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Elden Ring Where To Go First Beginners Guide


I have prepared a guide for you that will introduce a route to help beginners, which will help you get through the beginning of the game because it is a software game, which may be very difficult. This will help you get through the game. It is necessary that this game provide players with opportunities to dodge the challenge. Let us enter it. You have complete control over the starting class you use. You have a lot of leeway in terms of modifying and personalizing this. Make sure you look through Billy Givens’ Getting Started Guide to find your beginning-of-the-game prizes. Therefore, if you are a beginner, you can utilize it to complete a greater number of tasks before needing to return to Grace for a rest. I recommend that you put the Spectral Horse Whistle on your quick item menu and sign it.

You can gain access to it in the device section, making it possible for you to quickly call them by clicking the operation key and the corresponding direction button. This saves you time because it eliminates the need to scroll through the item menu, allowing you to quickly get out of some tricky situations and locate your first map fragment. From that vantage point, you will notice that the Ella Church is shaped like a blacksmith’s table on the opposite side of Grace.

Carly, the shop owner, will assist you in locating these three if you require assistance. Regardless of what you decide, I strongly advise you to purchase a torch from this shop. Only 200 Elden Ring items are available for use. You must be interested in purchasing one from the dungeon that is right in front of you.

This note informs you that the ruins in front of the door can be reached by using force and that this location is your next destination in the northeast. It also provides you with the first map fragment. If you need assistance finding these map fragments, open your map and look for these icons; that is where you will find them.

Additionally, make sure that you fully explore these runes; there is a hidden basement with a wet stone that enables you to equip war ashes under your weapons; this is an extremely helpful ability. In addition, there is a large sword with Lord Sworn emblazoned on its hilt that can be found in the north game. Enhance your power attributes in preparation for when you can control it. If you don’t temporarily weaken many of your opponents, you won’t be able to attack with both hands at once, and you might not even be able to do so sometimes.

After you have finished all of these, you will be able to upgrade

  1. In addition to this, you can find a non-player character (NPC) in Storm Villa who will provide you with spiritual jellyfish ash
  2. Next, when we go back to Ella Church, you will discover that the witch Lina is speaking to her, and she will help you call forth the spirit of Bell and the ashes of the wolf
  3. You now have an additional weapon at your disposal to help you fight from this vantage point

The difficulty of these dungeons is low, making them an excellent choice for players just starting out. By completing these, you will be able to acquire Elden Ring Items PC and raise your character’s level. After completing the previous location, which is the waypoint rune cellar, which is located to the southeast of the ruins of the city gate, Grace will find the rune of waypoint after crossing the bridge on the north side of Egg Mountain. After having defeated the previous boss, you will find the crazy pumpkin head boss engaging in combat with him in these runes. If you are interested in doing a construction in the witchcraft style, this particular location is an absolute necessity to visit. The Lim Tomb Tunnel will be our next destination.

If you are ready, you can try to get the Feilong Ice; otherwise, you can run past him, and then go to the bottom of the cliff where you will find the tunnel. This tunnel is located along the Agil Lake to the north, north of the dragon burned ruins. The grindstone is essential to the process of leveling your weapons, so if you plan on engaging in any melee construction after completing this mission, you should make it a priority to come here as soon as humanly possible. We will retrieve the magic elixir in accordance with the directives provided by Kalei, which state that we should go to the Third Church, which is situated to the north of the fog forest in the United States.

Now turn around and head in the direction of the north instead of crossing the bridge, but keep walking along this road. You could give the game a shot and see if you can figure out where the painting is located by doing so. It’s true that Southern Mourning Castle is a much larger dungeon than Storm Valley, but it’s also true that it’s easier to complete than the latter. This is especially true for players of lower levels.

The fact that there are a great number of churches on the Crying Peninsula, many of which contain sacred tears, is probably the best and most important thing. As a result of the Golden Sea increasing the number of times you use your tear bottle and the sacred tears increasing the amount of energy, each and every snot will now be able to heal you once more. It is recommended that you search the entirety of the Crying Peninsula for a variety of different dungeons and hidden passages. It seems like now would be a good time to investigate Mistwood in great detail. The location of Mistwood is to the east of Lim Grave, and Stormhill can be found to the north of Lim Grave. You can keep playing if you are able to, and if you are still putting in a lot of effort, you can try to see if you can beat the challenge. A way to bypass Stormville Castle and enter Linia of the Lake without going through the castle first. You can find a path that will lead you to a broken bridge on the eastern side of Stormville Castle, just to the north of the Stormhill hut.

Once you reach the broken bridge, continue forward until you reach the end of the bridge. Following this path will bring you to the cliff temple that overlooks the lake. You can now fully explore this region and all of its dungeons, as well as attempt to upgrade further, which will make Stormville easier to navigate. Although I have no plans to delve further into this topic, I feel compelled to tell you that I believe it would be beneficial for you to attend a manor school before Rhea Lucia University.