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Gimkit Codes, Bots and Auto Answer Hack Script 2023


Gimkit is a game-based learning platform that allows teachers to create and share quizzes, games, and with their students.

The platform is designed to make learning fun and engaging. It can be used to reinforce concepts and assess student understanding in a variety of subjects.

Teachers can create their own quizzes and games. Teachers can also use ones that have been shared by other teachers in the Gimkit community. Students can play the games and quizzes on any device, and they can earn virtual currency for correct answers.

Which can be used to purchase power-ups that can help them do better on future questions.

7 Tips about how to win Every Quiz on Gimkit

To win at Gimkit you should focus on understanding the material that is covered in the quizzes and games.

Here are a Seven tips to help you to win every your Quiz:

  1. Review the material before playing the game. Make sure that you have a solid understanding of the concepts and material that will be covered.
  2. Read the questions carefully before answering and understand what is being asked.
  3. Take advantage of power-ups. These can be earned by answering questions correctly and can help you do better on your next questions.
  4. Try to answer as many questions correctly as possible. This will increase your virtual currency and allow you to purchase more powerful power-ups.
  5. Work on your speed. The faster you can answer questions correctly the more virtual currency you will earn.
  6. Try to play the game multiple times. This will help you become more familiar with the questions and increase your chances of getting them right.
  7. Try to be on top of the leaderboard but don’t let it discourage you if you fall behind. Focus on learning and understanding the material.

Here are some random codes to use Gimkit as practice given below. Also you can login to gimkit official website and on the left side you will find an option to practice. Click that practice button and you can do a good practice before joining a quiz.

7 Random Gimkit codes to join

Here is a lift of active 7 random gimkit codes to join a game from anywhere in the world.

  • 738241
  • 456102
  • 129857
  • 903254
  • 678193
  • 547120
  • 746261

2 Chrome Extensions for Gimkit Hack

1. HackNotice Chrome extension

The HackNotice Chrome extension can be used to enhance the Gimkit experience by providing an extra layer of security. Also this may answer your quiz.

This can be helpful when using Gimkit, as it allows you to focus on learning and playing the games without worrying about the security of your personal information.

2. Hack-Tools Chrome extension

The Hack-Tools Chrome extension is a tool for web penetration testing, and it could be used to test the security of a website or web application.

This extension includes cheat sheets, as well as tools such as XSS payloads, reverse shells, and other tools that are commonly used in web penetration testing.

If you use this extension you no longer need to search for payloads in different websites or in your local storage space, most of the tools are accessible in one click.

It is important to always approach learning and assessments with integrity and honesty. If you are having trouble with a particular quiz or game on Gimkit.

Auto Answer Hack Script

Use this to auto anser on Gimkit script. Once you have downloaded it and copied the script then paste it into the Chrome browser’s developer console.

Once you have done that, you will receive two window alerts, which you must agree to. To start the bot, press the “S” key and to stop it, press the “E” key.

What to do If you are unable to use the Chrome developer console?

You can also use the code in a bookmarklet by copying the code from the bookmarklet.js file and pasting it into a new bookmark.

Name the bookmark “Gimkit Bot” or something similar, then use it to run the script while in the Gimkit game.

How to post Code in Chrome browser developer console

To post Code in the Chrome browser developer console, you can use the console.log() function.  You can also use console.warn(), console.error() or to log messages with different visual styles.


There are multiple ways that you can use as hacks to win quiz or get highest scores in Gimkit. Make sure that you follow the procedure properly and you can contact us for any issue if you may face.