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Wild West Dynasty – How to Get Food


A survival crafting game with a cowboy theme is called Wild West Dynasty. You take on the role of teenage rancher Dakota West, who just lost his mother. You can construct your own small village and take part in a number of quests throughout the game. Since Wild West Dynasty is a survival game, players must locate food, prepare it, and consume it in order to survive. There are a few processes involved in the food hunting and cooking process in the game, though. You will learn how to obtain food in the Wild West dynasty from this article:

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How to Hunt for Food

Hunting is the quickest way to obtain food in the Wild West Dynasty. Generally speaking, the issue with cooking is that the recipe is also necessary in order to prepare the dish in the first place. Anything you bring down and harvest the meat from cannot be cooked. You are unable to cook meat if you do not possess the recipe.

The Rabbit or Hare recipe is the first meal recipe that is simple to obtain. All you have to do in the game is visit the Hermit’s Farm. Within the hermit’s home, on a little table, is a book that contains the recipe. It will be dubbed Ed’s Magic. Your inventory contains a book that you must read in order to reveal the Rabbit/Hare formula.

The other prepared recipes can be found in the game by finding them elsewhere or by completing other tasks. When it comes to hares, you can simply catch a lot of meat by setting up little hare traps. You can quickly produce dozens of traps and have a plenty of meat because it doesn’t take long for the hare to enter the trap. You can then build a campfire and cook the meat over the flames as you have the cooking recipe.

Food & Water

You will require food and drink to survive, just as you would in real life. Thankfully, obtaining food is far simpler than you may imagine. There are a ton of shrubs that you may encounter while sprinting about, and many of them bear edible berries. Eat berries to rekindle a little bit of hunger and thirst if you’ve played Medieval Dynasty.

Wild West Dynasty - How to Get Food

You could also have meat if you’d want something a little more substantial. You will be able to construct a hare trap early on in the game. A rabbit will be caught soon after the trap is set, and you can get its flesh and fur. Although it can be cooked, raw meat can also be consumed in a pinch. You will be slightly poisoned by this, so avoid relying too much on raw meat. Making a well is not too tricky, and Ed’s farm has a free well that you can utilize.

How to Buy Food

Wild West Dynasty - How to Get Food

In the game, you may also purchase food if you have the money. Momma J’s is one of the best spots to eat before the game. She is located in the Taxation City. You can purchase and consume the food that she has prepared. Additionally, food can be purchased in the Hope general store.


Where is the best place to build in Wild West Dynasty?

For the time being, it looks like a pretty excellent area to build is on the far right side of the map’s top, next to the river. Plenty of level ground and not too distant from trees.

How to get rich fast in the Wild West?

Mining in the Pinewood Hills Water Cavern is one of the best ways to get money with the highest minimum wage. It is northwest of the Raider Canyons and nearly exactly west of the Junction. A camp tent, some weapons, and a Tier 5 or 6 pickaxe are what you should bring.

How do you make planks in Wild West Dynasty?

Create a hammer using the recipe that Ed the farmer gives you at the beginning of a game. Press “B” and equip your hammer to access the Building menu. Choose the workbenches located in the radial area. One workbench can be placed in your home and opened to reveal craft tools and boards.

How did people earn money in Wild West?

The most lucrative targets were the railroad mail cars and passenger cars (huge quantities of cash were shipped throughout the West to pay for harvests, cattle, and payrolls), general store robberies (a large portion of the town’s cash flowed through there as well as salable goods and supplies), bank robberies, stagecoach robberies, and railroad passenger cars.