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Spider-Man PS4 Walkthrough Part 2 – The Main Event


Spider-Man PS4 Walkthrough Part 2

The Main Event

Location: Hell’s Kitchen

Now that the Time Square is bad guy free, it is time to enter the main event. Locate the new objective marker and swing over to there. Remember the Web Zips since they are the fastest way for you to move and gain momentum. Hold R2 along the buildings to run along them, which can be disorienting but you are the Spider-Man so suck it up.

Fisk Tower

Reach the tower and you are in for a show. Wait for the Captain Watanabe’s OK and then you will be cleared to bust into Fisk Tower oh and Fisk is the arch nemesis of Dare Devil, now that you are inside, it is clobbering time, which is a catch phrase that ‘the Thing’ of Fantastic Four uses a lot.

You gotta clear the Atrium full of thugs and foot soldiers. web one of them and render him motionless and dodge around like a crazy monkey to avoid getting hit, pick your spots and openings and take them down one by one. These guys will come from all sides and Spidey Sense will help you know of their arrival and where they are coming from. Focus will be earned by filling the combo meter. Higher the focus meter, the more you heal and you can do that pressing down on the D-Pad.


Clear out the ground floor of the atrium more bad guys will appear on the balcony above simply look up you can use the zip lines to grab a point and sling yourself up try to cover the distance as fast as possible before they can react start hitting them with web or dispatching them before they can shoot at you Dodge and survive for as long as you can and heal when needed. The idea is to keep all of them busy and also keep an eye out for the environmental object for instance trash cans and others that you can web up and slam on them this is almost necessary for the enemies with weapons.

Use the Environment

After clearing out the atrium the cops will head up Meanwhile you can use the elevator shaft the scale of the building. Captain Watanabe let you know what Fisk’s men or up to you have to get to them before they can wipe the service clean.

Simply running up the wall will automatically make you crawl, you can also hold R2 to run up normally. There will be a marker to let you know where you need to go it happens to be a vent once you reach it press triangle enter in sneak through the vents to get closer to the objective.

Elevator shaft

Once you reach the destination simply drop out and you will find yourself looking at the cops slumming it out with the bad guys on the upper floor balcony. You must go to their aid and first take out the armed enemies the best way to render them helpless is the web them or pick them off by using the environment an object to your advantage.

Another group will appear once you defeated the first you need to focus on your healing by dodging and finding pockets of cover in case the assault becomes overwhelming use focus to heal or wait for a full bar to take an enemy out.

Right after that you must go to the server room, it is right on the floor above you. Instead of engaging with more enemies simply find the event crawl up in it and get out of the server room. While crawling through the vents you’ll be able to spot enemies below you can use a silent take down under – it is also important to remember to use stealth so try not to get caught it will help you in the future missions. Simply keep moving forward from this point until you can get out of this area.

Giant Screen

You will come across a giant screen at the end of the room in about 45 seconds to take out all the enemies present in the area. Use your environment and also the fixtures on the ceiling to take down as many enemies without hitting them.

Rush towards the console to stop the servers from wiping the data once you’re successful in doing that Fisk won’t be happy and will have more bad guys sent to engage you into battle. Just like before use your environment and laying around objects to take out as many enemies as possible and don’t forget to Dodge and use the Spidey sense.

Once this wave is over head out to the balcony as the bomb tears a hole in the ceiling above. Use the opening to get to upper level you will spot 3 bad guys up there keep on climbing higher until you reunite with the bomb squad.

Another bomb will go off above trapping multiple civilians and you must help them. Go to the higher levels and through the fires while some civilians may find a way to get out others won’t be so lucky.

Press the square

To lift up heavy objects off of people use our R1 + L1 and release the victims. You must find all of them that are trapped. In certain situations, if people are trapped into a crawl space, simply tap the square button to freedom but first you must crawl into that space.

Once all of them are freed continue onto looking for Fisk’s office. You must locate event on the wall, once going through the crawl space to another hallway you will find many cops and by more bad guys. In the next room Fisk’s men have rocket launchers and that’s bad news for you. You must use everything you’ve learned so far use your dodging skills to evade them then use the web zip to close the gap before they can fire again you must take these guys out before doing anything or else they’ll continue to fire up on you until you’re dead.

There are others that will shoot you from above remember to zip launched to them and then fire your web shooter is there near a wall you can pin them into place and take them out of the fight completely.

Once you have taken out all the rocket men open the door and then hold R2 to start sprinting down the halls and automatically vaulting up the debris to the next level. you are more than guys up here and they are armed Dodge their bullets and quickly take them out or web them up before they can take too many shots clear the area and then head to the next room.

Bomb Squad

Here you will finally meet up with the bomb squad one more time but if you will be walking into an ambush and this time around the enemies that will appear will be a lot tougher where they will be bearing Shields. Web slinging is not going to help much or they can block your attacks however you can hit them from behind if you can get around them. Initiate an attack with the reps try to launch into them then quickly hold forward and Dodge to roll under them allowing you to stray from behind before they know what’s going on.

Keep dodging around in under to get to the right position to take these guys out there will also be enemies with weapons and they will continuously shoot at you do not forget about them, simply keep moving and pick the right spots and no matter what you do keep an eye on your health. Environmental objects will be present in all rooms you must take a very quick scan while moving about and use these to your advantage. Once all of the enemies are taken out you can finally approach Wilson Fisk.

Wilson Fisk the Kingpin

Wilson Fisk or the kingpin is not a weakling. He will also be ready for you he has prepared gun turrets in the walls to fire upon you as soon as the battle between you and him begins. you must Dodge intake cover from these turrets you must position yourself behind other pillars so that you can see one of the charts and blasted full of web until it cannot move and jams up.


Hold L1+R1 to grab turret with you web and also make sure to put the turret pillar between you and the other active turret so you have the time to finish attaching your web so you can launch the thing at Fisk’s shield. Repeat the same until all that art are taking down once Fisk’s shield is gone, he will come out to face off against you.

Fisk is ready for a fight

Now you must remember that Wilson Fisk is no weak opponent is resilient and quite strong. You’ll start by hurling a piece of his desk at you, you must Dodge it or get ready to lock on and press R1+L1 He threw the desk back at his face. He’ll respond by charging at you with a dash attack or simply swinging at you if you happen to be close.

It is not easy to penetrate his defenses with simple punches at least not at this point. You must Dodge and create distance between you and him it is also good to have some breathing room and understand his movement patterns his attack range and it cycle. His lunching strikes have some impressive range so be aware of that the best thing to do is to either create a long distance or simply scale up a wall. Launch web at him and at about 5 strikes should properly web him up.

Wilson Fisk

Once he’s locked into place and cannot move at least for some time take this opportunity is it back and pummel him until the webbing breaks then retreat to let your web cartridge regenerate. Do not take too long or he’ll break free and if you happen to be nearby, he can inflict some serious damage. Using a single combo string, is enough simply hit him and retreat and repeat for some time if he catches you he will grab you and throw you across the room.

Using environmental object in case you run out of web Keep in mind just like his desk other object will still hurt him however they won’t really stand him long enough to get additional hits in so this particular technique is only for you to be able to charge up webbing.

After some time, Fisk will snap and launch you into another room this happens to be the phase 3 of this boss fight. In this area his foot soldiers will show up. and now you have more enemies to deal with. Do not get stand by Fisk’s charging attacks or the enemy will maul you.

Use the Uppercut

Keep filling that combo meter and use it to heal yourself and be sure to uppercut his men into the air where you can use some aerial combos to build meter needed to heal plus most of the enemies if they are unarmed cannot hurt you in the air. You can also take this opportunity and fill the meter entirely to perform a take down on Fisk. It will not take him out but it will deal some major damage.

While in the air Fisk can only attack you by grabbing some concrete to throw your way you can simply Dodge it or fling it back at him. in case Fisk knocks you down wait for the prompt to Dodge then send him crashing to the floor below and use L2+R2 to web into him, and when you zip around hate triangle to knock him off the ledge then keep striking until the fight is over.

Fisk is now all wrapped up and ready to be transported to the prison, you have done it you have defeated your first boss it’s time to save the game and drink some juice.

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