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Ghostrunner 2 – How to Unlock More Skins


Following the plot, You can get many cosmetic things in Ghostrunner 2. You can customize the appearance of your new motorcycle, gloves, and weapon with these cosmetics. Even while Ghostrunner 2’s stock cosmetics are more than adequate, there are moments when it’s good to get all dolled up and prepared for battle. You may learn how to unlock more skins in Ghostrunner 2 by reading this article:

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How Many Skins Are in Ghostrunner 2?

All of the skins you have unlocked thus far in Ghostrunner 2 are visible by visiting the Armory area. Additionally, there are unoccupied areas that stand in for swords or gloves that you still need to open. There are two motorcycle skins, twenty-three swords, and eleven gloves in the armory section. It is unknown as of this writing whether there are hidden skins that aren’t displayed in the Arsenal tab.

How to Unlock More Skins

Ghostrunner 2 has two methods to obtain new skins for your equipment. The first method is finishing the training courses in the hub, which will grant you either a sword or a glove skin upon completion of each course. The second method is to finish levels organically. In this method, you can locate hidden swords and earn glove skins by finishing levels faster and with fewer deaths.

Ghostrunner 2 - How to Unlock More Skins

Recall that those who bought the Deluxe or Brutal editions of Ghostrunner 2 or pre-ordered the game will receive stylish skins added to the Arsenal right now. The list of skins with each Ghostrunner 2 version is provided below.

  • Pre-order: Dragon Traditional Sword and Hand Skin, Golden Traditional Sword and Hand Skin.
  • Deluxe Edition: Dragon Traditional Sword and Hand Skin, Golden Traditional Sword and Hand Skin, Ahriman’s Katana Sword and Hand Skin, Modern Energy Sword and Hand Skin, Molten Blade Sword and Hand Skin, Gothic Blue Sword and Hand Skin
  • Brutal Edition: Traditional Sword and Hand Skins (2x), Deluxe Sword and Hand Skin Pack (4x), Aqua Animated Sword and Hand Skin, Design 24A Motorcycle Skin

How to Change Cosmetics

In Ghostrunner 2, launch the game and keep going until you can assume Jack’s role in order to equip new cosmetics. From here, to access the Upgrades menu, hit Tab on a keyboard, the Share button on an Xbox, or the Trackpad on a PlayStation.

Ghostrunner 2 - How to Unlock More Skins

After that, choose the Armory to get a list of every cosmetic you presently own along with spots for those you don’t. To view the chosen Sword, Gloves, and Motorcycle skin in action, simply choose them and return to the game.


Is Ghostrunner 2 easier?

Compared to other bosses in Ghostrunner 2, Ahriman is far more dynamic, which makes fighting him more unpredictable and varied and hence more difficult, even for seasoned players. While perfection is still required, a player can no longer win by relying just on memorization.

What changed in Ghostrunner 2

The redesigned hub area in Ghostrunner 2 is arguably the biggest tweak to the gameplay. The main character Jack will stop at a type of temporary headquarters in between missions, where the player can engage with amiable NPCs and explore a setting that appears to be risk-free and hostile-free.

Is Ghostrunner 2 worth it?

Ghostrunner 2 is nearly impenetrable, every bit as brutal as its predecessor. Due of this, the game is challenging, frustrating, and involves a lot of trial and error. However, it also features intense action, top-notch voice acting, and a catchy music.

Is Zoe in Ghostrunner 2?

Having slain The Architect and liberated Dharma City from its virtual grasp, I pondered whether anything remained for Jack, Zoe, and The Climbers.