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Guide to Bowling Shirts: What You Need to Know


Bowling shirts have long been seen as purely for when someone’s actually bowling. Over the past few years, however, they’ve become increasingly seen as a fashion statement. With the unique style they offer, it’s easy to see why.

That doesn’t mean just going out and buying one, though. Like many other pieces of clothing, there are a few things people need to be aware of. The most notable is getting the right size, especially when you want to look stylish.

Then there’s the fabric it’s made from, which affects comfort just as much as it does the style. It’s worth diving into both of these.

Buying the Right Size Bowling Shirts

Getting the right fit makes a significant difference in any kind of clothing. This applies to bowling shirts just as much as it does to jeans or anything else. Sometimes, figuring out the right size can be complicated.

Thankfully, it’s far from impossible. It’s just a matter of knowing your measurements and accurately measuring the bowling shirts when you buy them. With a little time, you’ll remove any guesswork and easily pick out the right ones.

It is recommended that you focus on the chest from the start. Use a measuring tape to measure this accurately. The same can be said for your waistline. Armed with these, you’re in a much better position to figure out which bowling shirt size is the best one for you.

The hips and overall length of the bowling shirt also play a large role in this. After taking all four measurements, you can buy bowling shirts that fit you perfectly.

Fabrics Bowling Shirts Are Made From

Bowling shirts come in a wide range of fabrics, some of which can be more appealing than others. This all depends on personal preferences, but it’s still worth being aware of them beforehand.

Some of the more common fabrics are:

Knit Fabrics

These are easy to wash and care for without much effort. Polyester, cotton knit, and a blend of the two are common.

Woven Fabrics: Woven fabrics are often more comfortable and come in various textures. Silk and sateen are the most popular.

There’s nothing wrong with going with any of these. Stick to your personal preferences, and you shouldn’t have a problem buying bowling shirts that perfectly suit you.

Wrapping Up

Bowling shirts are becoming increasingly fashionable, letting people show off their personalities. While they’re still predominantly used on bowling lanes, these are far from the only places you can wear them.

Ensuring that your clothing feels comfortable on your body is essential to enjoying your day without any distractions. To achieve this, you need to consider the size and fabric of your clothes carefully.

There are plenty of places to get them, with Bowling Concepts being one of the more notable. When you’re looking for quality bowling shirts at a reasonable price, there’s no reason not to consider it.