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Games That Students Play Around the World


Playing video games was one of the most favorite ways of passing the time during the last decade. These days, learners are forced to stay at home due to the pandemic and tend to spend more time with their devices. Down, you will find the list of the most popular video games that students like playing. Also, you will learn more about each game from the list and its peculiarities.

Fortnite: Battle Royale

It is an online shooter with almost limitless possibilities for players. After landing on a particular area, all the players need to mine resources and travel, searching for gear and guns. They can use their weapon to kill enemies and loot their gear.

The game became very popular due to the wide variety of heroes and weapons that players can utilize. They also can build structures and install traps. The last hero who survives wins a match in this game. Fortnite supports a lot of different devices, from desktops to Nintendo Switch consoles.


It is a very popular game that all students around the world like playing. It is an adventure game with a cubic interface. It foresees the ability to mine, collect resources, and build any structures. Users are free to explore the world around them, interact with other players in public rooms, and craft any items.

It is an addictive game that drives students to spend a lot of time accumulating resources and building anything they want by laying brick to brick. If you’re an undergraduate who wants to install this game, feel free to find a reliable paper writing service.

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This one is a game that has outstanding graphics and brings ultimate freedom to players. They can go everywhere and do whatever they want in the city. Players can steal cars, interact with other players, explore the city, buy and use weapons, etc. However, players also need to complete missions, mostly illegal, to earn money and be aware of the police.

League of Legends

It is a very popular online game among students all around the world. League of Legends or LoL is an online multiplayer that gathers dozens of millions of users every day. The game’s concept lies in the confrontations of two teams with up to five players in each. Players can pick any heroes. Each of them has specific weapons, a set of skills, and unique strengths.

On average, a round lasts from 30 to 60 minutes. During this time, players need to cooperate, kill the opposing team’s heroes, ruin their defending structures, and take over their base. The game can be launched on desktops, consoles, and even smartphones.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

This game is one of the most popular online shooters with enhanced functionality. In a nutshell, the game divides ten players into two teams with five users in each. Different gameplay modes imply bomb disarming, hostages rescuing, terrorist hunting, and load protection.

Firearms, grenades, and knives do not limit the equipment of both terrorists and counter-terrorists. All players can use drones, hummers, shields, smart scanners, and install traps. They can also build barricades, apply devices that mute drones, and even use thermite to cut doors and walls.


The variety of modern-age equipment that can be utilized during missions attracts a lot of students. They even tend to reach various services and delegate their assignments to play this game with friends. If you’re an undergraduate who needs help with your homework, don’t hesitate to examine the Writers per Hour review before entering your credit card credentials. Get to know first whether this service is worth its salt!


It is an online survival video game that allows users to travel, collect items, and kill enemies. At the very beginning, a player appears on a map completely naked and with zero items. He can bring a rock, wood, and craft a hammer.

Players need to gather resources, kill animals, craft items, build shelters, and keep themselves safe from other players. Also, they have to monitor their heroes and provide them with enough food and water to survive.

Players also can get weapons and raid others’ shelters to get new resources. It’s allowed to cooperate with other players and create and develop communities.

Recommendation for Gamers

Due to the pandemic, students have a lot of spare time for playing video games. There is nothing wrong. However, teenagers should never compromise on education to play their favorite games. It is a golden rule that successful students always follow.

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