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Razer Barracuda X Wireless Gaming Headset Review:


Wireless Gaming Headset Review

Razer’s Barracuda X Wireless Gaming Headset Review nails it in the space of solace, style and adaptability. With its USB-C wireless dongle, it functions admirably with a PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 (PS5)/PS4 and Android telephone. The choice to utilize a separable 3.5mm link implies it’s valuable on different gadgets as well. Fundamentally, it offers magnificent sound quality at a headset in its cost range and across the range of viable gadgets.

At $100 (as of composing), the jars hope to rival the best gaming headsets with a long battery life and adaptability. In any case, in case you’re after incomparable virtual encompass sound or don’t have any desire to need to stress over your mic’s area when yelping orders on the combat zone, you might need to rethink.

Razer’s 40mm TriForce dynamic drivers work effectively of conveying clear sound across the recurrence range at a good volume. Razer promotes the plan’s different chambers for bass, mid-reach and high pitch sounds, and the outcome is shockingly clear sound for a gaming headset in this value range. It’s really a similar chamber plan as the wired Razer BlackShark V2’s 50mm drivers, just downsized 20%. Notwithstanding the more modest drivers, I had the option to stretch volume up to the edge of open to tuning in without presenting any mutilation.

Both wireless headsets accompany a USB transmitter for wireless sound transmission. Though Razer has equipped the Barracuda X with a little USB-C transmitter to help different stages (counting savvy gadgets and the Nintendo Switch), Lucidsound’s contribution accompanies the conventional USB dongle, accordingly restricting wireless use to PS5/PS4 and PC (the LS15X works with Xbox). Razer has additionally provided a USB-C to USB-A connector link, ideal for PC or docked Nintendo Switch use (which works!). These headsets additionally work in wired mode with fundamentally any 3.5mm sound source, however surprisingly, Lucidsound hasn’t provided the necessary 3.5mm sound link for wired use.

This is especially odd as the LS15P/LS15X accompanies an inherent mouthpiece (notwithstanding the provided blast mic) for portable calls, however the best way to interface this headset to your telephone is through a 3.5mm sound link – an abnormal plan choice if you were to ask me. Another fascinating plan decision from Lucidsound is the utilization of a miniature USB charging port over the now generally embraced USB-C port.

Concerning the earpads on these wireless trips – the Barracuda X Wireless Gaming Headset Review accompanies texture and rich leatherette oval pads, while the LS15P sports delicate adaptive padding earpads. The earcups of the two headsets can wind level to rest easily around your neck or rests on a work area.

While Razer has outfitted the Barracuda X with 40mm drivers, the LS15P accompanies 50mm drivers with three exceptionally tuned EQ modes. While the contrasts between these EQ modes are negligible, the choice to pick between various modes is absent on the Barracuda X inside and out.

With the Barracuda X, Razer has picked a solitary separable Cardioid receiver. Lucidsound, however, has equipped its excursion with the previously mentioned double mic framework. This double mic framework incorporates a separable, adaptable blast mic with a LED mic quiet marker and an implicit mic.

The USB-C wireless transmitter dongle is conservative, and its T shape functioned admirably with my Nintendo Switch and Android telephone, as it holds the connector back from extending out excessively far. In any case, its width implies that it will obstruct contiguous ports on certain PCs. I needed to utilize the included USB A-to-C link with my PC on the grounds that the wide transmitter impeded the port I required for my outer screen.

It would have been pleasant if Razer had obliged connecting the Wireless Gaming Headset Review to the headset, or possibly incorporated an essential conveying case for when you’re shipping it. You can’t store the dongle in the headset’s USB port since that is obstructed by the receiver blast.