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Remnant 2 – How to Get Ford’s Scattergun


The Remnant 2 Ford’s Scattergun shotgun is an excellent weapon that is required to unlock the Archon Archetype, however there are two methods to obtain it. This weapon is a powerful shotgun that can be upgraded with a mod and mutator, so you should definitely add it to your armory. It’s not difficult, but you do have to make certain precise decisions. So this article will describe how to gain Ford’s scattergun in remnant 2.

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Ford’s Scattergun Location

To obtain Ford’s Scattergun, first complete the Seal of the Empress Ring quest in Yaesha. To obtain this quest, your starting location in Yaesha must be the Red Throne; otherwise, you must re-roll your campaign or embark on a fresh Yaesha adventure.

Remnant 2 - How to Get Ford's Scattergun

If you’re in the Red Throne, make your way through the main temple building and knock on the red doors to meet with the Empress and her speaker. To make things as simple as possible, select the nicer dialogue options and agree to assist the Empress by defeating the Corruptor monster – you simply want to avoid a fight with the Empress’s guards at this stage.

How to Get Ford’s Scattergun

Ford’s Scattergun may be gained in Yaesha, but you must complete the unique primary questline relating to it. To guarantee you’re on the proper track, begin Yaesha at the Red Throne section. If you don’t have it, you may just reroll Yaesha in Adventure Mode till you receive the Red Throne as your starting region.

After a short journey within the Red Throne, you will come across a big door that leads to a cutscene with the Eternal Empress. Throughout your interactions with her, you will be given options and replies. It is critical to approach these situations carefully and choose acceptable respectful communication alternatives.

“That sounds fair” and “Doesn’t seem like I have much of a choice” are two examples of respectful discourse possibilities. The Empress will then request that you defeat the Abomination, which you must agree to do. Continue to travel through Yaesha regularly until you reach the Corruptor boss encounter. This is the Abomination boss mentioned by the Empress.

After defeating the Corruptor, return to the Eternal Empress and speak with her. Make sure you select Kneel when requested. Doing so will earn you the Empress’ Seal. This ring improves Max Health by 20% while decreasing Max Stamina by 10%. However, this is not the sole application for it.

Now that you have the Seal of the Empress ring, make sure to equip it since you will need it to access the hidden location within the Red Throne. Follow the road from the Red Throne Worldstone to the library, which is on the left. Inside, you will discover a floor with the Empress’s insignia. When you wear the Empress’ Seal, this level opens up, revealing a hidden underground room.


What is the best offhand weapon in Remnant 2?

Remnant 2’s most popular and highly ranked Hand Guns include the new Corrupted Guns, the Anguish, Meridian, Rupture Cannon, Bolt Driver, Sureshot, Tech 22, MP60-R, Cube Gun, Sorrow, Double Barrel, and Enigma.

What is the best sniper in Remnant 2?

As a sniper rifle, the Widowmaker is clearly best suited to taking down foes from a safe distance. It delivers maximum damage with exceptional precision. If you prefer not to get your suit dirty while battling the swarms of opponents in Remnant 2, the Widowmaker is the ideal long gun for you.

Is the cube gun any good Remnant 2?

Cube Gun is a Hand Gun and one of Remnant 2’s available Weapons. Cube Gun combines the might and simplicity of the Labyrinth’s final stronghold. It specializes at short to medium-range fighting, giving it an excellent choice for close-quarters battles.

Is Spectral Blade any good Remnant 2?

It has a decent range and can do a lot of damage. Its distinctive strike unleashes a whirling flurry of slashes, which is beneficial when dealing with a large group of adversaries or being surrounded. Aside from that, the weapon sports an eye-catching blue laser shine.

Who is Brabus Remnant 2?

Brabus is a merchant from Remnant 2. Brabus, a former boss in Remnant from the Ashes, is now an ally and lives in Ward 13 as the security chief. Merchants are NPCs that offer a variety of services to players.