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Geniuses of Development: How Computer Games Rid People of Gender Inequality


Gender inequality has taken a beating in terms of modern computer games. These days, computer games are gradually eliminating gender inequality in different ways. For instance, in computer games, you can play either as a male or female.

When you play computer games both online and offline, you can choose your character’s gender, skin color, hair color, the language used, and more. Your character’s intelligence, dexterity, and strength won’t depend on your gender but on how well you play. Here are the ways how computer games eliminate gender inequality.


Everyone enjoys computer games

It is not only men who enjoy playing computer games. In fact, there is now a growing number of female gamers who come from varying age groups. The reason for this is associated with games that come in the form of mobile apps and are free of charge.

Right now, applications on both tablet devices and smartphones have become the most utilized gaming platform. They perform much better compared to the traditional video game consoles at home. This move is a lot like how home gaming videos surpassed the market from the phenomenon of arcade games.

Anyone can develop these games

Computer games are created by teams of individuals with diverse skills. No matter what your gender is, you don’t have to study to become a professional programmer to enter the world of gaming. The list of careers in the video game industry is endless. For example, you can be a teacher or a literature writer who imparts knowledge for students to explore the various subject areas of gaming.

By doing this, you can already learn how to develop games that would appeal to various audiences. When thinking about how to create a game, find out what’s available and how you can help yourself become qualified for such careers. For this, there are various courses you can take for creating different kinds of video games. These days, people of all gender can – and do – develop computer games. It’s not just a man’s world anymore. Now, skills and passion are more important and women have begun to shine too.

Games are the easiest way to get rid of gender inequality

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These days, “gamer girls” are becoming more popular

In the past, gaming was culturally influenced by masculinity. But this concept has changed gradually as game playing has become a leisurely activity for the female population too. Today, gamer girls navigate the male-oriented gaming world. Based on studies, there is an emerging consumer vulnerability that’s gender-based and driven by the perceptions of “gamer-girls” in the gaming structure that’s primarily male-oriented.

The findings of these studies emphasized the multidimensional and multilayered nature of gaming as a vulnerable environment of consumption at the marketplace, cultural, and individual levels. The “gamer girl stereotype” has become the foundation upon which the characteristics of consumer vulnerability thrive. This includes a culture of systematic disempowerment, gender-based harassment, and conflicting attitudes and actions toward cultural change in the future.

An increase in awareness

The issue of addressing gender stereotypes is so important that it has also become an important focal point in the world of gaming. But despite the growing number of gamer girls, they are still considered underrepresented in terms of the game development scenes and female characters.

To tackle this issue, several organizations and companies have created networks and forums like Facebook and Global Gaming Women. Recently, Facebook released its Women In Gaming Initiative with the main purpose of boosting diversity and encouraging women to assume more leadership positions. Sadly, even if women have already become increasingly successful and visible in computer gaming, they need more than just impressive gaming skills to level the playing field in a domain that’s primarily dominated by males.


For a few decades now, video games have become a mainstream market all over the world. We can even see several transgender characters in games. Although these have been either background or secondary characters, they nevertheless symbolize an important change in gender equality.

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