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Genshin Impact: How to get Xiangling and many characters?


Xiangling and many characters

Genshin Impact is one of the most popular anime open-world games. To play the game, people don’t have to purchase it as it’s a free-to-play Xiangling and many characters. So, to make money, the game depends upon the gacha-type system, which is a loot box system. In this system, players pay real money to get prizes and loot boxes.

The gacha system of Genshin Impact is in the form of Wishes. Therefore, through Wishes, the players of Genshin Impact spend money to unlock characters and weapons. But, there’s a character, named Xiangling, which the players can get without Wishes. If you play the game, Xiangling would most probably be one of your favorite characters of the game. Here’s how you can get Xiangling and many characters with the following three main ways.

Getting Xiangling in Genshin Impact

  • From Wishes

You can easily get Xiangling from Wishes. Xiangling is a four-star unit character in Genshin Impact, and thus, she is often obtainable on all the wishes banners. The chance of getting her becomes more workable if you see her available as a banner character like the other banner characters on wishes. Many players simply end up getting Xiangling (or other duplicate four-star characters) in search of five-star characters. As you may know, for making one wish you need to have around 1600 Primogems. Many players consider it as the best option to wait for Xiangling to appear as one of the wishes banner characters if they want to C6 their Xiangling.

  • Paimon’s Bargains

If you play the game, you might be aware of a section, named Paimon’s Bargains, in the game’s shop. It’s the section where the players of the game can buy characters by using the Masterless Starglitter. However, you can’t get Xiangling every time from Paimon’s Bargains as it’s a limited store that has two characters each month. But, the store doesn’t remain fixed and refreshes every month. So, there are chances of Xiangling and many characters on Paimon’s Bargains. If you don’t know, she did appear in this store last January and July. In Paimon’s Bargains, the four-star characters remain in the rotation. Therefore, you need to keep an eye for out her in Paimon’s Bargains. Indeed, some four-star characters take long to show up here, but you know Xiangling is worth waiting for. 

  • From the Spiral Abyss Domain

It’s the best way to get Xiangling. The Spiral Abyss Domain is an event in the game. Genshin Impact players need to reach Adventure Rank 20 for unlocking the Spiral Abyss Domain. Keep in mind that you won’t get Xiangling by reaching Adventure Rank 20. That’s just the way to unlock the Spiral Abyss, which is the event that’ll get you a copy of Xiangling. Once you unlock this event, you have to complete Floor 3, Chamber 3 of the event. And, once you complete Floor 3, Chamber 3, you’ll get a free copy of Xiangling. You don’t need to have a certain amount of stars for unlocking Xiangling by completing Floor 3, Chamber 3. It means that even if you barely pass Floor 3, Chamber 3 of the Spiral Abyss, you’ll surely get a free copy of Xiangling.

So, these were the three main ways to get Xiangling’s character in Genshin Impact for free. But, the best way of all three ways is getting Xiangling from the Spiral Abyss Domain. Why so? Read on to find that out.

Why the Spiral Abyss Domain is the best way to get Xiangling Character in Genshin Impact?

The Spiral Abyss Domain is the best way to get a free copy of Xiangling, unlike the other two freeways in which players mainly depend upon luck to get Xiangling. Though you can have Xiangling and many charactersfrom the game’s gacha-system by spending real money, you have more chances of acquiring her free from the Spiral Abyss event.

You need to know that the Spiral Abyss Domain is the best option to acquire Xiangling, but it’s a lot challenging. You have to unlock the Spiral Abyss event, and for this, you first have to get to Adventure Rank 20. You’ll face many challenges in your way to getting to Adventure Rank 20, such as completing side quests, opening chests, and more.

You’ll unlock the Spiral Abyss Domain once you get to Adventure Rank 20. After that, you have to get to the Spiral Abyss Domain, which is found on Musk Reef, near the southeastern tip of the Mondstadt region of the game. You can reach Muck Reef through a portal on Cape Oath.

After that, you have to make it through Chamber 3, Floor 3 of the Spiral Abyss. You’ll get Xiangling once you complete it. It’s to remind you that you don’t need to have a certain amount of stars for getting Xiangling by making through Chamber 3, Floor 3. It means that you can have Xiangling even if you barely make it through Chamber 3, Floor 3, which is another reason why the Spiral Abyss event is the best free way to acquire Xiangling.

What challenges can players face while making it through the Chamber 3, Floor 3 of the Spiral Abyss event?

In case you’re wondering about it, here’s an overview of the challenges you can face there. There are three floors in each chamber of the Spiral Abyss. So, it means that to get Xiangling for free you have to go through and complete nine challenges. The challenges are a lot demanding as they are timed battles. Moreover, these challenges can get even more exhausting if your characters are below level 45 or 50. Though you have the option of choosing a bonus at the start of each round, you won’t have the right to use the healing items. Moreover, you’ll also have to keep the same four characters in the entire time you’ll spend completing the nine challenges. 

So, despite these grueling challenges you’ll have to face on your way to complete Chamber 3, Floor 3, getting Xiangling from the Spiral Abyss event is better than spending money.

How to unlock free characters other than Xiangling in Genshin Impact?

Yes, you can lock other free characters in Genshin Impact as well. You generally start playing Genshin Impact with only one character. But, you can gain more playable characters and build out your roster with time. Players mainly acquire more characters by making Wishes, for which they spend a lot of money. But, there are six characters that you can acquire in Genshin Impact without spending money. One of them is Xiangling, which you know how you can acquire a free copy of her. The other five characters you can unlock by just playing the game are as follows:

  • The Traveler – Anemo or Geo

There are two Travelers: male and female. You have to choose between the male Traveler or female Traveler when you first start playing Xiangling and many characters. Though The Traveler, male or female, is the main character, there’s no need to keep it in your party all the time. Moreover, if The Traveler isn’t even in your party, it can pop in if it needs to appear in a conversation or a cut scene. 

The Traveler has two versions: an Anemo character or a Geo character. You have to start with the Anemo version of The Traveler. But you can easily unlock The Traveler’s Geo version if you set your hand on its Anemo version by playing and exploring it a bit more. Once you have unlocked this character’s versions, it’s easy to flip between Anemo and Geo by visiting a statue. Moreover, you must know that The Traveler is quite an average character even though it’s a five-star character. 

  • Amber – Pyro

You have to pick up this Pyro character because without her you can’t make progress in Genshin Impact. You can unlock Amber easily once you meet Paimon. You just have to follow the opening quest.

The players of Genshin Impact should know that Amber is an important character to make progress in the game even though she’s quite a weak character as compared to the other characters of the game. The players just have to follow the main story quests until they acquire Amber. Amber is great for solving puzzles because she shoots fire, and thus, players can use her to light touches from afar.

  • Kaeya – Cryo

It’s the third character you’ll pick up in Genshin Impact. Kaeya is a great character to have early in the game because you can get a big rooster in the game depending upon and using Kaeya’s skills. 

You can unlock Kaeya after getting Amber and entering Monstadt. There are many quests that you’ll get after entering Monstadt, and Crash Course is one of those quests. Crash Course asks you to meet Kaeya at a temple. So, you can meet Kaeya at the dungeon if you follow the objective marker. You can finish the quest after a short tutorial on the working of Kaeya and ice characters. You can have Kaeya at your party after that.

  • Lisa – Electro

Though Lisa isn’t very powerful, you need her for a good mage when you’ve just started in Genshin Impact.

The method of getting Lisa is quite similar to that of Kaeya. You know for recruiting Kaeya, you have to enter Monstadt to get quests, similarly, you have to visit Monstadt to get a quest, named Sparks Amongst the Pages.

Once you get the quest, you have to follow it to another temple. Then, go through the temple. Here, you’ll get a tutorial on the functioning of Lisa just like you get a tutorial on the functioning of Kaeya with Crash Course quest. After that when you’re out of the temple, you can add Lisa to your party.

  • Barbara – Hydro

You know that you have to reach Adventure Rank 20 to unlock the Spiral Abyss event. And, you get Xiangling when you complete Chamber 3, Floor 3 of the Spiral Abyss event. But, there’s another character that you can simply unlock once you reach the Adventure Rank 20, and that is Barbara. It means that you’ll have Barbara, which is a powerful healing character, before having Xiangling and many characters in your party. 

Creating the best team builds in Genshin Impact

Xiangling and many characters

Creating the best team builds is a lot important for the players of Genshin Impact. The team builds in Genshin Impact mainly depends upon the players’ preferences and the characters they unlock in the game.

Support, DPS, and Healer are the three ways the characters of the game function. Each character can function in one of those three ways. The players who succeed in creating the best team builds usually try their best to use the characters whose function as Healer, DPS, or Support admire each other and also the characters with different elements.

As a character in Genshin Impact can only function as a Healer, or Support, or DPS, players try to make a party that consists of characters with all of the three functions. Moreover, players also take notice of the elements their party characters correspond with. 

Players need to make use of the characters with an array of elements to have the best team builds in Genshin Impact. So, each character in the team must have a different element than the other. For instance, you can’t create the best team build if you use Jean, Sucrose, Xaio, and Venti. Because the element of all of these characters is Anemo (wind). Instead, if you have Traveler, Fischl, Qiqi, and Diluc, it would be your best team build. Why so? The Traveler’s element is Anemo and it can function as both a damage-dealer and a supporting character. Fischl utilizes the Electro element and is a great support character, Qiqi is a Healer and a Cryo (ice) element, and Diluc deals heavy DPS and works pretty well with the Pyro (Fire) element.

How can you create the best build for Xiangling in Genshin Impact?

Xiangling can function either as Support or DPS, but she’s a worthy character to have around. She is a solid fighter and she does have some characteristics that make her worth having in your party. So, let’s learn how you can create the best build for Xiangling.

  • Weapons for the best Xiangling build

The Genshin Impact players who know the significance of Xiangling and many characters consider her their party’s main DPS character. Apart from that, some players also believe that Xiangling is powerful enough to be placed as a secondary damage dealer in their party. 

Whether you want her to be your party’s main DPS character or you want her as a secondary damage dealer in your party, the Skyward Spine is her best weapon in either case. Xiangling’s attack speed and crit rate increase very quickly if she has the Skyward Spine and wields this high-end Polearm. 

You should know that what makes Xiangling shine and one of the best characters in Genshin Impacts her strengths as a Pyro character. Otherwise, she’s not amazing and her base stats are solid. But, her weapon is what you must not neglect because a good Polearm like this makes her fighting style unique, and also makes her a character that puts up a good fight.

  • Articrafts for the best Xiangling build

As far as the articrafts are concerned in the best Xiangling to build, there are mainly two good choices. Choosing to go all-in on the Crimson Witch of Flames set is the first good choice you have, whereas, working in some pieces from the Gladiator’s Finale set is the other one. 

If you opt for the first choice, which is going all-in on the Crimson Witch of Flames set, it will help Xiangling boost. Because it’s particularly designed to boost Pyro characters. Moreover, this set also boasts some high stacking damage increases. Xiangling can get a 15% elemental attack bonus if you equip two pieces. On the other hand, if you equip four pieces, you’ll be rewarded with some surprising benefits.

If you take a mix-and-match approach, you can increase weapons and animal attacks as well if you mix in a few pieces from the Gladiator’s Finale set. Though you won’t have those four-piece bonuses if you opt for the second choice, you’ll have the benefit of preserving Xiangling’s in-built balance between the two attack styles.

  • Ascension Materials for the best Xiangling build

You’ll need the following materials to fully ascend Xiangling:

  • 168 Jeuyun Chilis
  • 46 Everflame Seeds
  • 36 Slime Concentrates
  • 30 Slime Secretions
  • 18 Slime Condensates
  • 9 Agnidus Agate Chunks
  • 9 Agnidus Agate Fragments
  • 6 Agnidus Agate Gemstones
  • 1 Agnidus Agate Sliver

All of the above materials are easily available except Everflame Seeds, as there’s only one source for it in the game. The players pick up Everflame Seeds above level 30, from Pyro Regisvines, in the game. So, as compared to the other resources, you’ll need to try a bit harder for making more supplies coming in for Everflame Seeds.

Moreover, you can easily buy Jeuyun Chilis from the Wanmin Restaurant, the one where Xiangling and many characters works when you meet her. Apart from that, you can easily obtain them by foraging for them in her home nation of Liyue.

  • Xiangling’s best talents

Elementals are indeed the best talents of Xiangling. But, no matter if you prefer the Burst or the Skill, it mainly relies on how well you get along with Guoba, which is Xiangling’s companion character. The full list of Xiangling’s talents is as below:

  1. Normal Attack: Dough-Fu
  2. Elemental Skill: Guoba Attack
  3. Elemental Burst: Pyronado
  4. 1st Ascension Passive: Crossfire
  5. 4th Ascension Passive
  6. Utility Passive: Chef de Cuisine

7 Useful Tips for the new players of Genshin Impact

If you’ve just started playing Genshin Impact, you can utilize the following tips to excel in the game. These tips are basically to help you navigate the world of Teyvat.

  • You can die to fall damage

You receive a glider while you’re at the starting levels of the game. This glider is basically to help you make your fall slow in the world of Teyvat, in which there are many mountains.

  • Find the missing Seelies by using Elemental Sight

There are the blue glowing creatures called Seelies in the world of Teyvat. If you follow these Seelies, they lead you to their bases where they sit in. You’re rewarded with treasure when you arrive at a Seelie base. But, you can’t get treasure when you arrive at a Seelie base and its Seelie is missing. In such a case, you can find that missing Seelie by using Elemental Sight, and then the coming blue glowing stream from the base will lead you to the Seelie.

  • You must pick up everything

You’ll notice many shining environmental items almost everywhere while walking around in the game. You must pick up everything you see because you’re inventory limit is Xiangling and many characters. When you’ll see items like food ingredients and flowers, you’ll probably think that they aren’t useful enough to pick up. But, you should pick them up as they can be your characters’ food when their power level will be down.

  • You can find certain bosses with the Adventure’s Handbook

The players need materials to upgrade their characters and weapons. For that, some new players (who don’t know about the Adventure’s Handbook) waste time looking for bosses. In the Adventure’s Handbook, there’s the “bosses” tab. If you hit the “Navigate” button, the “bosses” tab will guide you to whatever boss you need. Moreover, the Adventure’s Handbook also lets the players know what rewards the boss drops and what element it uses.

  • You can heal your party up at Statues of the Seven

Statues of the Seven are the large statues where you revive or power up your character by donating Geoculus and Amenoculus. It’s the best way to revive your party between the fights. Though you can revive your party with food as well, food is something you have to use very carefully in the game. So when you’re fighting, you should teleport back to any of the Statues of the Seven which will heal your party up when you approach them.

There’s another way the players can revive their party members with the help of these statues. It’s by selecting “Statue’s Blessing” while interacting with any of the Statues of the Seven. There’s just one thing that the players need to take care of, which is the limit of healing. The more you heal your party members through the statue, the more its healing power reduces. But, you can get comfort from the fact that a statue’s healing power recharges quickly.

  • You have to keep track of the Geoculus and Amenoculus you find

These are the objects hidden around the world of Teyvat. You need these hidden objects to increase your stamina. You can find them in many locations, such as above cliffs, floating in the caves, and many more. You need to keep up with them as there are hundreds of them.

  • You should use Wishes carefully

As discussed earlier, Genshin Impact uses Wishes as its gacha system. Making wishes in Genshin Impact means that the players have to pay premium currency to acquire various characters and weapons. There are two options available in the game for making wishes: either one Wish at a time or do 10 Wishes at once. You should choose the option carefully here.

If you pull 10 wishes at a time, the only advantage you get is that it’s faster this way. According to the gacha banners, it’s certain that there’ll be at least one 4-star or higher item with every 10 wishes. But, it matters for the single pulls in the same way. If you want to have a specific character like Diluc or Venti, it’s better to pull one by one until you get them.

Some Facts the new players might not know about Genshin Impact

Xiangling and many characters

The new players might not know the following facts about Xiangling and many characters:

  1. Genshin Impact’s home screen changes based on your local time. Most new players might have noticed it, but some new ones might have not. Both theme and the home screen of the game change to reflect the time of the day based on your local time.
  2. You can walk on water with Chonyung.
  3. Lisa’s lightning attacks can take you fishing. It might not be extraordinary, but this fun power can be useful in the game. Moreover, it’s also possible with the game’s ice-based characters.
  4. The Fire Abyss Mages become helpless when it rains in the game.
  5. Wei is the name of Wangshu inn’s cat,
  6. Pyro Hilichurl Grenader can’t dig slimes on water.
  7. “1000 rocks” is the meaning of the name “Millelith”.
  8. Zhongli dubbed the name Mora after his name Morax.
  9. Xiao’s shop’s name is second life because he name it so after saving Donsheng’s life when he was an adventurer.
  10. Molotov cocktail works pretty well in rain.
  11. It’s been 40 years that Shuzhi is waiting for Liu to confess his feelings.
  12. The only tall male character without a ponytail is Childe.
  13. Zhang Shun now sells pirate loot but he was part of Beidou’s crew.
  14. The color of Glory’s eyes is green.
  15. Xiling is a childhood friend of Beidou’s. 
  16. There are at least 500 years of age difference between Lumine and Aether.
  17. There are 15 steps in the ladders of Millelith’s outpost tower.
  18. Qian is trying to sell off ores that were illegally obtained.

Genshin Impact Verdict

Genshin Impact made $150 million in the first week after its release. It’s popular for its art style, amazing character designs, and lots more. Xiangling is one of the game’s best and most powerful characters who can build the best team. And, the best way to get a free copy of Xiangling and many charactersis by reaching the Adventure Rank 20, and then unlocking the Spiral Abyss Domain and completing its Chamber 3, Floor 3.