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Froot Vtuber Face Reveal, Age and Much More


froot vtuber Face Reveal

Froot Vtuber has 2 youtube channels and she loves to create meme videos as well as stream edits. She usually posts 1 video on her first youtube channel. While her second youtube channel is not that active and on second youtube channel she posts Twitch raw archives.

Froot Vtuber Face Reveal

We have shared above in the image given above the face of froot vtuber. it was publically share here on her Twitter account.

Froot Vtuber Cheating on Husband

There is not enough evidence or significant information available to support the claim apart from a few messages on Discord. The alleged ex-husband and the person in question were reportedly in the military for around a year. So, there is a possibility that this information was fabricated. Most of the available information comes from Discord messages, which are easily falsifiable and a Reddit post that lacks any visual evidence.

Here is a sample of discussion about froot vtuber controversy.

froot vtuber controversy

Froot (Apricot the Lich) Vtuber Profile

Apricot the Lich, also known by her nickname Froot, is a female English VTuber and illustrator hailing from England. She made her debut on November 27, 2020, as one of the first-generation members of the American VTuber company VShojo.

Her original name is BSApricot, and she has two nicknames – Froot and Lich. Her character was designed by herself and she was modeled by Brian Tsui, with project management handled by Soy. Apricot is affiliated with VShojo and has channels on Twitch and YouTube where she streams and uploads her VODs.

Froot (Apricot the Lich) Vtuber Height age and Official Accounts

She is active on social media platforms like Twitter and has an official website, Pixiv account and Patreon page. Apricot’s gender is female and she was born on October 22.

Her height is 155cm (5’1″) and she weighs 45kg (99lbs). Her zodiac sign is Libra while her age is undisclosed.