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kahoot hack auto answer bot: How to Hack Kahoot working answers 2022


Kahoot Hack

We have the update to Kahoot hacks and how you will get the working answers by using the bot; now, keep reading till the end to understand all about it. As we know, Kahoot is an online quiz game that has been popular for the past few years. Kahoot uses the player’s mobile phone and tablet and creates a virtual classroom experience.

The best thing regarding Kahoot is that it allows the teacher to design quizzes using a different kind of multiple-choice, true or false, fill in the blank, and short answer questions. Here you can also set a time limit for each question from 2 seconds to 2 minutes.

In this blog post provided by IRNPOST, we will discuss how to hack Kahoot with bots and a few other tricks about this hack.

Method 1: How to Hack Kahoot with Bots?

So Kahoot hacking is not that easy, and it needs a bit of programming knowledge in this field.

So here is the first step, and here you would need to first create an account on the Kahoot website. After that, you would need to determine how many players are there in each game that you will play or quiz that other users have created where you will take part.

As you will be creating your Kahoot hack with bots to get the answers, you need to make sure that in the game at least one person plays against the Kahoot bot to test. It can also record all data regarding questions number and the time limit for each question, and much more.

So after collecting this information, write down code accordingly so when you are playing Kahoot with bots, nobody will be able to tell who is playing against them until their turn ends unless they notice an unusual number of responses given within a certain period of time.

It doesn’t often happen because every bot generates a random number of responses when it is used accurately.

How to use Kahoot Bot?

Here is how you can easily hack the Kahoot bot:

  • Visit the Kahoot Bot website.
  • Now enter the Prefix and Game pin.
  • Hit the send button.

After that, wait for the bot to send the requests to the game. The Kahoot bot will flood the game sessions. You can manage your bots from the Kahoot website and remove the bot if you need to. In addition, it also has an automatic spam option that helps you send an arbitrary number of bots.

Kahoot Bot: A Tool to Send Bots to Kahoot Games

On the internet, you can find hundreds of Kahoot Bots to send bots to a Kahoot game. Only a few operate, while the majority were created just for the views. One of the finest Kahoot bot solutions is the ‘Kahoot Bot’ tool that sends the bot to a Kahoot game.

Method 2: How to Hack Kahoot Using Kahoot Bot Chrome Extension?

You can use Kahoot Bot Chrome Extension to send the bot in your Kahoot game. There is an extension available which is named Kahoot, that Sean Patrick Dupuis developed.

It is quite easy, and you do not need to know coding or programming for that purpose. In addition, it gives users complete flexibility as you can choose from several options according to your desired requirements.

This extension allows you to cheat Kahoot with any browser which supports Chrome extensions. It will deploy bots into Kahoot games or quizzes to prank, annoy, and troll your mates.

Here is how you can do that:

  • Install Kahoot Bot extension in your Google Chrome browser.
  • Note Kahoot pin and enter this pin to your game.
  • Choose Prefix the bot now, and it will load Bot1, Bot2, and so on.
  • Select the number of bots you want.
  • Now click ‘KASPAM.’
  • Visit the Kahoot website, where you want bots to play against players, which will help them win with ease. 
  • Choose Bots and click on the ‘Add’ button.

After adding bots, they will start playing automatically after five to six seconds without affecting the real player added by the administrator of the quiz or the game session. You can also remove these bots manually whenever you want.

Method 3: Simple Tricks to check on Kahoot

In addition to the hacks, as mentioned earlier, some students use simple tricks to cheat Kahoot quizzes. Here are a few of those tricks:

  • Ask their friends to share the answer when they find it.
  • Capture the answers when it displayed on the board mistakenly.
  • Open Kahoot in 2 tabs. They run the game in one tab and use the other spare account to find the pack on which the game is running. They can easily find answers that way.
  • Find potential boxes and note answers.
  • Get help from the smart kids from the class.

Final thoughts

Playing Kahoot is so much fun, but it’s also very important to play fair. So if you are not using any of the hacks mentioned earlier, some tips might help you win Kahoot.

Like you can also play with your friends and create the same type of game together so no one else can cheat others by sharing answers or taking screenshots. Here is the list of funny names that are in trend on Kahoot; try now.

During games, You should not waste time as the only first player who finishes the game will get maximum points. Moreover, if someone wins the game, they’ll stop sending robots which means other players will not receive more turns. Make sure there aren’t many people left when it is your turn; otherwise, you may lose points; read more about Kahoot full guide is here.

Good Luck!