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Get Paid from Your Couch: How to Make Money Watching Videos and Ads


Doesn’t it sound perfect to sit on your couch and make money while watching videos and ads? Would you like to have additional cash without too much effort? There are some Canadian fintech apps that allow consumers to achieve that. 

According to infographics of the most popular online activities among internet users in Canada as of March 2022, watching video ranks 8th with 41 percent.


You won’t become a millionaire just watching videos all day long but it may be a reasonable side hustle. Don’t just waste your time scrolling through your mobile phone. Take advantage of your spare time and get extra funds easily.


This is an online survey company that has been popular for many years now. Although this app is based in the USA, Canadian consumers can also sign up and benefit from using it. How does this app work? It offers users plenty of ways to earn extra cash. 

You may watch videos online and even play games and make some money. You will not have to turn to loan companies such as Manitoba loans to cover your needs in case of urgent expenses because you will have an almost passive income.

The official website of this company states that a user may earn up to 500 points a day watching videos. As soon as you reach $5 in earnings, you may redeem them. Every 700 points give you $5, which is not bad considering that you don’t have to do too much and can use it as a side hustle in your free time. 

It doesn’t claim you will become a millionaire sometime soon, but you can easily earn a few additional dollars while chilling at home.

Daily Rewards

This is a popular online survey website. It offers users a chance to play online games and earn rewards. A great benefit of this particular app is that it pays users not with points but with cash via PayPal.

In other words, it makes it possible to know how much you are making in real dollars. Besides, you are offered a $5 sign-up bonus. If you refer a friend, you will obtain 10% of whatever they earn after they sign up.


You have probably heard about this platform if you are familiar with similar web survey platforms. You may get paid for taking surveys. Also, there is an option to earn points via online search, watching videos, and shopping. 

The easiest way of earning money is to what videos, of course. You may do something else while running the video in the background. Each video you watch gives you from 1 to 5 Swagbucks. After that, you can convert Swagbucks into gift cards.


This web rewards platform is a bit different from the websites we’ve talked about above. The platform was launched in 2006 and claims to be one of the largest loyalty rewards programs in the world. However, their strategy was changed along the way. Nowadays, consumers can earn money online in different legitimate ways. 

Their new platform was redesigned and opened in 2019. They write reviews of all the cashback platforms available today, including the one we’ve talked about. This is a great website for checking out other rewards programs, as all the reviews are in one place.


This is a cash rebate app for your Android or iPhone device. You need to answer small surveys or watch videos to earn money. The videos and ads are very short and even can be less than a minute long. 

You don’t need to pay anything to sign up. The website has a user-friendly platform and is easy to use. The drawback we’ve found is the lack of videos to watch. Hence, you won’t have a lot of options to earn money here.

The number of videos to choose from depends on Caddle’s partners’ advertising needs. If you are lucky to choose a video, you should watch it and earn your cash. The video is usually not longer than a minute. 

The funds will be deposited into your Caddle account. It’s necessary to have $20 before you can cash them. When you refer a friend to this platform, you can earn a $1 bonus. This strategy can help you reach $20 and cash your money faster.


This is another popular platform for getting supplemental funds without too much effort. This is a legitimate website that allows you to get rewards in different ways. You may get rewards for taking surveys, watching videos, signing up for services, downloading and playing games, and doing other tasks on your mobile device.

Each activity will bring you a different amount of rewards. You may select to cash out your money via PayPal once you have $10 in your Kashkick account.

You have a chance to earn rewards if you refer friends to this platform as well. If your friends decide to sign up using your referral link and will do the tasks here, you will earn a 25% commission on their earnings. This is a great sum and attracts many users to this website. Earning money in your spare time is easier than ever before.


This is a free mobile app. It was launched in 2014 and is still active. This app allows users to earn points for various activities such as watching videos and taking surveys. There are plenty of positive feedback and reviews of this platform on Trustpilot. 

You will earn points when you watch videos on this platform. There is a wide range of channels to select from. It’s beneficial as you may choose videos that interest you.

You will be able to see how many points you earn and how many videos you have watched so far. When you have 3,000 points which equals $3, you may cash them via PayPal or obtain gift cards. 

GrabPoints is one of the quickest ways to earn additional money by watching videos and taking small surveys as there is a low threshold for point redemption. Besides, you are given a chance to earn extra points for referring your friends to this site.

The Bottom Line

When you are thinking about getting a side hustle, you may have serious jobs in mind. According to an Abacus Data poll, 59 percent of Canadians took on or thought of taking on a side hustle last year. In reality, some of the most popular side gigs are fun and flexible. 

It’s easy to earn additional funds from the comfort of your home while you watch videos and take surveys sitting on your couch.

Many Canadians are searching for quick ways of boosting their earning potential. Make sure you choose a reputable and legitimate platform using our list. Stay away from scams that may steal your personal data. 

Using these flexible online jobs you will be able to choose how much and when you want to earn a few extra dollars. It may become your part-time or weekend side hustle.