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Granblue: Fantasy Relink – How to Unlock Difficulty Levels


Once you have completed Granblue Fantasy: Relink’s main story, you must upgrade your characters. Gaining more attack and health by levelling up is a smart idea, and you’ll get some MSP for each level up. This is accurate for the story mode, but it doesn’t apply to Quest Counter or multiplayer missions thus you could struggle. You may learn how to unlock the difficulty levels in Granblue Fantasy Relink by reading this article:

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What are the Difficulty Options?

Granblue Fantasy has three primary difficulty settings: Relink: Action, Hard, or Story. A new Ultimate difficulty is unlocked later in the game. The truth about varying difficulty levels is that, in Hard mode, your character is likely to be eliminated in a single blow, whereas in Action mode, it would take multiple hits to kill them.

Granblue: Fantasy Relink - How to Unlock Difficulty Levels

Story mode, marketed as “For players who just want to enjoy story,” is essentially the “easy mode” of the game. While adversaries in action mode deal more damage and have higher HP, it’s more balanced. As one might anticipate, Granblue Fantasy: Relink’s hard mode increases enemy HP and damage dealt. This is the main source of difficulty. Naturally, story mode is far more lax.

How to Unlock Difficulty Levels

Now that you know the relationship between each Skyfarer Grade and the Granblue Fantasy Relink difficulty level, let’s discuss how to unlock them. It’s quite simple to get from Novice to Veteran Skyfarer; all you need to do is finish the main plot and begin the epilogue. You are going to be promoted to Veteran Skyfarer upon reaching Chapter 0.

You must complete Key Quests and a Ranking Quest in each difficulty level after you achieve Veteran Skyfarer and get access to Hard assignments. Obtain the Key Quests, indicated by an orange icon, by going to the Quest Counter.

Granblue: Fantasy Relink - How to Unlock Difficulty Levels

For example, you can start the Hard Ranking Quest after finishing all the Key Quests on the Hard setting. Additionally, after completing the Hard Ranking Quest, you can go on to Very Hard assignments, where you have to do Key Quests again, and so on.

The Ranking Quests are not to be taken lightly. These typically face your group against a boss you must defeat in a set amount of time while meeting additional requirements. The good news is that you can always try again when you’ve somewhat strengthened your party because there are no penalties for failing the assignment.

What are Multiplayer and Quest Counter Difficulties?

You can take on a variety of tasks with the Quest Counter, such as overcoming waves of opponents or facing off against a boss again. The following difficulty levels are available for the guests at the counter range: Easy, Normal, Hard, Extreme, Very Hard, Maniac, and Proud.

Granblue: Fantasy Relink - How to Unlock Difficulty Levels

These determine the difficulty of the task you must complete and provide a suggested Power level for your characters. Apart from this, the choices made regarding difficulty do not affect Quest Counter or Multiplayer tasks. Each quest mission has a unique level of difficulty. Thus, you can’t just adjust the difficulty to get through a difficult part of the quest.


How many chapters are in Granblue fantasy relink?

Granblue Fantasy: Relink has twelve chapters total, including an epilogue, an unlockable last chapter, and a prologue.

Is Granblue Fantasy beginner-friendly?

There’s never been a better time for newcomers to the fighting game scene to join the fray. Granblue Fantasy Versus boasts an easy-to-use yet challenging gameplay structure, making it the most accessible game for beginners right now.

Can you play Granblue Fantasy: Relink solo?

It is, indeed. Even in the endgame, it is for me, at least. All of the story missions are single player, as far as I know.

Is Granblue Fantasy: Relink a JRPG?

Granblue Fantasy: Relink is the third JRPG to reach 100,000 concurrent players on Steam in its history.

Does Granblue Fantasy have multiplayer?

When endgame content is included, players can further increase their playtime to more than 100 hours. You can use most of that playing multiplayer games with pals. Thankfully, your AI-controlled party members can also handle this content.