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Wifi Dash Cam Pro Reviews


wifi dash cam pro

In this article we will talk about an amazing front and rear wifi dash cam pro. It is the best selling top quality dash cam that you can also buy from amazon. This wifi dash cam pro comes with 5 Ghz Wifi GPS. It is ultra HD dual dashcam for cars, it has rear 1080p  and 4k front display.

These are the things that You should consider and buy it:

  • It has Sony 8MP Sensor
  • It has Buffered Parking Mode
  • It has G-Sensor
  • It has Motion Detection
  • Last but not least it has Loop Recording
  • Screen size is 2.0

Its brand name is VIOFO and it provides very good quality as well as free returns services. Here is the Link to buy it directly from amazon.

Things that are included in the box

A 13-foot long car adapter and power cable, a 20-foot long rear camera cable, a mini USB data cable, a GPS logger, cable clips, adhesive mount stickers, a card reader adapter and a manual.

Name of the wifi dash cam pro.


How long does it record on Battery?

Approximately  8 hours at max resolution without resetting/overwriting.

Rating of this Wifi Dash Cam Pro

4.2 out of 5
1,809 global ratings on Amazon.
What would you do if you park in garage for more than 24hrs? Is there a way to unplug the camera so it won’t drain my battery?
All you can do is simply press and hold Menu button which is the left button for about 5 seconds to turn off the camera.
What Card Does it support?
It only supports FAT32, You should first format the card before inserting it.

Are there separate micro SD cards for each camera? What’s the finest card to use with this gadget, by the way?

There can be only one micro SD card in use. Each block of recorded time is represented by a single file in the recordings from the two cameras. For my use, the Lexar 633x 512GB micro SD card is ideal.

Conclusion: VIOFO A129 Wifi Dash Cam Pro is the best dash cam so far that comes with wifi facility.