after “Retain.” It’s a small challenge for bigger rewards.

7. Magic Bus Code: Reveal more exciting content

Discover even more exciting content with the “Magic Bus” code. Redeem it after the “hold back” and watch the magic unfold.

8. JCWKeyCode13: Unlock the next chapter

Continue the adventure by entering “JCWkeycode13”. These codes lead to something big – stay tuned!

9. Dark Hotel Code: Immerse yourself in the mystery

Immerse yourself in the mystery with the “DarkHotel” code. Enter it after “holding it back” for another level of tension.

10. Bloxy Code: More surprises await you

Type “bloxy” after “backholding” to discover more surprises. The variety of codes ensures that there is something for everyone.

11. FIFA 10 Code: Improve your game

Increase your gaming experience with the “FIFA_10_code”. It’s a simple code with significant benefits.

12. Sub 2 and Noob Master 123: Unwrapping presents

Unwrap virtual gifts with the code “sub 2 and Noob Master 123” after “backholding”. It’s like opening presents in the game.

13. Axle Code and Gaming Code: Maintain tension

Continue the excitement by entering the “Axis” code and the “Gaming code” after “Retain”. Each code opens up further possibilities.

14. Straw Hat Main Code: A fashion addition

Add a fashionable touch with the Straw Hat Body code. It’s all about personalizing your Block Route experience.

15. Sub 2 Official Newbie

Redeem Sub 2 Official Newbie, July Update Underscore Reset and 315B Underscore Best Brothers Code after Back Hold to receive a series of surprises.

Additional Codes:

  • sub2fer999—redeem for 2x exp boost
  • enyu_is_pro-redeem for 2x exp boost magic bus-redeem
  • magicbus blox fruits code
  • starcodeheo – 2x experience
  • bluxxy code blox fruit
  • fudd10_v2 code blox fruits
  • sub2gamerrobot_reset1 – stat reset
  • sub2gamerrobot_EXP1

Ready for Update 2.0

This is a comprehensive list of working codes to redeem. Save this guide and when Update 2.0 arrives you’ll be fully prepared to unlock all the amazing rewards that await you in Block Route.