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Here is the Best Fireball Bait Deck Clash Royale


Clash royale is an amazing 1v1 and 2v2 arena mobile game where you can always upgrade your troops and your level of clan. Clash royale 2v2 can be played solo or with your friends. In this game you can win championship by fighting online. Now we will discuss about the best fireball bait deck in clash royale. Mentioning which deck you should have in your match to play including fireball in it so that you can win every match.

Using an adequate amount of elixir is most important and for that you must use cards wisely.

In order to have a good synergy and great versatility we have come up with this deck for you so that you can win every single match. Having a strong defence in this game is the key to even every single match.

These are the 8 cards that you should have in your Fireball Bait deck in clash royale.

Barbarian Barrel

It is an epic rare card which cost 2 elixir, this card is unlocked from the barbarian bowl and you must have completed arena 3 if you want to have this card.

You should have this card in your deck as a part of fireball bait deck.

Fireball – Rare Card


Fireball card can be used to attack from a far distance and it can also play an important role in destroying oponent’s clan from a far distance. To use you must have to keep some patience as it requries 4 elixir to deploy. It is an amazing area-damage spell causing moderately high damage.

Royal hogs – Rare Card

Royal Hogs

Royal hogs belongs to arena 7 troop it has the hitpoints of 762 the card level is 10 damaging 55/sec. Royal hogs card is unlocked from royal arena. As it spawns very fast the best thing about this card is that they can jump over the river. Cost of deploying this card is 5 elixir so you should keep the balance while using this card.

Ram Rider Arena 10 Legendary Card

Ram Rider Arena 10 Legendary Card

It is legendary troop that has moderately high hitpoints it costs 5 elixir. This Ram targets only buildings and rider targets oponent’s troops. It should be used with minions or bats so that you can defend it untill it reaches the other’s clan.


We recommend you starting the battle with the lowest card the first hit to damage the castle of your oponent. For that purpose you can use barbarian barrel and attack on opopnent’s castle from a far distance giving an initial hit and damage to their clan. It will cost you only 2 elixir so you can ensure you have the ability to make another attack within seconds and you won’t go out of your elixir.