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Street Fighter 6: How to Play Kimberly (Move List, Combos, & Tips)


Are you ready to dominate the battlefield in Street Fighter 6? Then it’s time to master the deadly combos of Kimberly, the agile and fierce fighter. We’ll guide you through her playstyle and help you effectively utilize her unique abilities. Drawing inspiration from her predecessors, Kimberly relies on speed and agility to rush down opponents with lightning-fast attacks and aerial maneuvers. With special moves like explosive spray cans and a teleport, unleash your martial arts prowess like never before.

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How To Use Kimberly’s Special Attacks

To maximize your gameplay with Kimberly in Street Fighter 6, effectively utilize all her special attacks. Her sprinting moves are crucial for rushing down opponents. Use her speed and agility to lunge forward and catch them off guard. Don’t forget to use the Emergency Stop to reset your footing when necessary.

It is also an excellent reversal option and can be done with the following moves:

  • Down
  • Back
  • Kick

Another notable Special Attack is the Vagabond Edge which uses the moves:

  • Down
  • Forward
  • Punch

Street Fighter 6 Kimberly

Kimberly’s special attacks are fast-paced and versatile. The Bushin Senpukyaku can be used as an anti-air attack and a reversal option. The Vagabond Edge is great for initiating combos and pushing opponents to the corner. And don’t forget about the Nue Twister for midair grabs and slams.

How To Use Kimberly’s Sprint Moves

Once you have mastered Kimberly’s sprint moves, you can effectively rush down opponents and catch them off guard. Her speed and agility are key in overwhelming your foes. Utilize her quick lunging attacks and aerial moves to keep your opponents guessing. With Kimberly, you can attack from all angles and easily reposition yourself.

Street Fighter 6 Kimberly

Take advantage of this by tripping up your opponents or grabbing them to gain the upper hand. Her Sprint ability is crucial in rushing down opponents, so initiate it by performing the correct moves.

To initiate Kimberly’s Sprint, players need to use the following moves:

  • Down
  • Forward
  • Kick

How To Use Kimberly’s Variable Teleport

Have you tried using Kimberly’s Variable Teleport? Kimberly’s Variable Teleport is a powerful tool in Street Fighter 6. It allows her to initiate a teleport attack while concealing herself with a cloud of spray paint. This move can be used to mix up your offense and bait your opponent’s reaction.

Street Fighter 6 Kimberly

By teleporting and lunging forward or attacking from the air, you can close the distance with your opponent and catch them off guard. The element of surprise can give you the upper hand in a match and allow for devastating offensive plays.

Spray Can Projectiles

Can you strategically use the Spray Can Projectiles to confuse and overwhelm your opponents in Street Fighter 6? As Kimberly, these Spray Can Projectiles, also known as ‘Genius At Play,’ serve as distractions rather than direct attacks. These personalized Spray Cans, shaped like modern-day Shuriken Bombs, can strategically confuse your opponents.

Street Fighter 6 Kimberly

You can rush down your opponents and catch them off guard by placing them in different positions. Utilize both Spray Cans simultaneously to land them in close contact with your opponent and initiate devastating combos. You can also use the Spray Cans as feints before dealing massive damage.

The main moves to initiate Kimberly’s Projective Attacks are:

  • Down
  • Down
  • Punch (or 2 Punches for 2 Projectiles)

Adjust the placement and quickness of the explosions using the Light to Heavy keys. Use them on the corner to stun the opponent in a knockdown attack. You can dominate your opponents with Kimberly’s Spray Can Projectiles in Street Fighter 6 with the right strategy.

Kimberly’s Super Arts

When executing Kimberly’s Super Arts in Street Fighter 6, you can choose between Bushin Beats or Bushin Scramble to unleash devastating attacks on your opponents. With Bushin Beats, Kimberly delivers a flurry of attacks that knocks forward opponents, making it a great option for countering your foes.

Street Fighter 6 Kimberly

The move even has an invincibility timer, giving you an advantage in battle. Additionally, if you have a restocked Spray Can, you can initiate it during the final hit of Bushin Beats to increase your damage output. On the other hand, Bushin Scramble allows Kimberly to attack the opponent head-on, whether they’re in front or midair.

This move is perfect for anti-air attacks or closing in on opponents using projectile attacks. Mastering Kimberly’s Super Arts will give you the upper hand in your fights in Street Fighter 6.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some Tips for Effectively Using Kimberly’s Sprint Moves in Street Fighter 6?

To effectively use Kimberly’s sprint moves in Street Fighter 6, rush down opponents with her speed and agility. Utilize her lunging forward attack combo and reposition easily. Trip up or grab opponents to gain an advantage.

How Can Players Utilize Kimberly’s Spray Can Projectiles as a Distraction in Fights?

To utilize Kimberly’s spray can projectiles as distractions, confuse your opponents by placing them strategically. Rush down your target while they’re distracted, then follow up with a devastating combo. Use the Light to Heavy keys to adjust the explosions’ placement and quickness.

What Are the Inputs for Initiating Kimberly’s Variable Teleport in Street Fighter 6?

To initiate Kimberly’s Variable Teleport in Street Fighter 6, you need to input Down, Back, Punch. This move allows her to teleport with a cloud of spray paint, giving you the element of surprise in your offensive strategies.

Can Kimberly’s Super Art 1 Be Enhanced With the Use of Her Spray Cans?

Yes, Kimberly’s Super Art 1 can be enhanced with the use of her Spray Cans. It adds a Spray Can if in stock and increases her damage for the final hit.

How Can Kimberly’s Super Art 2 Be Used in Combos and Against Specific Types of Attacks?

To use Kimberly’s Super Art 2 in combos and against specific attacks, initiate it with the button combo (Down + Back) x2, Punch. Use it as an anti-air attack or against projectiles to close in. It’s great for midair combos too.


In conclusion, mastering Kimberly’s unique abilities in Street Fighter 6 will give you the upper hand on the battlefield. With her lightning-fast attacks, aerial maneuvers, and explosive spray can projectiles, she can keep her opponents on their toes and create openings for devastating combos. Her sprinting ability and variable teleport add further unpredictability to her playstyle. So, step into the shoes of Kimberly and unleash your martial arts prowess like never before in Street Fighter 6.